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Paradise Lost lyrics

Album: The Last Time [1995]

 01  The Last Time
 02  Laid To Waste
 03  Walk Away
 04  Master Of Misrule
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The Last Time
It's a struggle with a failures frown
And it crashes in front of me
I see the clouds divide
Will you stay or try to leave

The time you're looking at through the door
And think to walk right through
I want to ignore
I only wish that it passes soon

Hearts beating...

I raise a sunken smile
As I serve only the ones who served
What can I achieve
As you steal the air I breathe

A cruel misfortune
Forbidding is to see
When stories may collide
It's a sad state of mind

Hearts beating...

Hearts beating for the last time
Hearts beating it is a state of mind

Hearts beating for the last time
The peace you cannot findback to top
Laid To Waste
resent a sense of feeding, demanding bleeding
unhinged a savage seeks a quest
hollow hearts, rapid beating
the pulse is high its never ceasing
this cannot be a false pretence

as people arise I feel it

stone cold, a passive disease, no chance of healing
you'll wonder if this is the end
the void submit to pass through
fear the eyes staring at you
a time of unrivalled despair

as people arrive I feel their stare

you lived a life in chains
your master could not save
you'll lose the grasp of gain
no method to your rage

you die a death each day
for some it seems to stay that way

channels to feed your hate
lying there for you to take
a place where fools attend
no prayers for you my friendback to top
Walk Away
Originally performed by Sisters Of Mercy

And in the summer when the clouds show through
I might go the same way too if
You and I could talk together
Well what am I supposed to do with
You and I would walk together
Then with always close around and
Now you gaze toward the doorway
When the weather comes falling down

And when the rain comes down
Would you choose to walk or stay
Would you choose to walk
Would you choose to stay
Would you
Walk walk walk walk walk away

Though when the day is nearly
Through I might see the same way too if
You would name the things
That bring you down on me so I could say it's
Not quite true if you don't really
Know or understand the circumstance
Behind then I might clear your
Mind and you won't have to go soback to top
Master Of Misrule
wipe away the pouring rain
it's too late to feel again

what it takes to be born
what it takes when the last has fallen
what I see is depravity within us all

what it takes to be born
what it takes when the last has fallen
what it is this the despondency within us all

maybe I'm already dead
or maybe I'm still alive
draining spirit, the soul and my body of pride

I can see through it all
it's too late when the end is calling
can't relate to the stranger inside of you

stranger inside of you
stranger inside of you

what it takes to be born
what it takes when the last has fallen
what I see is depravity within us all

there's no sense in the truth
there's no will when the world is falling
hostility is arriving to demoralizeback to top
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