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Paradise Lost lyrics

Album: Mortals Watch the Day [1992]

 01  Mortals Watch The Day
 02  Crying For Eternity
 03  Embraced
 04  Daylight Torn
 05  Pity The Sadness
 06  No Forgiveness
 07  Your Band In Mine
 08  The Word Made Flesh
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Mortals Watch The Day
Plead forgiveness father
All my troubles fade from view
Pale the four walls surround
Have I madness in my eyes?
While mortals watch the day
Our fear will pave the way
Hidden until the end
See a room of crimson
Nothing I have seen before
Coldness wrapped around me
Struggle not for Hell is here
While tyrants close the doors
Each one will know the score
Sorrow takes it all
Saved the sick of life's bliss
Charity of utmost guilt
Fear the blinded temper
It has lied it's way to you...
While mortals watch the day
And light has turned to grey
What lies up ahead
Light shines into your eyes
That I'm blinded by, your eyes
Mortal throughout the days
Until we're saved, turning to black
I can't see through this
No option from turning day
Will we see another dayback to top
Crying For Eternity
Lying here alone and cold
And I'm waiting for the dawn
Laughter at my every move
As I crippled by my thoughts
And I'm burning cold, burning cold
you prevail in the end
(Unlike your God's obscenity)
Hating the disgrace
(Of a child's insanity)
I'm taken all the more
And I'll take all that I see
You'll do it all for me
(Is this the end - it cannot be)
All the more, you feed off my rejection
All the more, I tear your soulin two
Lonely are my tears of pain
And I'm runished by their cause
I'll rest on my burning throne
A release I move to wards
Is eternal sleep, all the more,
I battle through the heartache
All the more, I'd lay myself to restback to top
Pain... Is what we are waiting for
Lying deep in comfort, I awake now
I cannot believe this tale
I cannot believe echoes...
Or your petty lies, take away our world
Thrown into the stars
Take away our world,
Worship all that's ours
Cry at echoes in your heart
Lying in the ocean until the end of time
Solitude embracing us
Suicide our hearts embrace
Life and death become the race
Take away the world, hold it to the sky
Take away the world, pity your demise
Array of fear, controls me now
And I cry - in dark despairback to top
Daylight Torn
I am oppressed by lack of power
Holding on until the end
Helping me tread on your life
Life is the game, strengthen my anger
Reshape the misguided times
See me then, die,
Fate has control of us all
Blemish the quest of all,
Create the dread
Waiting in line, lost in your prayer
Lost in your insanity
lt seems to be real
Soothing the pain that you feel
Can't find the key to destiny
Life is your quest, erase your quest
your christ is failing you,
Like poison running through
Does God know what to do,
As I tell the hardboured truth
While grief lies at your door,
For shreds of flesh you've torn
The pain comes back for me,
Too vague for you to see
Lord, smile at me
My ashes have scattered the plans
Won't return again... Lord stare at me
Wait for me to rise, rise again
Finding the truth, behind lies,
Logic is paralyzed
Feeding the flesh, consuming the rest
you'll reach your end,
You'll pay the debts and silently sendback to top
Pity The Sadness
Sadness lives after we die
The pains of life increased outright
Contempt and sins priorities...
To crush good fortune
Morning... Morning's calm, inside I cry
This painful life has raped my mind
Take me down, slow release
From sorrow's penetration
Morning... Life is there for me
Hell is there for me
Sunlight greets my open wounds
Morning's light reflects the doom
My soul is free, it lives again
To roam alone in darkness
Morning... I've cried for God
And I've cried for you
I pray that in the end
Your sense will break through
Sadness lives after we die
The pain of life increased outright
Contest my sins priorities
Crushed my spirit to it's kneesback to top
No Forgiveness
I have seen for myself
The rogues of all life born
And I'm lying through the night
My solemn end
And a cold touch of death takes my hand
The only way... the only way
Well, I'm fighting for my life
And wasting away the time I've got left
The only way... the only way
Hearing you talk is a waste of silence
I can't bare I no longer care
I create the cross that I must wear
And I'm flying to my plight successfully
The only way...
Turning around to an empty space
I cried despair... I no longer care
Feelings of remorse, now locked away,
Another day, to live again
Feeling the pressure high
Holding on to the fireback to top
Your Band In Mine
Pay the deadly price
Lift the fallen prize
Told you soon will die
Sin that sails alight
Carry ungodly crimes
Travelling out of reach
Taking the weight
Of the night upon my back
you cannot believe
The pain that I've seen
Crawling of life my fire is strong
Can it be, I can't go on
I'm hurt now, don't turn your back
Changing ways, events prolong
Hidden by the mist,
Insinuate what's gone
your hand in mine
We'll reach the sign of plains above us
Your hand in mine
Unholy times of pain resentless
Forced to watch not eagerly
Breaking hearts
With words and all ecstasy
Your hand in mine
Reveal all life, uphold the others
Your hand in mine
Are you alive, with flames of sadnessback to top
The Word Made Flesh
It looks to kill
And fails to wait in sight
It twist me from inside
Carry all, heal the sore,
I can no longer bleed
What is this, things I've been,
You can't set me free
The one I see,
A blinded fool corrupting me
From within, worn away
Find, by mind, abuse ways
Allures me from restrain
(I'd kill while other rape)
Create the obscene, you can see me free
Sense predicts the scorn
The hour of peace is gone
The one I see,
A blind dead fool - forever be
Burning me... Worn fools that prey
An a fath filled day
Laughter stays, out of my way
Pass through my dismay

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