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Ocean Colour Scene lyrics

Album: Marchin' Already [1997]

 01  Hundred Mile High City
 02  Better Day
 03  Travellers Tune
 04  Big Star
 05  Debris Road
 06  Besides Yourself
 07  Get Blown Away
 08  Tele He's Not Talking
 09  Foxy's Folk Faced
 10  All Up
 11 Spark and Cindy
 12  Half a Dream Away
 13  It's a Beautiful Thing
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Hundred Mile High City
So I said I'm on the roam so I need a car
And I know that I'm getting alive
And I say I got faith and a season
And I say that's where I'm going to

I get a need and I'm wanting to please it
I got a face and I'm wanting to feel it
The more I feel is the more that I need it
The more I need is the less I believe it

Well I want a good love by my side
Keep on getting out of love and my pride
And I know I keep hurting my love yeah
But I know it ain't killingback to top
Better Day
Sonny signed his name up for tomorrow
And laughed with all this friends
At all the little men who borrow tunes
They heard just yesterday
Davey got us down but we got away
And drank to all the days
That we had whiled away
Just playing robin hood a little out of phase

And then the nightmares come
And you get blown away
(when your friends go away, on last chorus)
And up in your room your walls are cold
You find your head is holding out
For the welcome of a better day
And then the nightmares come
And you get blown away
And up in your room
Your walls are getting colder
Like you're getting on a roller coaster
You can't find the breaks

Stevie burned the sky when he flew away
And left us things to say
When all the world was falling down
Around our shoulders; cold and grey
Harry carried on in his usual way
And minnie went inside
He came out once and we both cried
And minnie blew my head away

(repeat chorus)

When you're giving everything away
Everybody lets you pay
You're saving up for a better day
Seeing things in a better way
When you know you've got to live
There's nothing you won't give
To hear the phone and not let it ring
Every monday morning
Shughie found love and he almost cried
We laughed and wondered why
We loved the sky and found the space
And gazed out over stevie's plane

(repeat chorus)back to top
Travellers Tune
Where do you go buttoned in your favourite coat
Stepping out to a different world
And you might be home late
And where are you now
Staring at your favourite box
The one with the traveller's cross
On the road past the gate

But if you find yourself standing on the corner
While you're thinking of a different world
Then you might see me waiting on the corner
Staring through you in your different world

And if I could swim
Then I'd get out and find my boat
Sail away to my favourite coast
And let you all in
And if I could do all the things you're asking for
Then maybe I'd find your door
And bring it home to you

(repeat chorus)

So where do we go
Like two christophers in the snow
Yeah we're blind but we want to know
Just to say I love you
And all of our lives
We'll sail through the suns and moons
To sing our travellers tune
Just to say I love you

(repeat chorus)back to top
Big Star
I don't want to be another big star
Picking at your cars
Stealing at your clothes
Finding out what you don't know
You don't know

I don't want to be your big star
Picking your calls; saying I don't know
I don't want to be your suitor
Lacking at your feet
Trying to love the things you need

And you know I've heard this before
And you know I've heard it some more
Won't you give me a chance
To break down your door
But I sit
Oh oh
I still sit here

I don't want to be a tailor
Pricking at your thumb
Washing all the tears away
Some words
Oh no I believe they don't feel you
Picking up your dirt
Washing all your dreams away

(repeat chorus)back to top
Debris Road
She nails down moon beams
And talks in double time
Stumbling down to wherever she goes
I live in the meantime
And I get frustrated
So I put my wager on debris road

It keeps me running down debris road
I'm not scared but it's somewhere I cling to
All the places I (still) wanna go
They won't cast a shadow on my debris road

I get frustrated looking for moonbeams
They always fall where I never go
'cause I like the daylight and I like a good life
Running so fast down debris road

(repeat chorus)

Someone got moonfaced and someone gets tearful
Talking so much that they really don't know
Sitting up all night singing songs 'till daylight
Striking a match with the devil below

(repeat chorus)back to top
Besides Yourself
Before I let you all go
Before I pull you from this show
Before I wave to you
I'd like to say to you
I wish you never to be alone

Besides yourself what can you say
Millions apart and miles away
Besides yourself what do you need
Some feel no pain while others bleed

So if you're going to save my words
Make sure it's this time you deserve
Before I walk away
I know your every day
Will play before you on it's own

(repeat chorus)

And I'm not saying I'm not saying any wrong by you
And I'm not saying I'm not talking my time for you

(repeat chorus)back to top
Get Blown Away
And when she blows the candle flame to smoke
She says a prayer for all of those who live in houses and in homes
And monday she'll go down town standing naked in the road
You may know what I am
But who I am you don't know

She'll run across the mustard dust sand
Scream down the wind
And the sea is in a cold
Like when in holiday homes
And houses like sweet confectionary
And sandcastles and drinking wine
Hungry dinners perfectly timed

And mother and father glowing young
Happy to be each other together
When she blows the candle out
She goes to bed and lies and drags through her head
The day that went way of every day
But tomorrow she'll fly a plane
Over the fields where the houses aren't built yet

She smiled sweetly across the room
Through the lunch time smoke
And I loved her for a second
And discarded the queen and I know
How sweetness turns sour
And leaves they turn to brown
And then to earth and dust
And settle in this town
You get blown away...

(repeat 1st half)

She smiled sweetly across the lunch time smoke
And I loved her for a second and discarded the queen and I know
When men are being little boys again
And women cruel step mothers of old
And this is the invention
The adventure of my own
I get blown away...back to top
Tele He's Not Talking
Tele he's the one he knows what to say
Knows how to find his own way
He knows the roads by night and by doorways
But watching the light in a hall
Won't change a thing or say at all
What it is that he says

Still he says that I don't know
Still he says that I don't know

I don't why I think about so much
When I don't know what it is I can't say
And I wouldn't change a thing if I believe you all
And scream it in your face

Still I'd say hey I don't know
Still I'd say hey I don't know

Tele deals the cards and draws an ace
And finds himself miles away
Where skies ain't bruised by towers and fumes
Children ain't too young to play
Would I change a thing
I'd change it all
But we're born different days

Still I'd say hey I don't know
Still I'd say hey I don't know

(repeat chorus)

Would I change a thing
I'd change it all when I'm miles away
Would I change a thing
I'd change it all but we were born on different days

I'd change a thing
I'd change it all when I'm miles away...back to top
Foxy's Folk Faced
I think everybody's after me
They wanna know just what I feel
Pushing wires under my nose
Everybody's standing on my toes
Telling the world what I should know

You said you'd seen life from near the floor
You opened every closing door

Thank you for always being there
And all the nights in which we shared
And we know we're always here

And if it gets you down
You know I'll always be around
Guess too much just ain't enough

We - we who are your property
Whose every single move you see
We don't mind the prying eyes
We don't mind all your lies
Or the headlines that you writeback to top
All Up
Spark and Cindy live by their own means

They wouldn't have if I only

know'd where they'd been

And I want to make things a part of my life

And I want to see that

things are going to be right

But if you can't even

stand on your feet

And if you don't own the

air that you breathe

Then it's not for me to say

But I wouldn't live that way

and I wouldn't stand apart

And I wouldn't find the real

and I wouldn't play a part

And I wouldn't find in love

so misguided by some fool

And just what I'm trying t say

makes my head spin round the room

(Repeat from 3rd line onwards)back to top
Half a Dream Away
We're just half a dream away
Sitting on our fences
Building up defences
Making up rules by which we play

We're just half way down the road
Staking our positions
But stupid superstitions
Only give fools too heavy a load

The magpie screeched and my window is shattered
Her body's bruised but her soul's not battered
The fireman tried but the hose was frozen
The cupboard's bare but the door needs closing

We spend half our time away
From being where we want to
And seeing who it's fun to
Not blaming ourselves for our mistakes

We spend half a dream away
Just looking out of windows
Waiting for a signal
Waiting for night to return to day

The tree was bare but the birds were singing
The milk turned sour but my thirst needs quenching
The meat was dead and I need me feeding
The room was cold but the night was freezing

The rainbow frowned when the sun was shining
A baby's snatched on a beautiful morning
A dog runs wild and the brakes are screaming
A church on fire is struck by lightning
The dead man's hands had beautiful fingers
The princess frowned at her lovers mistress
She went insane and poisoned the children
A teacher's drowned and a child is laughing

We're just half a dream away...back to top
It's a Beautiful Thing
Sonny went and flipped away and said he had to go
How could you ever say he never stayed alone
And how could I belong with anyone you know
Come on every line's a line I'll never know's a beautiful thing's a beautiful thing

Sometimes I can get along alone enough
Backing everyone away and never have enough
And how could I be playing every line for you
Look at the things today that I can never choose

(repeat chorus)

Sometimes I could never ever ever fade again
Sometimes I could never ever ever fade again
Sometimes I could never ever ever fade again

And how could I be playing every line for you
Look at the things today that I can never choose

(repeat chorus)back to top
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