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On Thorns I Lay lyrics

Album: Sounds Of Beautiful Expirience [1995]

 01  Vulptuous Simplicity Of The Line
 02  All Is Silent
 03  A Sparrow Dances
 04  Cleopatra
 05  Rainy Days
 06  Sunrise Of A New Age
 07  On Thousand Times
 08 Taksidi Nostalgias
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Vulptuous Simplicity Of The Line
As the nightfall brings the fear of darkness
The strange and magical type of the beauty
The splendid tone of silence
Find the road of my heart
I remember a big solitary state
So close to the incandescence
Oh hot southwest wind
Burried to the internal of my dreaming
World, I bring to my face the icon
The fearfull damnation that I had invoked,
Extinguished impressions
The sighs take her shape, cause the
Spirit of love governs and reigns
Burning, the most humiliation worship
For reasons that they will be known
Into the sky, the pale gods with the faged winds
From Egypt many inauspiciouses as the reflection
Of a reverie, an etherial sight that will bring
You to the trance
Round the sleepless souls of virgins
Into the lake of the swans
Voluptuous simplicity of the line
Triumph of the heavenly beauty
Oh holy light, the speritualism and the delicacy
Of the greek pattern, it doesn't exist
More godless beauty than this
The fire of the black love
Far away from the death, Abyss
Who is the giver of our life ?
Deep red, the invitation of flowers earned
The occultica love, imagination, angels watch them
As they dance into the centuries eternal sorrow
Where the trees climb to the abrupt raviness, rivulets
Are purling
I sit down and imagine the old secrets
Everything are now desert,
Is something that you believe
Something from the kingdom of imagination
Something that the morbid nights, the dreams become uneasy
The dark forests, the secrets of the deep with the legend,
Old oceans will become one
Come out from the darkness, the damp hot mold purpose to the Dawn's dewback to top
All Is Silent
The shade of love gives me, your hallucination, I need to endure the
solitude, this awfully screaming
To the sting of the atmost chaos, where the primordial wichness is so
hideous for description
The expression of her face, an expression of abominable malice, and triumph
into an old, oppressive house, the accoustic illusions of the awfully......
Thundering panthymonium captured by horror, everything around me appear
like living blying image
(We build dreams to get her; if I could see the hapiness of soul, as the
rain from our sky is so strong)
The wind from the lake of memories, the cold climate gives to the solitude
a tone of delight and psychic beauty
But Death seems to be forever between us and the last hope is like the hate
that's stain with blood
Your silent crying, sorrow and invisible feeling, who cares now about me,
when my eyees can't speak ?
Why my God ? Why even the light of your sun, is like the sparkling of a
star, when it eraces and eraces......
Into the deep sed of dawn, if I could live the beginning of your world...back to top
A Sparrow Dances
To the gate of paradise, as angels lisp the hymn of life, perfumes and
screams of people, inundate this night. My God give me power to live again
the scene where I'll kiss her and then so sweet I'll die.
it's so simple to come here again, to come here again
I could have my machine of time to come back again, to live for one more
time, to be late the moment before the separation
my crazy mind, invited from feeling of love and admiration...
As I ascend the mountain which always I was fearing and I search for the
unknown which always was challenging the dread
It's a whole story of the summer and overflows me with fall of joy
All days could be a summer like a magic night to the seashore with you and
the favorable wind to reel your hair
Birds transport cheerful message and follow us everywhere
A sparrow dances, under the sun, a sparrow dances
See them to be influenced from our romance and the melody of hapiness take
away their solitude...back to top
I feel a forbearing, strange feeling to capture me
The falling into the deep of the Blasphemy is what turns aside me
The cycle of wisdom makes me to feel the power which marches to the
deliverance of the Death
I remember her Godly shape, she was so pretty, so magnificent, faraway from
the human limits......
but now...
I don't know...
I hear your voice, oh why are you so far ?
Believe me, look my eyes, feel me
We shall continue forever, together into a cursed land
here love is like, the flower, among the thorns
The romanticism lives into the endless meadows and seas, to the beautifull
mystical lakes
Very high mountains, where live the Gods, guide our destiny. Look at me, I
am still crying
This is my eternal torture. Show me the way to shun the damnation of the
He faced me with pitilless, mercilessly
Now I hate him, now I am abandoned for ever......
for ever...
Paradise and hell become one, it doesn't matter if it's a dream, it doesn't
matter if it's still raining if it's the thing that you hate most of all...
But you know that your spirit is still in the air
It takes you again and again, you put your lips to her lips for your
love...back to top
Rainy Days
The heat of love, that inflame my heart comes to the deepest of my soul
Rainy days
It's so deep the reality...
but maybe the dream will continue, a romantical dream, a spring water into
the deserted
I feel lost to fall into the abyss
Far away from the human love, but so close to the beauty of the real life
Rainy days
Believe to yourself, if you wanna you got it
The future is in our hands, free your heart to the paradisiac land
Sometimes my consideration, travel to the mountain and the fossils of an
unknown century
But I bring your hand to my face, I see the tombs to shine to the lost
beaming of the sun, of your sun
Rainy days
Rainy daysback to top
Sunrise Of A New Age
Colors and melodies, shell my mind,
Winds and perfumes, escort the sunrise of a new age, so long, from the
human damnation, and the dance is beginning now...
A mass face to face with life and death
Into the night fear isn't hindrance for the fantasy, the sound that emerged
from the depths of the earth
Inundates the souls of so many people,
The beat that makes the heats of your heart to follow the real quickness,
as the music makes the body to move without end
Inundates the humans with delight and get angry the instincts, and as the
dance continues, extasy overflows the souls
And the sweatness bodies feel the necesity to become one and to speak each
Now everybody want to reveal, his real oneself, into the insanity, and the
influences of drugs
And as the night becomes bigger, pretty female figures, invite us so close
to them, to feel the sweet passion...
And the extasy of love, the bodies stay naked and continue to romb, around
the fire into smokes and colors that tear the darkness
Colors and melodies, shell my mind,
winds and perfumes escort the sunrise of a new ageback to top
On Thousand Times
The damnation of the centuries is still staying
Here, like the black cloud of grief, like the dull
Dawn of an autumnol day
Pain, sorrow, hystery is what offer to us our Lord,
Watch the beautifull sky, this foolmoon night,
Stars light all the creation into this darkness
Unknown sounds brake the eternal tranquillity
Oh favorable wind, reel like furious
Higher from the grand turret, where Death
And life become one, the journey of soul after
Death, memories from the signs of the cross
Where the infernal abyss seems to be
The passage from the time to the eternity
The only one I want is to be true
In a dull sky with clouds and despair, the beaming
Of the moon seems to be the unexpected hope
This salvation could be like an oasis somewhere in Egypt
Why is such a mystery ?
Even I feel the ancient force when I walk to the Enternal of a pyramid or a
temple. I know that the spirit
Springs from the liberty of the mind, and one day you will see...
That we will leave everything back, why is such our purpose ?
Because life is the suffering that you'll pay for the eternal hapiness
There isn't truth more, gold from the truth of grief,
One thousand times to be born, one thousand times you will crucified
The old woman is still wail for the dead, the old like paths of the people
to wake up the dead.
The damnation of hundred years, it's still living with us,
Like the black cloud of sorrow, like the dull dawn of an autumnal dayback to top
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