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Operation Ivy lyrics

Album: Energy [1990]

 01  Knowledge
 02  Sound System
 03  Jaded
 04  Take Warning
 05  The Crowd
 06  Bombshell
 07  Unity
 08  Vulnerability
 09  Bankshot
 10  One of These Days
 11  Gonna Find You
 12  Bad Town
 13  Smiling
 14  Caution
 15  Freeze Up
 16  Artificial Life
 17  Room Without a Window
 18  Big City
 19  Missionary
 20  Junkie's Runnin' Dry
 21  Here We Go Again
 22  Hoboken
 23  Yellin' in My Ear
 24  Sleep Long
 25  Healthy Body
 26  Officer
 27  I Got No
all Operation Ivy lyrics

Operation Ivy - Knowledge
Here are the entire lyrics:

*I know things are getting tougher
When you can't get the top off from the bottom of the barrel.
Wide open road of my future now...
It's looking fucking narrow.
All I know is that I don't know nothing.
We get told to decide.
Just like as if I'm not going to change my mind.
All I know is that I don't know nothing.
Whatcha gonna do with yourself,
Boy better make up your mind...
Whatcha gonna do with yourself boy,
You're running out of time.
This this I got it all figured out:
All I know is that I don't know nothing...
And that's fine.back to top
Sound System
Sound system gonna bring me back up
One thing that I can depend on.
Try to describe to the limit of my ability:
Itís there for a second
Then itís given up what it used to be.
Contained in music somehow more than just sound,
The inspiration coming and twisting things around
Because you always know that itís gonna have to go.
You always know that youíll be back in the cold.
Point of departure sublimated in a song
Itís always coming to give me that hope for just a second
then itís gone, but!
Static pulse inside of music bringing us escape.
Itís always temporary, changing nothing in itís wake...
Just a second where weíre leaving all this shit behind.
Just a second but itís leaving just this much in mind:
To resist despair, that second makes you see...
To resist despair, because you canít change everything...
To resist despair, in this world is what it is to be free
Wake up turn my box on,
Bust the shade, let the sun in.
Times getting tougher Ďbout time start runniní
Box in my hand music by my side,
Skankiní to the rhythm of the music by my sideback to top
Something breaks inside of you
With the spectacles of all the shows
With fifteen fights and your six bucks
Has gone up some promoters nose.
Jaded eyes see clearly, but only half of whatís there
Good old days are left behind, whatís left is boredom and despair.
But sometimes every once in a while...
Itís beautiful, I would say, wouldnít have it any other way,
If I said different, it would be a lie.
What was once rebellion is now clearly just a social sect,
But are you just upset because your own social clique has left?
Leave when you want, because I know someday I will too
But I wonít burn my bridges and be just another jaded fool!back to top
Take Warning
I noticed that the lyrics were slighly wrong so here they are.


Listen up, Whoa, Take warning Take warning
Really gotta take warning


Stand by your friends, wrong or right
Can't call that justice if its just a stupid excuse to fight
Single out and attack the ones who got no defense
You call that a new way of thinking i call it regression to ignorance


Take warning take warning
Take warning take warning
Theres a new generation coming
And we really gotta stand up to them
Take warning take warning


No ones got a thing against you
Unless youve got something to prove
We dont need no set of standards,
We dont need a new set of rules
Heard all that shit before
About stomping out any difference
We say stand together!
(not to fight just to exist)


Take warning take warning
Take warning take warning
Intimidation coming
And we really gotta say no to them
Take warning take warning


Enough is enough is enough
Why dont you just ease up
I saw another beat down last nite take warning
Who's the next to hit the ground tonite take warning

Reapeat chorus once more then your done.back to top
The Crowd
Wrenched into the world, deanesthetized,
Blurry images fight their way through halfway opened eyes
Awakened by alarm, fifteen minutes of hygiene
Twenty minutes of eating, thirty seconds to the door.
I looked outside, looked into the eyes
Of the impersonal mob Iíve seen a thousand times before
Feeling under covers like books on a shelf,
If weíre scared of one another,
Must be scared of ourself.
More than just another crowd, we need a gathering instead.
Drink drink in the badland, liquid bread for the poor.
Another member of the crowd goes down to drown at the liquor store
Choose your escape in the heartland
Of product and demand when you fell like a wasp in the swarm
You gotta get away anyway that you can.
(Chorus)back to top
Down in south Oakland
Off east 14th itís raining.
Six a.m. on Sunday and the bums are praying.
Met her at a party we were drunk, now weíre sober
She said itís cold got long walk home come over
Sheís a bombshell
Iíve retraced my steps a thousand times,
Seems like Iíve hours asking all my friends about her.
Been six months but Iíll never be the same:
Nobody remembers her name
Sheís a bombshell
(Chorus)back to top
Thereís a war goiní down tonight between my brothers tonight,
I donít want no war goiní down tonight.
Civilisation? Ha! I call it as I see it.
I call it bullshit! You know, I still can not believe it
Our evolution now has gone the way of hate
A world evolved resolved into its stupid fate.
Stop this war!
Also different yeah, I say weíre all the same
All caught, you know, in the division game.
Self destruction fast impending like a bullet.
No one can stop it, once itís fired, no one can control it.
Stop this war!
A final word, wait itís not a call to action
We ainít no sect, we ainít no fucking faction.
Unity, Unity, youíve heard it all before,
This time itís not exclusive we want to stop a war.
Unity as one, stand together ,
Unity, evolutionís gonna come!back to top
I saw this guy go down
Wasn't time to fear
Before his body hit the ground.
Our vulnerability is all our insensitivity.
Car that hit him pulled to a stop.
Driver hid the bottles
He anticipated cops.
Crowd assembled to take a look at death.
Shattered skull fragile body
Blacktop running red.
People looked bored
Like expecting more
People looked bored like expecting more.
And sympathy is only friendshipís whore, you know,
And maybe we donít know who we are anymore.
Another spectacle and itís respectable
To take it lightly like another TV show.
So desensitised, so dehumanised
Why stop and think when you can find someplace to go.
Weíre drowning...
And itís gonna be the death of us just you wait and see.back to top
Only 1 word in the whole song...

Bankshot!!!back to top
One of These Days
Operation - One Of These Days

These boots are made for walking.
And thatís just what theyíll do.
One of these days these boots are going to,
Walk all over you.back to top
Gonna Find You
Well saw this kid get beaten down because he was out of luck
In the lottery of acceptance in the school of growing up.
Saw a bunch of convicts doing time inside a cage,
Got locked in factories within the school of paid wage.
Saw this boy so strung out that his body sweats and shakes
From his field education in the school of cheap escape.
Got told the school of human thinking teaches only truth and one of itís educations is gonna find you
Saw a civilisation where grabbing on to wealth
was the only guarantee of freedom peace and health.
Dollar sign value system upheld as the truth,
and if you canít find a place itís gonna find you.
Saw the paranoid response to all of the examples
or the ones that donít fit in this way of living getting trampled.
Success is obedience to a structured way of life, you canít
ignore the structure because weíre all within sight!back to top
Bad Town
They call it a scene, I call it disaster
Down here the kids grow up faster
Scared, they're scared to the bone
Like a pack of wolves they don't run alone
One on one they wont look you in the eye
But when the packs together there's a battle cry
I saw it 15 on one
When the crowd disapeered the kid was done.

No (no more)
Bad (bad town)
No more bad town

Yeah down there you gotta have a label
Just like a cattle in a stable
Knee jerk reaction i call it violence
Why speak out when you could be silence
Down there out on the dance floor
Too much violence, I dont want more
Down there out on the street
I can see the air, i can see the heat

No (no more
Bad (bad town)
No more bad townback to top
At the party, at the bus stop, at the bar
Youíre lookingí at women because your score in under par
When you find her, it doesnít mean anything.
You wonder why your life is so boring.
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
You would gladly waste it just to save face.
Her desire is your wish, without it you are lost
Integrity is fragile but you ignored the cost.
Smiling when your friends are watching you.
One night stand, cars keys in hand,
Youíve full filled your genderís sexual demand.
Are you feeling insecure and empty,
When youíre rushing to report it to your peers!?!?back to top
is a word that I canít understand
C-A-U-T-I-O-N was a word I could not understand.
Walked the dog with a real short leash,
turned around saw the dog walk me.
Stainless steel and painted glass give me
pulse like a hammer and mind to match.
No relief, no food, no sleep,
When youíre king for the day
Youíre a whore for a week.
I didnít get it then
I think I got it now
Caution my friend
Donít step in the water Ďtill you know you can swim.
(Chorus)back to top
Freeze Up
------Freeze Up by Operation Ivy------

Empty factories to the east and all our waste,
The shape of things that came shows on the broken workers face
To the west you'll find silicon promised land where
Machines replace our minds for systematic profit plans
The course of human progress staggers like a drunk-
Its steps are quick and heavy and its mind is slow and blunt
I look for optimism but i just don't know
Its seeds are planted in a poison place where nothing grows.
It's 1989 stand up and take a look around
Weather's bitter tension it seems is sinking down
Drunk with power and fighting one another every hour
Shows the winter getting harder

Theres a freeze up coming

One nation stands the tallest radiating blinding light,
Plastic and florescent energy robbing us of sight-
Set in our way, content with our decay,
We wave a flag of freedom as we conquer and invade-
Ever ask yourself where's my place in this hell?
But know one's there to tell you 'cause they don't know that themselves
The well rehearsed lines from our elated politicians
No longer offer solace, we can see the self destruction

Theres a freeze up coming

Just one political song to drop into the list that is years and years

tabbed by ben dyer -- www.standingdown.tkback to top
Artificial Life
Heís got a song about some love thatís gone away.
Some times his eyes shed tiny teardrops when he plays.
His touching ballads are still just sitting there to buy.
They call it music, but it seems more like a lie.
Artificial life in the market place.
Epic ballads by the musical whores.
Life is boring so project their onto yours.
Hear the anthems of the Pepsi Generation.
See the martyrs of our spiritual degradation.
Artificial life in the market place.
American culture Disneyland freakshow,
Screen in your living room,
A window for your tomb.
If you canít compare to the world sitting there.
Repress your insecurities, watch and escape.
Give me Artificial, give me superficial,
Give me a commercial life that canít be bought.
This I say to you, what I say is true:
Emotions arenít a product to sell and cannot be consumed.
Coming attraction, itís coming real soon,
Prince is having brunch with Pat Boone.
Want to know where all the bullshit goes,
it goes down the sewer to be disposed.back to top
Room Without a Window
The position being taken is not to be mistaken
For attempted education or righteous accusation.
Only a description, just an observation of the pitiful condition of our degeneration.
Walls are made of opinions, through which we speak and never listen.
Ceiling made of pride, vicious and self satisfied.
Door thatís made of rage, hard and slowly aged.
Always closing tighter with every war thatís waged.
Room without a window canít see out...
Floor is made of lives, weíd gladly end to stay inside.
Corners made of borders, borders made of law and order,
Painted with the words of politicians and religion,
Plastered with the wreckage of our cultural division.
Room without a window...
(Toast break)back to top
Big City
Concrete and chaos rise up
spider web across the land
Like a giant rash.
Forests lie down below
Foundations of buildings in a bed of ash.
Some people here got it real good,
Ďcuz the glass towers bring prosperity.
Other people starve in the street
Because concrete knows no sympathy.
Big city, itís a wishing well.
Big city, itís a living hell.
This town, itís fucking insane:
How one will starve and another will gain.
Like a giant mechanical brain,
and the people are cells and the streets are veins.
It thinks only of itself,
A thousand limbs crawling it expands and grows,
And still the concrete sits there,
Sits there stark grey and cold.
And I think I wanna be a brick layer.
So I can put another brick in the wall.
Itís sanitary, rational, happy and sane.
Growing like a flower to surround us all.
(Chorus)back to top
I start it, I end it,
I kill and words will defend it.
Got big plans,
blood stained hands
Wanna see my name on the map.
On my way to save the world.
Got a brand new set of words, the going rate is cheap,
Unconditional devotion, unquestioning belief.
Words carved in stone, chiselled in with sharpened bones
Of the ones who thought my righteousness was something to oppose.
Can you see the flag? Rising up beyond the smoke
Of dying authors burning books, there was a problem with what they wrote.
The flag is hard to read because all flags start to look the same when
covered with the blood of the faithless and insane.
Man of many names, but the motives stay the same...
My actions are a means to an end
My actions are a means to...back to top
Junkie's Runnin' Dry
I always looked up to the ones who walked away
Choosing themselves over preset ways
Of looking at a future that had no room for the questions they lived for
Always knew I never could have walked away myself
My self worth was beyond any help
And I didnít care to test it against the rejection I had seen before
But those I loved so much, they underwent a change
Theyíre working forty hours, they got caught in the game.
Like junkies running dry, the vulnerability,
Theyíre always there on time
Were never satisfied like junkies running dry.
This wonderful generosity
A third of our lives to do what we please
Doesnít look that great to me,
I fact it doesnít even look fair.
They call it youthful idealism
And even I would have to agree with them
Except some of us grow up and itís still there.
I grow up too slow, I donít wanna go...
But now Iím working just like everyone else,
But Iíll get out of here.back to top
Here We Go Again
Itís not the ending
Itís the beginning
The ground is moist and it rained last night.
Smells like smoke, and it smells so clean
The sun is shining like a friendly white light
Here we go again.
Analysed the world I was born into
But I could never understand
Knew I never wanted to grow up if that meant being a "man"
Dominating strict competition is the meaning of our lives
Stomping on the weak keeps us the winner of the battle in our minds
Tensions in our lives that are attacking our minds
Unite themselves together to make our consciousness blind
Conditioned to self interest with the emotions locked away
If thatís what they call normal, Iíd rather be insane.
Relax yourself from giving what you want to do with your life
Ease up from giving up things like control of your own mind
If you never ask any question
Then youíre never gonna get no answer
Always be wondering what do you want
While you keep getting older faster...
Here we go again
Another test of manhood, just when you thought youíd won
The more we keep competing,
The more the battle has just begun.back to top
Iím in this prison you built for you
In this situation I donít know what to do
Canít make a connection, get a reaction
Thereís this wall and I canít get through
Youíre dying of some guilt without no words
What did I say what did I do
Youth hostels I lodged
Kept seeing you as a mirage
Flashes of you were everywhere
Hoboken New Jersey
Iím in this prison you built for you
In this situation I donít know what to do
Always something makes me think
Things donít have to be so wrong
You put up walls with nothing spoken
In your weakness youíre so strongback to top
Yellin' in My Ear
Never had a reason for the attack
Itís impulsive and insane
When I wanna talk sense to you
Itís like spitting back at rain
Iíve come to know that when I first saw you
I should have ran away
Iíve kicked myself a thousand times
But now itís to late
Yelling in my ear
You try to control me
You look but you donít see
Yelling in my ear.
You got a big mouth
Are you ever gonna get a clue
Youíre loud, obnoxious, when youíre gone
I still hear you
Always spewing shit with your irritating voice
I donít want to listen but I got no choice.
Quit acting like youíre nuts, just shut the hell up.back to top
Sleep Long
Sleep long sleep well
Only to awake in hell
One day I saw a man asleep
In a doorway on a street
Through walls of sheltered
Inhibition I perceived his
Condition dying of hunger
And exposure, food and shelter
Two blocks over within
This place we breed and
Dwell weíve created living hell
Sleep long sleep well
Only to awake in hell
City sleeps and pigeons flutter
Vagrant dies in gutter
Priceless death somehow befitting
To life work spent working on forgetting.
Riding on the bus, I looked outside and thought about death
Passing cars the only tribute to his gasping final breath
Sleep long sleep well
Only to awake in hell
(Constant subliminal brain immersion
Subconscious death wish coercion
Buy and consume and want and need
Never fall from the trap of greed)
I thought about the bitter pain of jail cells
And falling rain I thought ahead and looked away
What can you do anyway in sheltered youth and our pretension
Avert our eyes to divert attention
Only to see human victims always there to remind us.
Sleep long sleep well
Only to awake in hellback to top
Healthy Body
Expensive vitamin pills and
Wheat germ on your windowswill
Your schedule's hectic and you got no time to kill
You're earning money and spending it the right way
You're just in such a rush
You don't know if it's night or day
5:30 get up and you run, run, run
Then you work eight hours slaving under the gun
Your little world's based on lies lies lies
Always rushing but you're never ever satisfied...
Healthy body sick mind
You're working overtime
Healthy nody sick mind
Too hectic, too hectic
Healthy body sick mind
It's just a matter of time
Sick body sick mind
The money you spend on running shoes could feed me for a week
Your plans are laid so well you can't even sleep
Pursuit of happiness got your life locked under martial law
You got everything to lose so you're paranoid about some fatal flawback to top
(Verse) Why do you have to force yourself with power and control? Why do
you have to live your life playing up a role? Intimidating people with
your wall of sight and sound, you and your kind destroy our underground.

(Bridge) All of the happiness that you have destroyed, all the brutal
tactics that you always employ. All the ***ing bull***, when will it
ever stop? The comparison is obvious, you're just a ***ing cop.

(Chorus) Officer-you act like an animal you're out of control.
Officer-what the hell is wrong with you?

(Verse) Wear a tie if you want to wear a uniform, join the army if you
want to conform. Tough guy, big man, do what you can. Whatever you
destroy we'll create it again.


-Stig-back to top
I Got No
When youíre dying - giving up hope
Living for smoking dope
Singing the same old song
Yeah yeah yeah itís always the same
I got no - nothing on my mind
I was trying a new adventure
Buying that old peer pressure
Wasting my mind away
But I saved it just in time
No reason I was going mad
I was hating my mom and dad
Riding a sinking ship
Thank god I never did slipback to top
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