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Pain Of Salvation lyrics

Album: Entropia [1999]

 01 ! (Forward)
 02 Welcome to Entropia
 03 Winning a War
 04 People Passing By
 05 Oblivion Ocean
 06 Stress
 07 Revival
 08 Void of Her
 09 To the End
 10  Circles
 11 Nightmist
 12 Plains of Dawn
 13  Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
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( he's counting time in beggings and bottles fading away beneath old
news so he's lost some faith, but still there are fire deep inside that he
must drench to numb ...deep inside, that he must drench to numb...)back to top
Leaving Entropia (Epilogue)
walk with me
and see the world I see
it is our home
it's where we all belong

life is flair
a brittle dress we wear
a fleeting sigh
but though pointless it may seem...
live as death were but a dream

you don't have to walk their way
you don't have to watch the show
you don't have to play their game
and you don't have to die to leave entropia

all remains...
forgotten smiles in frames
two fleeting lives cut down to pocket-size

walk with me
and change the world we see
we'll cease to be
just people passing by
home is where we all get by

you don't have to cry for more
you don't have to have it all
you don't have to win a war
if death is but a dream
then don't let me...

...fall asleepback to top
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