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Odeum lyrics

Album: The Pleiadean Diaries [1999]

 01  In Swirling Embrace
 02  Resolution Factor Zero
 03  The Fading Flame Within
 04  The Pleiadean Diaries
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In Swirling Embrace
Music:Persson, Ludvigsson, Lundberg Lyrics:Ludvigsson
The Architectures Of Human Genetics
Altered And Rendered In Pre-Destined Form
Reanimation, Who Art Thou You Or Me?
Life Now Re-Defined

From Life To Death I Was Offered Immortality
That Raged Through Nihilistic Frames
Evolutionary Trauma, Progressive In Disdain
I Wade Through The Filth Of Ethical Decay

Death Spares Thee
Not From Life, Nor From Reality
Nihilist, Exorsist, Exit The Confines
In Which Life Denies Thee
Exiled And Impotent
Enter The Dark Raging Cold
Revert Through Arual Armageddon
Escape The Metaphors In Which Thou Art....

Equal In Isotopic Reconstruction
Defloured Through Degenerative Decay
Identical In Genetic Structure
And Thus The Soul And Mind In Dissarray

Their Stiffened Faces
The Empty Eyes, Devoid The Sparks Of Life
Without Redemption And In Total Lonliness
I Fold My Arms In Swirling Embraceback to top
Resolution Factor Zero
Music:Persson, Ludvigsson Lyrics:Ludvigsson
The Stars In Thy Heart Collide
With The Existence Thee Now Giveth
My Pain Is Thine
And The Relics Of Thy Visions
Faltered And Dead, Shuned Away
Thy Fury Is Mine

Thou Art Blinded By The Temptful Longing
The Future Abode Before Thy Eyes
Who Art Thou To Dream Of Immortality?
Thee Who Shut Thy Eyes Before Reality

As Destiny Beckons
Thy Vision Loses Its Splendour
And Life, Oh Life Disowned
Its Resolution Factor Zero

By Time Itself
Toworrow Is But A Dream
Away From Rebirth
Mere Spawned From Yesterday Death

Thy Thoughts Derived From Dreamscapes
And Forged Into Visionary Cells
Which Confine Thy Heartbeats
And Drench Thee In Forgetful Nights
With The Last Breath Thee Now Giveth
You Scream To The Moon And The Stars
Henceforth I?Ll Take What Is Given!!

I Am Dead To This World
And Its Dead To Me
Who Are You To Sense My Frailty
There Is Nothing You Can Say Or Do To
Change My Fate

Resolution Factor Zero
In Throes My Soul Now Bleedes
Camera, Oh All-Seeing God
I Project My Non-Existence In Thy Eyeback to top
The Fading Flame Within
Music:Persson Lyrics:Ludvigsson
To The Very Notion Of Creativity
A Concept Unforfilled
And The Forgers Lack Of Diversity
Content Re-Defined

Change The Aspect Of The Failsafe Guidlines
Reform, Renew Let The Mind Be A Weapon

Where Inspiration Gives Me Guidance
Heaven Thee Is Promised
From The Outmost Of Emotion
To The Darkest Of Sin

Nourish The Fading Flame Within
Make It Burn From Sparks Of Expressional Fury

To Thee Who Carry The Torch Of Regression
The Shadows Of Me
The Shadows Of You
To Thee Who Wont Sip From The Fluids Of Knowledge
The Well Within Me
The Well Within You
In The Conjunction Of Progressive Memories
I Fight The Staleness
I Sharpen The Edges
From The Vastlands Of Regressive Contence
You Dim The Creation
Which Once Shone So Bright

When Eternity In Eternal Transition Flows
And Thousands Of Stars Flicker And Die And Are
Born Without End, Lifelust Springs Forth From
Every Spark And Cleares In Nature Shroud

Evolution As Opposed To Degeneration
Set Free The Mind, Open Its Eye
One Life, One Chance, One Mind
And Yet Thou Fail To See Who You Really Areback to top
The Pleiadean Diaries
Music:Persson Lyrics:Ludvigsson
Ohh, Let The Stars Of Pleiadea Enlighten Me!

Bust Wide Open The Doors Of Perceptions That Emanate From Worlds Within
Break On Through The Spheres Of Denial And Provoke Your Thoughts Into Exploration

Unveil The Secrets
Hidden In The Chronicles Of Time
Decipher The Long Lost Words
Of The Pleiadean Diaries

The Seeping Windows Of Unsequenced Dna Unravel New Emotions
The Archaic Wisdom Unveal A Mindworld Of Unparalleled Magnitude

Unveil The Secrets
Hidden In The Chronicles Of Time
Decipher The Long Lost Words
Of The Pleiadean Diaries

The Force-Fed Perceptions Of Humanity Bares No Witness Of Tranquillity
Trapped In Everconfining Seclusion So Repulsive In Anonymity

Our Forefathers Wisdom Diminished In Us In The Hunt For Technical Advances
Erosive And Withered Spirituality The Hunger Running Through The Years

Advance Through The Pleiadean Diaries
Fend The Future From Dimming
The Archaic And Inherent Lights Within

The Masked Visionare
In Leige With The Evil Of Orion
In Final Distinction
The Zeta Reticuli Forrayback to top
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