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Album: Slowly We Rot [1989]

 01  Internal Bleeding
 02  'Til Death
 03  Slowly We Rot
 04  Words of Evil
 05  Suffocation
 06  Intoxicated
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Internal Bleeding
Rot alone. Destiny killing the souls of lives at your feet.
Dead to its fight, yellers descend.
Killing the darkened rotting fate. Fate.
Rot alone. Bludgeoning hell.
Finding their souls and returning to dwell.
Killing and bleeding tightened as one.
Killing the darkest rotting fate.
Rot all lesions. Glow raid. Rotting, plowed.
Dead he's killed your soul.
Glow raid. Rotting flower. Kill.back to top
'Til Death
Kill. Fight 'til the death in a living hell.
Fight 'til the death, remove any wait.
Fight 'til the death in a living hell.
Fighting death.
Fight 'til the death in a living hell.
Fight 'til the death, remove any wait.
Fight 'til the death in a living hell.
Fighting death. You play the loser.
Remain to live. Live to the day.
Find the need. Kill all.
Kill, raid, rot, and live to fight Hell.
We loathe thee to the death.
Loathe it's lies. Fight 'til the death.
Live, we die. Killing for the need.
Death we love. It lies.back to top
Slowly We Rot
Kill all. Fight hell. Lesions fighting love.
Fight them all in a living hell.
Slowly rot and you die.
You fight death as you'll realize.
Kill them all. Fight death and slowly read in the love.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we rot.
Slowly we rot. Dead to all.
Fighting as you slowly read in your love.
Fighting the sword. The sword is your plow.
Dead to all. Fighting as you're slowly rotting in hell.
Fight them all, join me, slowly we dwell.
Slowly we dwell. Decharge.back to top
Words of Evil
Words of evil. Words of evil. Evil.
Lie alone.back to top
Rotting beneath, below.
Ranting, "Too soon to die."
Redefiles all.
Ranting, "She's one to go."
Suffocation. Killing, the chance denied.
Ranting, "She's only a child."
Rise above them all.
Lifting the soul in pain.back to top
Robbed of the soul. Live in hell.
Rise above the charred believings' bowel.
Rise above the soul's chalky chains.
Give the destiny what it's named.
*The darkest white* brought in **death balloons** soon to come.
Rise above the dark demon's tower.
Body's seized the charge.
You've killed yourselfX6
Killed. Killed yourself.
Rotting the soul to leave.
Ranting, "She's one to give."
Darkened your soul to waste.
Ranting, "She's soon to gain."
Rotting above the tide.
Ranting, "She's holding time."
Killing their souls with pain.
Ranting, "She's one to gain."back to top
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