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Olemus lyrics

Album: Forever [2000]

 01  Forever
 02  C.U.N.T.
 03  Discourage
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got a new desease, all values increase
heaven will bleed, for this your greed

nowhere to run, nothing to hide
enemy the sun, progress your bride - so dwell!
down on knees you feed the confusion
your perfect mankind its just an illusion
so smash the mirror that shows wrong welfare
unbound the deformed slaves that went there
erase the currance that led you there,
kill the emotions that you won't share

forever, your dreams will vanish,
there where thoughts are dying
forever, a cursed future?
believing in a digital master

you are so pure, while life is so bright
the enemy is you so kill the light?
of your inner strange
erase the currance that led you there,
kill the emotions that you won't share

forever, your hopes will vanish,
there where joy is dying
forever, a cursed mankind?
that believes in a digital master

face of all your fears
encourage yourself to find the real light, find love!back to top
act like god and drown in your own pride, it is your fault
reflect no feelings always stay that cold - so you are dead

I always thought it's forever, when you came crawling back
hypocrite fake, this is what you are

I hope that this one, when emotions fade
the discouraged pray, when all turns to gray

resist the love that gives you warmth and eats your guts
reflect my hate, for you are the whore that won't fit, so you are deadback to top
it still feels like embracing the emptiness
wasting emotions in a moment that is eternity
when time stands still, you speed up the sand
but when you drown you deny my helping hands
sometimes you curse the rules of our game
sometimes you kill your emotions for shame

this time it hurts,
thank ya for killing me again
teasing means discourage
so kill me again

when I drown in my sorrow again,
you sheep away those sails of pain
it is just a complicated game
there my fires burns so bright
your heartless act it takes my sight
make this an end!

I cant stand to dwell alone
but when you are here I wish you were gone
I don't know where to run
I don't know false from true
when even time dares not to betray
how can you?back to top
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