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NoFX lyrics

Album: I Heard They Suck Live!! [1995]

 01  Linoleum
 02  You're Bleeding
 03  Moron Brothers
 04  Punk Guy
 05  Bob
 06  Life O' Riley
 07  You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
 08 Nothing But A Nightmare (Sorta)
 09  East Bay
 10  Soul Doubt
 11  Kill All The White Man
 12  Beer Bong
 13  Six Pack Girls
 14  Together On The Sand
 15  Nowhere
 16  The Brews
 17  Buggley Eyes
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Possesions never meant anything to me
I'm not crazy (cause I got none)
Well that's not true, I've got a bed and a guitar
And a dog named dog who pisses on my floor
That's right, I've got a floor
So what, so what, so what?
I've got pockets full of kleenex and lint and holes
Where everything imporatnt to me just seems to fall right down my leg
And on the floor
My closest friend linoleum
Supports my head, gives me something to believe
That's me on the beachside combing the sand
Metal meter in my hand
Sporting a pocket full of change
That's me on the street with a violin under my chin
Playing with a grin, singing gibberish
That's me on the back of the bus
That's me in the cell
That's me inside your head
That's me inside your headback to top
You're Bleeding
You've got the beauty, but that don't mean a thing
A bland reciprocation, but that dosen't bother me
You're happier with lights on underneath a darkened sky
Only in the spotlight can you tell me of your crimes
I understand the situation, but I can't
Seem to understand the motivations you once had
I recall a message I once left behind a screen
I was entranced, when you were never there for me
You're draining, you're draining me, I'm not a tub
What ever happened to the girl I used to hold?
I held in such a high regard
Where is the girl who had it all?
I used to think I wasn't worthy of your cause
I used to feel so lucky
Until the day I felt a weakness in my arms
I knew from where it had been coming
You're bleeding, you're bleeding me, I can recall
The passions you once had, where did they go?
I knew a girl who had it all?
I knew a girl where did she go?back to top
Moron Brothers
Talking about the Moron Bros', tattooed fingers, tattooed toes
They're idiots, they're losers, they're scum
Taking advantage of everyone
You're a dog, they're your fleas
Doing everything they can to spread disease

Take your beer, Take your drugs
Leave with you microscopic bugs
Their company is something you will miss
When your icetrays are filled with piss

They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others
They are the Moron Brothers

They'll whine, they'll bitch, they'll fuck you if you're rich
They'll leach, they'll latch, they are the itch that you can't scratch

Do do do do do do do do da do do do do

They'll ink your face, tape your eyelids closed
Tabasco's in your mouth,
there's mustard up your nose
When your head is shaved you'll think the worst has passed
Just try to move your leg
They've put you in a cast

They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others
They are the Moron Brothers
Don't get along with others

They may not go down in history
But they'll go down on your sisterback to top
Punk Guy
Crazier than gg, yet more pc than ian
Got colored teeth like johnny
Exudes a vicious disposition
His hair sticks out like colins did, he jumps
Similar to springa, he points his middle finga
Not just the singer in the band
Voted biggest asshole and role model of the year
Got a face like charles bronson
Straight outta green bay wisconsin
Not just a singer in the band
He'll puke on you, he'll fuck your mom, he'll smoke
While huffing gas
He was the punkest mother fucker I ever did see
Hell he was even more punk than me
He should've been on the cover
He should've been on the cover
He should've been on the cover of punk and disorderly volume iback to top
Fifteen years getting loaded

Fifteen years 'till his liver exploded

Now what's bob gonna do now that he can't drink?

The doc said, what were you thinkin' 'bout?

Bob said, that's just the point,

I wasn't thinkin' 'bout nothing

Now I gotta do something else to pass the time.

Had someone shave his head

Got a new identity

Sixty-two holed air conditioned boots

And a girl who rides a scooter to take him out of town

They could get away

Riding around, as the trucks drive by

You could here the mother fuckers go...

A couple of lines, an extra thermos of joe

He'll be kickin' in heads at the punk rock show, yeah

Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what

Bob's the kinda guy who knows just what to do

When the doctor tells him to

Quit your drinkin', now's the time.

Will he ever walk the line

To all my friends, I feel just great

But will he ever walk the line

Kickin' ass and bustin' heads

Red suspenders

Once a day he shaves his head

But will he ever walk the line?back to top
Life O' Riley
I sit in my easy chair
I've got so much time to spare
cause I know in my future days
I'll have my lion's share

There's nothing I like better
Than getting something for nothing
Then some will tell you that you can't get nothing for free
Obviously they don't know me

You can have your cake and eat it too
And there's plenty of free lunch for you
If you think you're getting cheated then you don't have a clue
You don't know where you are, or what to do

I live the lifestyle they speak of so highly
I live the life...the life of rileyback to top
You Drink, You Drive, You Spill
I say don't drink and drive
You might spill your drink
Before you get behind
That wheel, just stop & think
You can take you chances
But there's so much to lose
Another bumpy road,
There's so much wasted booze
I'm not so worried
About how many I kill
I'm much more concerned
With how much beer I spill
35% of accidents
Are caused by pixilated
The other 65 are not
Alcohol related
What does this tell us
About the drunk drivers
They seem to have a
Better record than
The sober teamback to top
East Bay
Get out of my way
Can't you see im from East Bay
I Know Blatz, down with E.B.U.
I bet I got way more piercings than you

I just love this town
My girlfriend weighs 84 pounds
Met her at the New Method wher I get in for free
She don't pay rent neither do me
(hey hey hey)

When we go out tonight
Gotta get my hair just right
Prodius pads with 2 inch sole
Iíll get my picture with Murray Bowles

Gotta get those flyers out
Might get signed to lookout
After that i'll go far
Fame, Fortion, D.M.R.
Rock City Newsback to top
Soul Doubt
Sometimes I feel my life is going 'round in circles
Beneath my eyes are bluish black
There's nothing new, no one I wanna talk to
Nothing I wanna think about, I got soul doubt
I stick my head out of the window, it's closed
Instead of air, I get glass stuck in to my head
The city's sounding, and I can't seem to stop the pounding
Can't keep my thoughts from flying 'round ( x 2 )
Not sure what I am thinking about, I got soul doubt
A shameless display, wearing a smile full of pain
A frameless erte, a painting without a signature
She's waiting for someone to save her
As I pass her I see cinderella
She dosen't fit into the slipper
Like she fits in a bottle of liquor
There's no one to take her away
Her eyes meet mine, she sees right through me
The question is asked, whatcha' gonna do for me?
I don't want nothin', just a connection
I gotta know what she's all about
Cause I know she's been there --
Soul doubt
I stick my head out of the window once again
This time I see a thousand faces all too clear
They wear the same expression, I've seen in my face
So many times, I know exactly how they feel
I know exactly how they feel
I know just what they think about
They've got soul doubtback to top
Kill All The White Man
The white man call himself civilized

Cause he know how to take over

The white man come to pillage my village

Now he tell me I have to bend over

Oh yeah, kill all the white man

No I don't like the white man up in me

He rape my people as he rape my country

Everything I love and cherish, he try to take away

We will be rid of him, soon come the day

Oh yeah, kill all the white man

Oh yeah, kill all the white man

Oh yeah, kill all the white man

Oh yeah, kill all the white manback to top
Beer Bong
If I want some beer
I don't wanna hear
'Bout how I missed the show
'Cause I drink to show
So pass me the beer bong
Won't take very long
For me to put down
This torpedo to the ground
'Cause drinkin beers to slow
Beer bongs the way to go
To go
To go
Don't drink too slow!back to top
Six Pack Girls
Gonna find some girls tonight
My friday night has washed away
Beer bong has me wandering around
The girls that look like drugs and alcohol
Six pack girls,
Six pack girls
Six pack girls
Six pack
So you pick her up and you bring her home
And you think about it for a while
Wake up the next morning and sure enough
It's not two girls!
Version 2
Go to work, and then go to bed your friday night,
Has washed away your bummed out,
About your work 'cause you've already put in,
Your thousand hours they're all
Six pack girls,
They're all six pack girls,
They're all six pack girls,
Six pack
So you pick her up,
And you bring her home
You take her out,
And that's all you're alone,
And you want it sure
Enough your, stuck with her they're all
Six pack girls,
They're all six pack girls,
They're all six pack girls,
Six packback to top
Together On The Sand
Together on the sand,

We walked hand in hand

On the beachfront, she smiled at me

As she tightly held my hand

I had my finger up her...

Country music played on the radio

So I turned it off and we walked down

To the water, as she grabbed on to my honker

A wave swept us awayback to top
(written in july 1989)

You can't believe the things you see and read

The soviet threat

Our pseudo enemy

What's scaring me?

Our foreign policy

To make the world safe for business

Call it democracy

Our human nature, it's all the same

We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness

So stop the hate, open the iron gate

It's our destiny to make the cold war history

You think I give a shit

If you're a socialist

If you're a capitalist

We've all got to exist

On this planet with nowhere to run

The millions of brainwashed must open their eyes

We are one

With us over here and them over there

Barbed wire borders are going nowhereback to top
The Brews
Friday night we'll be drinkin' manashevitz
Goin' out to terrorize goyem
Stompin' shagitz, screwin' shicksas
As long as we're home by saturday mornin'
Cause hey we're the brews
Sportin' anti swastika tattoos
Oi oi we're the boys
Orthodox, hesidic, o.g. ois
Orthopedic dr. martins good for
Waffle making, kickin' through the shin
Reputation, gained through intimidation
Pacifism no longer tradition
Cause hey we're the brews
Sportin' anti swastika tattoos
Oi oi we're the brews
The fairfax ghetto boys skinheaded jews
We got the might, psycho mashuganas
We can't lose a fight, as we are the chosen ones
Chutspah, we battle then we feast
We celebrate, we'll separate our milkplates from our meatback to top
Buggley Eyes
Have you ever gone to sleep with bo derek

And woke up with bo diddley?

Have you ever gone to sleep with bo derek

And woke up with bo diddley?

You got so loaded, you thought that she

Was the most beautiful gal that you ever did see

Yeah, have you ever gone to sleep with bo derek

And woke up with bo diddley?

Woke up in the morning, to your surprise

A couple melons in tube socks,

And buggley eyes

Yeah, have you ever gone to sleep with bo derek

And woke up with bo diddley?back to top
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