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Nuclear Assault lyrics

Album: Survive [1988]

 01  Brainwashed
 02  Equal Rights
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An insidious form
Helping shape thoughts
Making You conform,

Programming Music
Easy Listening
Helps you to achieve
That moronic grin

Playing you
Regurgitated Pap
Selling products
That are mostly

Rarely hearing music
You wanna hear
It has an effect
Over all these years

Why don't you think for yourself???
Live in this self made Hell....

The idiot tube
Helps to raise our
Children as fools

Watch the news
They only want to see
Our awareness is
Limited by network

Moronic sit-coms
One sided news
Alter your feeling
Give you conformist

Why can't you get that
Garbage out of your
You're better off to
Read a good book

Why Can't You Think For Yourself?????
Live in this self made Hell....

What do they say??
Not much I think
When they want
School kids to pray

Getting some facts from
Some daily news
You hate the system
But adhere to its views

Blaming the dead
'Cause they can't
Shielding officials
Holding them
Above the blame

You better wake up and see
What's plain to see
Or end up a willing part of the machine.....back to top
Equal Rights
Prejudice is just another way of saying ignorant
Describing morons narrow minds and loser bloody frozen hearts
People who can't see past skin or see what's in a good mans heart
Closed up thinking backwards mind all thought paralyzed
Using any argument cause you don't want to use your head
Keeping evil ways alive even though they should have died

Freedom is a human right,
Doesn't matter
Black or White.

Equal Rights, Human Rights

Martin Luther a great man who people to be sane
Killed by frightened ignorance even though it was too late
His message seems to be quite clear, why should we be ruled by fear
With his death a great man died but you can't kill his ideals
Let us leave behind us all these stupid racial arguments
Help make racial wars a distant unforgotten memory
Maybe hate will never die, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try...back to top
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