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Penitent lyrics

Album: Melancholia [1996]

 01  In The Infinitely
 02  Silence
 03  The Path I Follow
 04  The Dance Of Demons
 05  The Undertaker
 06  Possessive Thought
 07  The Black Lake
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In The Infinitely
In the mist of the night you faded away.
Like a star you fell from heaven.

The dead life vanished into nothing
when angels sang songs of painful beauty.
You were filled with the joy from your tears.

Like an arrow from the bow
you shot yourself into the universe.
You stranded somewhere in the infinitely.back to top
Quietly we are sitting there.
Touched by silence.
Everything else has disappeared.
Time goes by,
but still everything is silent.

Suddenly you can hear the rustling.
The flames stands high.
You can hear the beams fall
when they hit the floor,
but still everything is silent.

The silence is unbroken.
Strengthened by the silent puff of wind
we sit there all by ourselves.
Nothing trembles us from our trance.
The satisfaction consist of other peoples pain.back to top
The Path I Follow
"The painful screams of the body,
that is what you can hear...

...before you meet your own shadow."

The path of sorrow I walk upon.
Getting more sad for every step I take.
Darkness cover my eyes.

The roads obstacles I have met.
No light is present on my path.
The end of the road is near.

Kindness is a lie.
Sorrow is my friend.
My way is walked.back to top
The Dance Of Demons
Deep into the Norse woods.
Gathered around the fire,
we danced in honour to death.

Alone in the darkness of night.
Dancing around the fire,
we hail the demons of death.

It`s the symphony of our destiny.
Noone trespass on our land.
Death waits for he who does.

It`s the white mans dance.
We are dancing with our demons.
The demons within our flesh.

This is the ultimate ecstasy.
Nothing to compare it with.
We have become one with death.back to top
The Undertaker
You will give me your heart.
That`s what I deserve.
Forever mine to keep.

That`s your gift to me.
It`s your own life,
but you sacrifice it.

You live for happiness.
Such a thing does not exist.
Just one of your illusions.

Happiness does not exist.
Only the beauty of pain.
Your life is mine to keep.

Farewell to you.
Now that your flesh is mine,
I`ll take your soul too.back to top
Possessive Thought
As a shadow you walk through life.
Nobody wants anything from you.
Nobody is waiting for you.
Few know you exist.

The crown of all creations.
The worst and most hated are you.

The thought are mans biggest curse.
You were not strong enough to carry it.
The thought became your burden.

Painful it is for he who picks it up,
because he shall carry its weight.
From life into eternity he shall carry it.

The thought is possible,
but only for he who seeks.
Until death he will be possessed.back to top
The Black Lake
It was august.
Already the nights were dark,
but still they were warm.
Warm and soft as black velour.

Black Velvet...
A mix of the deep and dark melancholia.

We wandered in the moonlight.
I remember it was fullmoon.
We hid in the shadows under the trees,
and tried to scare eachother.
As time went by we were touched by the magical atmosphere,
and moved around as silently as possible.
Maybe we had a secret hope.
A hope to see the elves dance in the forests light.

Still the lake was there in front of us.
The moon was bathing in its blank surface.
I remember your body...
Almost completely white in the moonlight.
The water was warm and still black.back to top
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