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Pazuzu lyrics

Album: Awaken The Dragon [1996]

 01  Introduction
 02  Awaken The Dragon-Millenium Two
 03  The Five Emperors
 04  Bal Of Thieves
 06  The King Of Vermin
 07  Verfall
 08  Until The Sun Returns
 09  Pazuzu
 10  Im Mondschein (Die Tragik Des Todes)
 11  Outro
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Hark~my friend : for an ancient tale I tell. It is written that five mighty
Emperors will die and their ancient palaces will a furious being. Nine
kingdoms will unite under one hand. A roaring sea beneath the earth; a
churning lake of sour tears. One black raven for every wind will tear the
crystal eyes. Now, as the final night proudly enrobes the land, a whisper
is heard in the sky...

Awaken the Dragon.back to top
Awaken The Dragon-Millenium Two
As I stood here at the break of eternity the planets realined to hide the
sun. The moon was red and the sky turns black~the Dragon roared in rage.
And I was silent, waiting for a sign, but on the ninth day the earth did
not open. There was thunder but no rain~the Dragon howled five names. Seven
prophets without faces hiding behind the ancient hills. Fourteen and two
servants a lined at their side~the Dragon's eye ablaze. Finally, an
eclipse. Voices muttering ancient tongues. Beast long dead, had rearisen
awaken the mighty Dragon. On the twenty-third day, a mighty earthquake
shook the soil. From each wind came four riders to rob the Dragon's
slumber. The world had reached the final stage. Among the stars; the
Dragon's breath invoked a mighty storm. Awaken the immortal Dragon~the
emperor of time.back to top
The Five Emperors
The endless universe hides a many secrets. Upon a throne bewinged and
invisible a wrathful Emperor is enthroned. By his word a galaxy dies and by
his breath a planet shivers. A cold wind travels the sky and at sunset it
brings us death. One foot beneath the surface of the sea a menacing layer
of decay sinks the stranded ships. Hidden in the center of the mountains a
mighty duke does hide. Mournful he cries the demise of his empire~forever
his land is lost. Beyond the horizon lies the land of tears where a
dethroned monarch cowers upon his throne. His life was once a crowded
theater, but the actors are all dead. The highlands and valleys, once
kingdom of two fearless kings, is now the place where shadows dwell, where
beast unseen hide and roar~awaiting the coming of old. This is the story of
the five Emperors. Their heir a sublime serpent~a Dragon proud and wise,
arising to rule the world.back to top
Bal Of Thieves
Dancing dancing round and round, listen to the Robin's song. All the rogues
and all the thieves across the land come to dance. With your wife or on
your own, at this table your are guest. Bal of Thieves, a feast of fun,
dancing to the morning sun. Drink a lot there's here for all, a jester
rolls across the room. Maiden young and full of life, come oh come be mine
tonight. In a lure now hidden well the thieves and rogues of London dwell.
Far away from men of law, for if they're caught they'll surely hang. Among
the night their work is done, stealing from the sleeping men. Robbing
jewels and gold and gems, run oh run your work is done.back to top
Et ainsi un mensonge devint ma vie. Le royaume des étoiles. Cosmos
silencieux. Oh désespoir, grand malfaiteur du pays des larmes. Lâche-moi,
je veux mourir tranquillement. Déjà, mon âme flotte comme un liquide
invisible, dans l'infinie de l'empire de la mélancolie. Voilà... le dernier
solstice du millénaire blanc. Maintenant, sous mes pieds nus, le Dragon
s'est enfin réveillé. Et dans cette obscurité parfaite, la délivrance
semble proche. Trois trônes, unis par la puissance magnifique de l'ange
porteur de lumière. Le temps ronge glorieusement le tronc de l'arbre de la
vie. Et loin d'ici, parmi les étoiles, où le destin de l'homme est écrit.
La pitié pleure son inutilité. Sur une colline obscure. Sous la surface
froide de la planète oubliée. Une tour magnifique marque le lieu où le
silence est mon fils invisible. Quand le ciel aura arrêté de nourrir la
terre et quand les mers auront cessés de voyager la planète. La haine serra
maître de tout.back to top
The King Of Vermin
I am the king of vermin, rodents, rats and plagues. Of all the darkside, I
am monarch, a duke to thrones unknown. My palace of flesh, a river of
souls. My guards, the souls of war. Between light and darkness, between
time and infinity, lies my realm I call my own. I hail nor good, nor a I
evil. I tell not truth, yet I don't lie. I am not ugly or do I charm. I
hide among the shades. Although my chest carries a heart, it serves its
purpose not. For life it doesn't bring to me, love and hate is dust.
Without movement still in time, usurping life itself. I am of substance and
of air, a story told no more. I am not dead and yet I sleep, I do not hear,
yet I'm not deaf. My hands can shape and must destroy, a gracious being,
yet insecure. I am king and I am begger. I am what you call destiny.back to top
Fürchterliche Endlichkeit, lautlos auf der Lauer lieg. Ich will mich nicht
mehr wehrend sträuben, mein körper lang schon Ruhe sleht. Nimm mich leife
beider hand, das zittern aur beacht nicht. Ich fürchte nicht das Los des
Schicksals, den Nektar des Todes ich leise leck. Tausend hände unsichtbar,
in meinen Träumen an mir zerren, tausend Stimmen lautlos rufen, ein sanfter
Reigen fürmein End. Ich hatle einst was viele hatten, vesitze doch jetz nur
mehr Leid. Finster mich die Nacht umschlingt, ein Stern mir nun die
Weltersetz. Leises knarren unscheinbar, der Tod sein Tor mir offenhält.
Liebliche Schatten, ever Tanz erfreut mein Herz. Ob ich nun lieg allein auf
diesem kalten Sterbebett, mein Körper scheucht das Leid hinweg. Der
Verfall, grausamer Knecht der Endlichkeit Nähre dich vom Leid der Armen und
trage mich davon. Die Wand, die Mauer trüb und kalf, ein Tanzfläche für ein
düsteres Lichterspiel. Wie Spinnen, schwarz und grinsend, mich mit Netz am
Leib umspannt. Fort, nur fort mein Beist verlegen, lügt er meine Angste an.
Den furcht ich nicht direkt empfinde, dennoch ich nach Wärme tracht.back to top
Until The Sun Returns
Cry my love for I shall not return. Into battle I must leave and death
awaits me there. As a hero not a coward I want my name to stand. The cross
has robed our life~At least I will now die standing. I refuse and deny a
human coward to be my rightful god. Was it not time and wisdom that shaped
me to be a man. So if my life must now end, I am ready to leave this world.
We are few but they are thousands. Should I not return back home, my blade
I leave to my beloved son. Eye to eye, heart by heart~At the break of the
dawn the last and only battle will be fought. Men of war, mages and our
ancestors, all as one will fight until the sun returns.back to top
Divine emptiness and perfect black decorate the darkness that has come
about this land. The blazing horizon hangs like a pale red ribbon above the
temple of god. From each corner of the sky hangs one angel and from each
angel hang ten thousand men. The waters and land now bow to me and dare to
move only at my command. And I say~may this pitiful soil rumble. Across
vast badlands of red dust and cracking invisible being sore from me one
monument of destruction to another. And beneath every mountain lies one
forgotten demon, still weary and yet enraged. Thus on the seventh day, the
planet shall have realined and the thirsting sun shall have cast the last
beam of light. Darkness arise! And around a throne of land, we shall unite
to stay. Man, woman, child and beast~listen, and inherit my infinite wisdom
for I am all and I am no one. I'm visible and yet unseen. Beyond the stars
that lie beyond, my empire does stand. Far away and hidden well from the
jealous eyes of all. I call the three dimensions mine. And to the blackest
day has come. The infinite fire shall be led from your fearful souls. I
have come to proclaim oblivion and all the flames shall illuminate even
god's temple high above. Breeding to lick the flesh of the lying traitor.back to top
Im Mondschein (Die Tragik Des Todes)
Ein heer von ungeziefer, Mäusen, Ratten tollt auf der Diele, die im
Mondschein schimmert. Der Wind schreit wie im Traume auf und wiannert. Um
Fenster zitern kleiner Blätter Schatten. Bisweiten zwitzchern Vögel in den
Zweigen und Spinnen kriechen an den kahlen Mauerin. Durch leere Gänge
bleiche Flecken schauern. Es wohnt im Haus ein wunderliches Schweigen. Im
hofe scheinen Licter hinzugleiten auf faulem holz, verfallenem Gerümpel.
Dann gleisst ein Stern in einem schwarzen Tümpel. Figuren stehn noch da aus
alten zeiten. Man sieht Konturen noch von anderen Singen und eine Schrift,
verblasst auf morschen Schildern, vielleicht die Farben auch von heiteren
>Bildern : Engel, die vor Mariens Throne singen. Der Silvervor hang dort
vor 'm Fenster hehlt verschlungene Glieder, Lippen, zarte Brüste. Ein hart'
Gehämmer hallt vom Turingerüste und weiss verfällt der Mond am Himmeszelt.
Ein geisterhafter Traumakkord verschwebt und Mönche tauchen aus den
Kirchentoren und schreiten im Unenolichen verioren. Ein heller Gipsel sich
am Himmel hebt.back to top
Das Blut, Feind des Todes. Die Stille, Bruder der Nacht. Das Flehen, Kind
der Rache. Die Liebe, willing des Hass. Das Auge, Traum des Blinden. Die
Torheit, Verbrechen des Menschen. Verflucht sei das Vergehen der Geburt.
Ich füge mich der Hand desTodes. Was frderst du, der du dich Schöpfer
schimpfst. Ich blicke auf dich herab. Nieder mit der Welt des Lebens~Feuer
nimim jesst meine Hand...back to top
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