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Old Man's Child lyrics

 1995 Born Of The Flickering
 1996 In The Shades Of Life
 1997 The Pagan Prosperity
 1998 Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion
 2000 Revelation 666 - The Curse Of Damnation

· Behind The Mask
· Born Of The Flickering
· Captives of Humanity
· Christian Death
· Demoniacal Possession
· Demons Of The Thorncastle
· Doommaker
· Fall of Man
· God of Impiety
· Hominis nocturna
· In black endless void
· Into silence embrace
· King Of The Dark Age
· Leads To Utopia/Old Man's Dream
· Manet sorgfull igjennom skogen
· My Demonic Figures
· My Evil Revelations
· My Kingdom Will Come
· Obscure divine manifestation
· Og Jeg Iakttok D´┐Żdsrikets Inntog
· On Through The Desert Storm
· Passage to pandemonium
· Phantoms of mortem tales
· Return Of The Nights Creature
· Seeds of the Ancient Gods
· Soul Possessed
· St. Aidens Fall
· Swallowed By A Buried One
· The Dream Ghost
· The Last Chapter
· The Millennium King
· The Old Man's Child
· Thy Servant
· Towards Eternity
· Unholy vivid innocence
· What Malice Embrace
· World expiration

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