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Onslaught lyrics

Album: The Force [1986]

 01  Let There Be Death
 02  Metal Forces
 03  Fight With The Beast
 04  Demoniac
 05  Flame Of The Antichrist
 06  Contract In Blood
 07  Thrash Till The Death
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Let There Be Death
The fires are burning deep down in hell the warlords are ready to rise
Forces of evil angels of sin bloodlust and hate in their eyes
Nations lie wait in the fear of their death standing one foot in the grave
Satan pronounces let death be to all that none of the living are saved
Hellbound the horsemen ride let there be death to all
Ride through the burning skies see that no one survives
Send their souls to hell - Let there be death
Nuclear warfare raging on earth destruction the ultimate key
Life termination the only reward no living beyond his decree
Bodies turn vapour a ghost of the past the souls are delivered to hell
Satan pronounces let death be to all the warlords are under his spell
Blinding light the fireball illuminates the sky
Death force captive of the cloud that lurks above
Searing heat the fires coalesce into a storm
No retreat Satan holds the power of the gods
Satan stands watching alone in his ground he laughs with a deafening cry
Evil and hatred vengeance and death the fires are burning the sky
Earth is now wasteland infernal hell nothing but darkness remains
Satans awaiting to regain the crown return it to hell's dark domain
Chorusback to top
Metal Forces
Battles burn the wrath of hell the force cannot be slain
Men and steel we stand as one to fight on through the pain
Soldiers die the blood runs red we bear the blackest hates
Metal force now crack the sky and raise the seven gates
Running wild shellshock cracks the beams
Sweat and leather thrashing metal screams
Battle cries the power racks they roar
Blood and death upon the stage of war
The metal forces
Haunting mist engulfs the stage we make the final stand
Satan's troops attack as one and hold the death command
Fighting hard with axe and chain the flame it burns the night
Metal storm the heavens fall we ride on seas of light
Metal storm a fork of light raining from the skies
Evil strikes across the land the metal forces rise
Darkness cast on blinded eyes this war cannot be won
Sweat and blood hail from above as the battle rages on
High on stage the end draws near we fight on through the pain
Metal forces stand as one this power runs through veins
Chorusback to top
Fight With The Beast
Bearing the mark of a demon from hell the dragon is cast onto the earth
Seeking revenge on the woman of man Satanus unleashes his wrath
Angels of death are the allies of hate the jackals destroying the cross
Fighting with fire the dragon attacks
Burning the cross and unleashing the powers of hell
Cursed are the mortals who dare to fight with the beast
Demons of hell bear the mark of the beast the sons of the dragon are born
Summoned to earth armageddon is here to slaughter the christian hordes
Destroying the temples Jehova has lost the nazarene will fester in hell
A wrathful attack upon the christian faith the legions of Satan make war
Replacing the cross with the mark of the beast the kingdoms of Jesu have fell
Demons of hell armageddon is here preventing the coming of christ
relinquish your god now that satan is king the nazarene will never arise
Bearing the mark of a demon from hell the dragon is cast onto earth
Seeking revenge on the woman of man Satanus unleashes his wrath
Angels of death are the allies of hate the jackals destroying the cross
Chorusback to top
Haunted in mind bear the blackest of hates the darkness has started to rise
Evil as one in the circle within let the orgy of death now begin
Invertedly tied hangs the Jesu so pure demonic love from you all
Rape of the whore in bestial lust a sacrifice to our lord
Do what thou wilt sacred law church of hell
Death is the realm swear the oath thou shalt kill
Summon the force incantations of death the virgin is laid on the shrine
Priest of the night wield the scepter of fate rise up the sword to the sky
Evil in mind is the creature possessed an angel of death sent to kill
Strike of the blade that releases the soul the demoniac's work has begun
Preacher of sin castigating the priest a penance you pay to our lord
Yield to the force as the darkness prevails demons within heed the call
Revel in death fill the chalice with blood drink now the death of the whore
Offer your souls in promiscuous love do what thou wilt is our law
Chorusback to top
Flame Of The Antichrist
Church of christ breeding hate the flame of hell shall rise
Satans force rains from the throne to slay the priest of lies
1,000 years was bound by chain Satanus seeks revenge
Burning flame the antichrist no mercy no repent
Lightning strikes the knell of death panic runs below
Holy priest he prays in vain the winds of death now blow
Flame of the antichrist
Satans troops they march from hell the ressurected dead
Church of christ lay under siege the flame of death burns red
Demons slay the king of kings destroy this holy shrine
Bow to me the antichrist the house of god is mine
Cast upon the wings of death drowned in seas of blood
Damned the church to solitude holy ones are slain
Fallen from the lap of god satan claims revenge
Thunder flame the mighty force burn the cross
In sacred tongue they try to fight satan holds the force
Wind and flame exerting death destruction of the cross
Spirits scream with chants of doom lucifer has come
Distant hopes the heavens fall in hell thy will be done
Chorusback to top
Contract In Blood
Hear the call I beckon harlot come to me
Lay your trust in satan fall unto your knees
Ride with me through fire the eternal pits of hell
Grant to me your body I will take your soul
Tormented soul eternity Satanic slave you will bear my son
The evil force from the frosty skies I possess your mind
Bound by chain the immortal slave Mystic chants round the holy grave
Lust for blood a sacrifice deadly sin contract in blood
Contract in blood!!
Renounce me all religion smite the wrath of god
Pledge to me a sacrifice sign the pact with blood
Mount the steed of satan you can ride the air
Accomplish your desire scorn the cross they bear
Ride down to the depths of hell come to be my slave
Desecrate your virgin soul I take you upon a grave
I feel the lust rip through your soul as I implant you with my seed
I leave my mark upon your flesh and thrash you till you bleed
Sacrifice to me your heart and soul
You are ever damned to rot in hell
Possessed by the evil child the harlot died in pain
Feed the corpse to the hounds of hell deliver me her soul
Bursting from the tomb of life the banshees born in flame
Rise my son you live through me you are born to ride again
Hail and thunder raging from the skies
Satans child bloodlust in his eyesback to top
Thrash Till The Death
Thrash till the death feeling the force deep inside
Violence and pain on the power of metal we thrive
Aural assault pounding your ears till they bleed
Unholy sound thrashes till death is our breed
Leather and metal the forces are slamming the sky
Louder than hell the thrashers are screaming to die
Thrash till the death (4x)
Dying to kill possessed are the thrashers on stage
Kicking your ass the marshalls are screaming in rage
Adrenalin runs high the hammers are pounding at speed
Thrashing till death the blood is now flowing so free
Sharper than steel the axes are blazing so high
Metal attack the blitzkrieg it burns your eyes
Power from hell warfare unleashed from the stage
Final command your violent death is our wage
Chorusback to top
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