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O.L.D. lyrics

Album: The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak [1993]

 01 A Beginning
 02  Two Of Me
 03  Freak Now
 04  Pericynthion
 05  Happy Tantrum
 06  Mutene Ang (Multitrack Improvisation)
 07  Ebb
 08 Backwards Through The Greedo Processor
 09  Star Wars
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Two Of Me
it's an endless repetition- the better half dismisses
itself and isolates us's an endless repetition
where the shadow goes it's hard to follow. when
this happens, it's time to bleed again and again...

making love to my shadow
yesterday was tomorrow
today will be yesterday
at night the shadow goes away
so i stabback to top
Freak Now
who is the freak now?
who is the freak? i am.
where is the freak?
under the bridge
bury the freak
under the bridgeback to top
listen and you'll hear a thought bending light,
i think a thought can't focus on just one thought
flesh crawls with envy when they laugh
they stare why don't they just go away look and you'll see a

i know i saw a laughback to top
Happy Tantrum
happy day again today i died with you again today
the sun will burn again today you and i will drown my
friend today is here again today and you will kill me
again today i will kill you again today is here again

today happy day
i was not waving
i was drowning
i laugh when i think of it
you laugh as i cry
I smile as you pull me under
you cry as i drown
from the shore i can feel you pull me under while
i pull you

i'm happy and why not?
i've had days like thisback to top
Mutene Ang (Multitrack Improvisation)

restricted in
dejected skin
the only love
from within
sunken in
split in two
the skin and you
shrivel shape
no love so you


Peel away and emerge (x175)back to top
now i see
what i hate
now i hate
what i see
see myself and what i hate
now i hate
what i see

all must cease what a shame
why go on What's the Point?
worthless breath dissipates
wasted thoughts
blinding sunback to top
Star Wars
where are the rebel plans, Luke?back to top
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