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Pagan Reign lyrics

Album: Take A Free Peek Into A Potencially Diseased Mind... [1998]

 01  Ghost in the machine
 02  Epitaph
 03  Symphony in E minor
 04  Freedom
 05  Nemesis
 06  Depression
 07  Bloody Memories
 08  M.D.T.
 09  Control
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Ghost in the machine
See the skin on my hands
worn right down,
Down to the bone.
See The blood dripping Down to the floor
Bleeding for you.
I'll Work like a slave
Do as you want Bleeding for you.
There Is nothing left
A hollow shell
Ghost in the machine!
You take me for granted
You work me like a slave
But I can see your face
And I don't want to live that way.
No more!
No With The blood on my Hands
I won't die By your command.
Greed vice and corruption
The things For which you stand.
Fuck you and your reasons
They mean nothing to me.
I'll rise up against
Until it is Your hands that bleed.
You take me for granted
You work me like a slave
But I can see your face
And I don't want to live that way.
No more!
No more!
No more!back to top
Cruel, cruel fate.
Why dost thou mock thy servant so?
When in my heart fledgling love Dost earnest grow.
The boundaries of hate, and love,
Are too blurred to understand.
Where must I, a mortal man,
Go to see God's plan?
For happiness on earthly planes is but a hollow shade!
So easily brought crashing down to horrid angry flames.
And thou dost flaunt my stolen love
Before my very eyes.
And O, but fate,
Malignant Hate:
Thine legacy arrivesback to top
Symphony in E minor
Weep for all the tears you've caused me shed.
Weep for all the times you've fucked with the shattered carcass of our love.
It was slowly stripped away.
Leaving battered torn and bleeding,
a rancid shrine to hate.
So you can cry.
Cry for your lost love.
Cry for what we have become,
'cause you're a symphony of sickness
and you're spreading your disease,
like an animated cancer,
you corrupt and then deceive.
So you can weep.
Ask me for forgivness,
Absolution from your sins.
Smell the stench of rotting roses,
tell me what have we got left.
'cause I can see it in your eyes
that you don't want to be alone.
Watch me turn and leave you,
so you can suffer on your own.
After all the pain you've caused me,
I'll never be the same,
because the agonies of life have left me numb to all your games.
And now you're bleeding on your knees,
pleading me to feed the beast,
so you won't be consumed by guilt,
but I won't give an inch of help,
'cause I don't care for you any more.
I just don't care.back to top
I feel so alone
I'm trapped in this tomb of sorrow
Embalmed in my solitude I wither
Embalmed in my solitude I wither eternally.
Searching Forever they search.
clawing My lifeblood they lust.
Offal and fetor
My bread and my wine
Beetles confuse me
They see through my eyes
I am one with the world
For my conscience is lost,
Enlightenment guides me through bloody days Cost.back to top
Come, gaze stand in awe,
the majesty of Man made Stone.
Look up, as vaults arise;
to reach Heaven's gate they try,
but the grinding wrath of time will seek it's deadly toll.
And when dust you are,
yet the stone will stand.
See life fading,
before your very eyes.
Sooner or later,
everybody dies.
Life is transient at best,
It's just a hollow shade.
What is left when life is gone but temples of stone made?
So now you stand before the throne,
a single soul before the throne;
to live a life and to survive:
Take heart,
for life He wants alive.back to top
Crushed by the world in which I live,
They've taken my all and I have nothing to give.
The pressures upon me are far too great,
I'll struggle and fail,
but I'll try not to hate.
The depths of my world are almost destroyed,
Like illusionary comforts
that I once had enjoyed.
This pit in my gut is just sinking away
And this fucking disease,
I just can't hold it at bay.
Give me a pint
Give me a gun
Give me a needle,
Give me someone that I can believe in
To stop this Depression!
Try as I might to fill my insides,
Everything's pale,
they all look like lies.
Feeling so cold and alone in the dark,
I cry out for help,
I can't even hark.
As the light starts to fade on this pathetic life,
Just one helping hand will seal out the strife.
The care from a friend will carry me through
The love that I seek,
It leads me to you.back to top
Bloody Memories
People holding hands
Couples part and meet,
Joy and laughter ring Hiding black deceit.
Love eludes the grasp,
A mortified embrace.
Corroded by the Bloody memories of pain.
Life's cruel games Drive shards like steel.
Are we doomed to walk alone?
Will the gashes never heal?
See her hot breath forming Cloudlets in the air,
Dripping sweaty limbs Silky long dark hair.
Disappears again,
Wraithlike to the night
Reaching out to hold Bitter air and morning light.
Alone in a world Of murderous fate,
Anger now is all that's true.
Heaven's lost,
What can I do?back to top
Society breeds growing crowds of pointless masquerade,
Conformity a shallow lie that slowly starts to fade.
People strive for happiness; their efforts are contained,
In an illusion called reality, a prison for their pain.
I can only be myself; it's all I've to be.
There can be no-one else, no-one left but me.
You lie to seem like nothing's bad, a lie will make you strong.
Everything I ever thought turns out to be wrong.
The web you weave is so complex you start to lose yourself
I won't play your fucking games, my life's worth more than that.
Step inside a hollow mind, of twisted morals: no love, just hate.
Attraction rules, emotions are dead.
Play acting to fill the chasm that's left.
Cold and heartless, the mind moves on.
Another man falls, her lying has wonback to top
I try To do my best,
To make you, Proud.
You tell me What you want me to know,
So you can mould me Into a fucking robot.
Liar, You want to control my life.
Liar, now feel as I twist the knife,
'cause you don't own me,
you don't own me,
you don't own me.
You want me To fill your life,
'Cause you feel empty Inside.
But I know the pain you caused me,
So I will rise up, and Stand tall.
Fuck you!
You don't control my life,
Fuck you,
So now feel as I twist the knife,
'cause you don't own my life.back to top
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