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Old Man's Child lyrics

Album: Born Of The Flickering [1995]

 01  Demons Of The Thorncastle
 02  Swallowed By A Buried One
 03  Born Of The Flickering
 04  King Of The Dark Age
 05  On Through The Desert Storm
 06  Christian Death
 07  The Last Chapter
 08  Leads To Utopia/Old Man's Dream
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Demons Of The Thorncastle
Deep within the shadowland
Far beyond the distance
Lies a castle upon the hills
Unsettled for a thousand years

The soldiers that lived there once
Warriors from the north
Died beneath their enemies blade
And ended with defeat

Now a spell on the castle dwells
And breeds inside the walls
And awakens from a timeless sleep....
Demons from the kingdoms of hell

Through the land that they once possessed
They ride on the nightside storms
And watch over a thousand seas
With eyes made in another world

Blood seeders, flying
Above the mountain sides
Searching for the blood they lost....
Searching for revenge

Now a spell on the castle dwells
And breed inside the walls
And awakens from a timeless sleep....
Demons from the kingdoms of hellback to top
Swallowed By A Buried One
Invisible freeze in the blood-wet grass
Combatants lying by their weapons
Feeling the warm blood
When the air turns cold and no one remains

Freezing the warm blood
And eating its way through and reigns

Men from the desert lands
by the sky-high forsakened hills
Erased by the passing of man's creation

From the cliffs they have watched
over the thousand seas
And witnessed the decay and desperation
As illness and plague have caught them all
No one could heal, no one knew, for no one
had ever the knowledge

Few could they count by the elfin kings
That had seen what beauty had been raped
What ancestors mad with their healthy hands
What erected and what was formed and shaped

The finest art one had ever seen
Spectacular admirement of these mystic lands

One stood there alone, the only one left
Strong enough to survive
He was built by death, he was known by death
And he sings the victorious song

Simple deeds, destruction hands
Defeating its material self
We have left you now,
you will never be found again
Feeble fortune and rotting foodback to top
Born Of The Flickering
Enthralled into the dustwind
Crusaders of a lost battle
Warned by a thorn of war
Jeweled in their own blood

Yarns of fugitive elements
In distance to the thorncastle
Empire bricks thrown to the soil
Sharp and poisonous thorns

Pure it is, like defenseless spring births
Unpleased by a sudden nightfall
Turned its back on love and life
And made it all unpure

Lovesongs of the dove, seen through
Time of what he song
A messenger of the nourishing light
Were attacked of enemy ravens
So therefore, it song no more

Pearlgate servants, in the end you gather
In the clouds beyond clouds
Foundation walls of the raising temple
Prisoners of a time that was

Promised sentences long before years
Came to join the hearse that rode
And will always ride
In the hearts of them, historical plagueback to top
King Of The Dark Age
Behold the hand that embrace this world
Sovereign of the unborn life
Destroyer of all

Creator of tears and sorrow
And all beyond the twilight
Servants with human figures
Demons that harmed this world

Centuries of human creations
Shall be buried in dust

In a time where no man struggles
And where the angels smile
The force of evil rises
From beneath the grave of god

Now in the dark age
Where the angels are dead
A voice in the silence whispers
A new king has conquered this world

Centuries of human creations
Shall be buried in dust

Behold the hand that embraces this world
Sovereign of the unborn life
Destroyer of allback to top
On Through The Desert Storm
We hail our light
The sun of Satan
For with thy might
Come forth
We dominate the world
By one mightful force

See the slaughtering
Growing weak
Born by vice
And we drink of the
Doomsday chalice
And paint us with the blood of him

Sowed into flames
In their own pitiful graves
I kiss the raven that flew with me
Trough all the desert storms

Winged by sorrow -- grief of man
Flying high beneath the sky
Quiet and silent through the
Night cyclone

Tears wet my throne
Your dreams were not immortal
I enter then my realm

We hail our light
The ethereal sun
For with thy might paragon face
We dominate the million eclipsesback to top
Christian Death
Lonley as the autumn evening
Flowing on its last days
A wanderer of long-past wisdom
Facing his last conflict

Met the time of withering
Destiny, towards a clearer star
More bright than ever seen before
What's my will?

Well on his quest
In search for magnificense
He weakens before the grave of god
Banished, soon dead

See it in his eyes
Like you see it on the tombs
Of human decades, one by one
All the things he spoke of

Plastering the circuit split
Spawn of Satan, lightning blood
The circuit of demons, told him
What to seeback to top
The Last Chapter
Suicide... my only thought
Like the silence in the dark it haunts my world
A lonely soul, lost from the path of life
I am weak... I am strong...I am soon to be dead

A journey to the world of twilight
The last chapter of my life, it's now ending

The blood on the ground beneath my feet
The knife that I hold in my hand
Shall be the cause of my death

Slowly fade away
To the other side
My final words shall be
Fuck this world....

Ending my life
I will be gone tomorrow
Slowly I fall
My soul has left my body

A journey to the world of twilight
The first chapter of my life, it's now endingback to top
Leads To Utopia/Old Man's Dream
A beast swept with passion
For one of them who inhaled
His shadow
Who flung away from the sanity
That carried her all the way

The sadist has installed demise
A laughter leapt from here
The cataclysm tides where the
Devil rides his carnage

A wind flew strong upon my hair
That told me this is finally her death
The storm of dust, made by human ash
And structures are found

The flames have scorched all remains
Apocalypse, the slaughter's realm
Come has drank it allback to top
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