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Nuclear Assault lyrics

Album: Handle With Care [1989]

 01  Critical Mass
 02  Trail Of Tears
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Critical Mass
The bio-sphere, the place we live
It seems like we don't give a damn
Other species flushed down the tubes
We need another race to rape
The way we live, we will destroy
Every other living thing
Till none are left except our race
And then we will destroy ourselves
]Another oil spill
]Atomic waste displaced
]Another forest dies
]Bring on the acid rain
Slightly insane, the type of greed
That makes a world unfit for life
Toxic wastes destroy our seas
While poison gas pollutes the air
A waste of life, while no one cares
The earth becomes a giant tomb
Critical mass will be achieved
And ruins will be all that's left

]Another oil spill
]Atomic waste displaced
]Another forest dies

*grovvy solo*

A hell on earth, what we create
Dragging life to death with us
All living things destroyed or used
By shortsighted human beings
We do these things, let them be done
Apathy creates despair
The damamge done will be too great
The world wounded beyond repair

]Another oil spill
]Atomic waste displaced
]Another forest diesback to top
Trail Of Tears
Another day has passed you by, and now it seems that you don't care.
You've let your life slip away, you feel no pain, you feel no joy.
You've let your feelings fade away, you've let life tear apart your soul.

Feel no pain.

You must wake up and perceive, that you are not a victim here.
You're a traveller through this life, no one persecuted you.
You've brought it down upon yourself, and now you're standing on the edge.

Feel no pain.

Take a look at where you are, and then look back to what you were.
And think of how you got there, work at repairing your life,
You can't just throw it all away, you've got to stick it to the end.
tower of stone to take him straight through the sky.
Oh I see his face.

All eyes see the figure of the wizard;
As heback to top
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