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Onslaught lyrics

Album: Power From Hell [1985]

 01 Damnation
 02  Onslaught (Power From Hell)
 03  Thermonuclear Devastation
 04 Skull Crusher 1
 05  Lord Of Evil
 06  Death Metal
 07  Angels Of Death
 08  The Devils Legion
 09  Steel Meets Steel
 10 Skull Crusher 2
 11  Witch Hunt
 12 Mighty Empress
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Onslaught (Power From Hell)
The gates of hell have opened wide with deadly speed the metal it strikes
A fork of light rains from the sky To feed the amps with power supply
Killerwatts to be unleashed we'll show no mercy bring you to your knees
Hit the switch the power's free it'll blow your ears & make you mutha's
Onslaught...Power from hell
Power, power, power, power from hell
With the wrath of Satan in our minds we take the stage to play for our lives
When the power racks hit overdrive the banging heads they look toward the sky
Thrashing metal savage screams yeah this is hell it's not just a dream
Hammers pound at breakneck speed to crush the souls of those who disbelieve
CHORUSback to top
Thermonuclear Devastation
It steps out of its vessel and stares in horror
This planet stinks it stinks of death
Thermonuclear devastation of the planet earth
Piles of rubble where cities once stood
Flesh decaying where men once fell
A last glance the barren waste
Artificial disease strikes the visitor downback to top
Lord Of Evil
One thousand years a captor banished to the pit
Satan calls his armies to rise up from the crypts
They're rising from Tartarus vengeance in their eyes
Power from below the earth from where all evils lie
Satan captor in his realm bound for 1,000 years
Evil, hatred burns inside vengeance fire from the skies
The lord of evil he rides again
The lord of evil 1,000 years he was held a slave
Deep inside the depths of hell along the river Styx
Charon rows his boat of death around the burning pits
The advocate for Satan a worldwide death crusade
Cruel death fighting demons will rule the earth his way
CHORUSback to top
Death Metal
Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill
Death metal (4x)
The battlecry headforth men of steel death metal has the power at will
Lightning flashes sound a thunderous roar cold metal ripping flesh down to
the core
Death metal satans armies wield seek within the powers of the steel
cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Death...slain by the sons of steel
Metal...cuts the airback to top
Angels Of Death
Tyrants from hell prepare to burn our souls
At the sound of the knell the Earth becomes a morgue
Angels of death the seven trumpets hail
Tyrants from hell have lust to burn our souls
Death by the flame in darkness we shall fall
Nuclear warfare a war to end all wars
Fire from hell revelations told
Engulfed in this tomb death awaits us all
Power and greed are our captors in this hellback to top
The Devils Legion
Men of war prepare to fight on this the sabbath day
Men of iron men of steel the living they will slay
Rising from the crypts of death they come to kill again
Servants of the master they're the legions of the dead
Legions of Satan the damned bearing life
The warriors immortal they rise to the fight
Savage sons of Satan raise their steel toward the sky
The titan screams with vengeance as he sounds the battle cry
Leading death's disciples in a quest to take this land
Bloodshed & destruction as the living make their stand
Bearing the standard of Hades the legions they rise
Reborn by the light of the moon in the blackening skies
Bearing the standard of Hades the legions they rise
A mission of hatred the blood of the mortal the prizeback to top
Steel Meets Steel
Battle follows battle to the death to take the hill
Blackened leather warriors the chill as steel meets steel
One survives by cunning the other lives by might
The death defying warlords by the firelight they fight
With the power of steel they're raiding our land
They're marching from hell with the devil as chief in command
The morning light meets fire still the warriors they kill
They're pushing for the last attack upon the mighty hill
The brave know not of running 'till the last man they will fight
Just raise the steel up to the sky and sound the battle cry
Here ends the final battle as the last defender fell
The proud and savage warriors have tread the path from hell
Battle scarred and weary but the sword still strong in hand
Strong in their defiance as they march across the land
CHORUSback to top
Witch Hunt
The sound of horses riding by the riders fists raised to the sky
Burning torches the flames of death the suspects being put to the test
In a different time religion's the same
The witch hunt is on as God's evil reigns
A pretty maid destined to die Lord's servants death in disguise
The evil spirit must be cleansed in the name of God they're claiming revenge
The morning skies they turn to night the maiden she's lost her fight
Chilling screams as she burns alive the christians ride home satisfied
Many years have now gone by the slayers, the christian pride
The bible remains to cleanse the land but Satan still has the upper handback to top
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