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Non Serviam lyrics

Album: Necrotical [1999]

 01  Possessed
 02  Hatred Unleashed
 03  Arch Angel
 04  Which Eternal Lie
 05  From Chaos & Pain
 06  Haunted Domains
 07  Incarnation (Of Me)
 08  Inherited Blood
 09  Bringers Of Total Death
 10  Sex - Religion - Suicide
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Why stick to all holy customs
Can't you see beyond this game
It's all to keep it alive
And you're the fool to blame

You're raised into burden of guilt
You'll follow or you'll suffer
But open your eyes and look
There's no sign of you're so called saviour

The time is gone for your lord Jesus Christ

We live this way and we always have
The human race, malice and hate
Why hide behind the face of God
When the Devil rules our lives

Possessed by evil
Why deny all that's true
Possessed by evil
All these signs show man's true nature

I am the shepherd among the sheep
The seer among the blind, the thinker among the naive

You reign supreme in your egoism
You remove all those you don't care about
I'm the redeemer and that is the law
So it shall be wtitten, so it shall be doneback to top
Hatred Unleashed
Fear him the wicked soul, the son of torment unleashed
- Am I the chosen one, obnoxious son, damnation?

See him the dark triumphant, invalid to the world
- Am I the supreme one, awaited son, incarnation?

My mind crawls deeper, eating from inside
No more peace, only hunger for blood

Hear him, screaming for death, as he pleasures his hunger
- See the burning sky, darkened sun, salvation

Watch him enslave the worlds, paralysed before his eyes
- See the dying world, celestial worm, decapitation

- As blood drains from my hands, my lust for flesh eternal
worm-eaten bodies stains my mind, my desire for death infernal

As he walks towards the end of his evil mission
The storm sweeps by possess his mind, waiting for redemption
Fire burning through his soul, yet he's not been heard
- What is this, what am I, is this my reward?back to top
Arch Angel
Oh mighty angel, fallen from the sky
Can't you see the tears in my eyes?
The morning star brings me light
And I kneel in reverence and I cry for you

My blood it issues the skin that I carve
Inscribel in circle, a five-pointed star
A soul to heal a need to feel
And to unseal thy powers I cry for you

Liar, tempter, thief, come and take me in your hands
Liar, tempter, thief, I lay my soul into your hands

I cry...
I cry for youback to top
Which Eternal Lie
Ph'nglui Mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgah'nagl Fhtagn, Lä! Lä!
N'n'ghai! Lä! Lä! Y-hah, Y-nyah, Y-nyah!
N'ghaa, N'n'ghai, Vaf'l Fthaghn - Yog-Sothoth! Yog-Sothoth...!

The wretched man swore the oath
And drew the sign of fire
Gazing up, towards the skies
Aiming for the stars

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die

Call of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu

Old bones I bow for you
Old bones I kneel for you

Mysterious shadows, a cold wind unwind
Forming as one, controlling his mind

Calling forth powers he cannot control
Powers to great for his soul
Evoking that which, rests in R'lyeh
Dreaming and waiting for thee

And as the fire dies, the man lies on the ground
Evil has struck his mind, to powerful to hold
In the centre of the sign a figure is taking form
The portal is open the circle is closed, as the old ones told

Yog-Sothoth arrives from his wicked domain
From far beyond the stars
And he, whose name pronounced must not be
From his palace in Carcosa
Raging inferno, as the old ones return
Returning and claiming their earth
Slaughtering all that come in their way
So long they've awaited this day

All that is human, extirpated
All that man has built, devasted

Corpses and blood cover the earth
The old ones are in power
But at distant places the elder Gods
Prepares to set earth free of evil

That is not dead which can eternal lie
And with strange aeons even death may die

Call of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhuback to top
From Chaos & Pain
From chaos and pain a strange man rises
From misery and torment his life is released
Nowhere to go, from chaos he came
Nowhere to live, where shall he dwell
Lost in this era of total destruction
You see what is done and you do what is done
So, he lives in self-destruction
Is it destiny, or random of fate

A world full of dreamers
Utopia is as wind in space
Your realm will not appear
And your master has abandoned you
You're all in Satan's spree
Brick in a game with a fatal end
Unaware of what's fact and fiction
You're all going dawn

He travels closer to the apocalypse
Not more than a lifetime to go
In this wait of the extirpation
How do kill time?

We're all lost in the world of destruction

Ruins of souls together as one
Feasting, eating from inside
All hope's gone so why try?
We're all going down in this circus of hellback to top
Haunted Domains
Come with me, I'll show the palace
Where darkness rules and time stands still
I'll show you everything there is to see
Just follow me, let your mind unfold

A left hand path, through the woods
Now prepare for a mental flood
Intensive evil possesses your mind
Attracted to death, to spill the blood

Hail the sons of darkness' whores
Sacrificed to the haunted domains

Woods of pagan, obscure rites
Hides the power, the twisted lights
Through all times kept clandestine
The root of evil so divine

Now you've seen the sacred place
The offerings for our race
Now I'll tear your eyes out blind
You will never more this path find

Hail the sons of darkness' whores
Sacrificed to the haunted domains

Bow to your fate
Dark force of hateback to top
Incarnation (Of Me)
In a bed of blood the traces of love
A part of you, a part of me, the essence of life

My life disgraced, infernal ways
Have lid your way, to see me

Total dismay, paints your visage
As you obey, and feel me

So full of sin
So full of sin

My glorious precious seed, is spread out by the wind
To nourish all my deeds and feed my utter sins
I am the chosen one, I am the sovereign
What I accomplish, is what lasts...back to top
Inherited Blood
Inherited blood
I'm leavened by this germ
Decepted light
Transmitted and confirmed

A hereditary disease, the plague is in my blood
Eternal precipice, my agony floods
The ending has no light, my blood must be drained
Sacrificial deathrite, to seal my pain

Don't know if it's mortal, just a despairingly wait
This epedemic, sent to a victim of hate

An effort to be spared from the obsess
I'm pestered by tjis obnoxious germ
Maimed by slaying apprehension
Incurables have come for me to stay, to stay...

The ending has no light, my blood must be drained
A sacrificial deathrite, autopsy remainsback to top
Bringers Of Total Death
Your powers so great, oh mother earth
Perchance beyond all imagination
What's made by heroes, made of steel is
Dust that sweeps with your thundering breath
Your powers so frail, oh mother earth
We tear all apart, piece by piece
What's made by heroes, made of steel is
Dust that sweeps with your thundering breath

Our powers so great, oh children of the earth
We're angels of death, preparing our rest
What's made by whom, made of what will
Lie destroyed among bloody bodies
Death, destruction and total disorder
Riders of doom, side by side
What's made by whom, made of what will
Lie destroyed among bloody bodies

Obliteration, desolation, annihilation
We're bringers of total deathback to top
Sex - Religion - Suicide
The gates of hell, sacrifice, resurrection
Condemn my soul to burn
The flames lick my languishing body
Attracting me to the uttermost darkness

Riding the devil's whores, flagellation
Life forgives me no more, open my veins

Engulfed by chaos I'm shedding my blood
The living will not mourn
Scattered in torment and eternal pain
In darkness I'm reborn

Travel of distant places, of which no mortal have seen
Floating religiously unconscious,
To find my left hand path
The pain of life now return

- Yes son?
Let me burn
Jehovah, I want to fuck you all night long

Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion, suicide
Sex, religion...back to top
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