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Penitent lyrics

Album: Roses By Chaos Spawned [1999]

 01  Voices In The Night
 02  A Bleeding Heart Of Desire
 03  In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
 04  The Arcane Epitaph
 05  Ancient Despair
 06  In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death Part II)
 07  The Endless Spheres
 08  A Cathedral For The Silent Dead
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Voices In The Night
A whisper along the edge of dawn.
The darkness of night holding its breath.
Suffering a cosmic loneliness.
My constant shadow touched me.

Blessing the whispers of the night.
The voice of the underworld.
Suffering in a lonesome wilderness.
Night took on a deathly look.

Dancing into the unknown.
Now I see... I see their faces.
Their eyes glowing in the night.
Becoming one... Becoming Eternity.

I listened to the voice of silence.
Voices in the night...
Sing your songs of despair.
Mournful... Yet filled with joy.back to top
A Bleeding Heart Of Desire
Come to me on your dark path.
Join me in my search.
In my longing for something more.
As a spiral of sorrow it is.
A guidance of the sadness within.

Let the grey clouds cover me.
Fill me with cold fog.
As sadness turns to grief.
Mourning over what I cherish.
For I know it can not be true.

Tears fall from the corners of my eyes.
My heart bleeds.
Once again I am able to feel.
To touch the skin of a heavenly creature.
Arising is the secret I once had.

Shivering I am.
Boiling is the blood in my veins.
Nothing more could I ask for.
Desire... Your name is sorrow.
Only you can turn my sadness into joy.back to top
In Mortal Fear (Life & Death Part I)
The heavy mist.
Keen joys of solitude.
Shrouded and imprisoned.
Chained down by my will.

The flood of human tears.
A sea of weeping.
A piece of the future.
The resurrection of natural life.

One weep in sympathy.
Whisper softly.
A paradise regained.
A new dawn rises.

The splendour of nature and art.
In the land of the infidel.
A whole world of treasures.
Prosperity bursting from the soil.

The infinite explosion of new life.
One morning of spring.
The soul of life and its delights.
My desires now fulfilled.back to top
The Arcane Epitaph
Leafs are falling, black and lifeless.
Wind of autumn, carry them away... far away.
Wandering beneath the trees.
Dancing with the cold shadows.
To the tunes of the gloomy rivers.

A melody of darkness with a song of no words.
The arcane epitaph of the long lost images.
Visions floating away to where only memories exist.
Memories of ancient kingdoms rising to the surface.
I dance and remember the moon and the stars.

As the wind sweeps my face I see the moon.
In the river with a touch of autumn.
Fog covering my feet in the first season of mist.
A crown of shadows drifting away in the rain.
Leafs of autumn, black and with no life.

This mournful play is the floating birth of desire.
Mysterious secrets arise in the absence of light.
Gloomy in a silent time life is the process of dying.
As a feast for the dark autumn is the funeral march.
This veil of sorrow is my emblem of death.back to top
Ancient Despair
Dark autumn... Sweet misery.
I whisper and softly embrace you.
As dark silhouettes we drift into the night.
Pale images summons the night.

In nightly silence I dream of you.
A thundering voice of pain and sorrow.
Calling with the sound of falling rain.
Sorrow grows chains of strength.

Candles burning in a darkened room.
In haunting silence sadness reach out for me.
A lost life painting pictures of loneliness.
Life brings forth a crying voice.

I was given life but as shadows it vanished.
The past is a flash of sad dreams.
My heart bleeds with blood dark as the night.
Tears like rivers flowing into cold seas.

In the darkness of my past I dwell.
A sorrowful cry speaks to me.
I tread upon the ground of my sorrows.
Embraced by the apathy of my soul.back to top
In Mortal Darkness (Life & Death Part II)
In utter oblivion
In the pale moonlight
Beyond the bounds of eternity
I longed for death

A blur of misty blue
A trick of blinking
Relapsed into deep thoughts
Into silence

Silence blossom into embrace
Of the sorrows of pain and regret
I grasped the scourge
I felt such a craving for pain

The concubine of my desires
For love and beauty
Shrouds on a night-blue sky
The splendour of hidden glories

A veiled... Starry sky
A dawn of chaos
I wanted to die so fiercely
In an avalanche of crimson lightback to top
The Endless Spheres
I walk among the withered graves
Through the corridors of time
Halls cast in iron and stone.
I speak through the darkness of my soul,
I see a flame flickering in a distant corner

Like the beacon among the stars,
upon the nightblue sky
Far away on tracks unveiled
Beyond the treasures of history

Whispering to me... as the wind among the trees
With the tone of the soft, complaining flute
Thine eyes mirrored in chaos
Exposing thy very self

In the night I shall come to you
An image by your thoughts created.
A child born in thy mind
Created by the illusions of life

So far away from reality
All are forsaken
Take a step through the mirrored halls
The corridors of time.

Voices echoing
From the walls screaming
Telling tales lost in time
Tormention in ages we dimly remember

A distant light shimmering
As one walk through the catacombs
Into the endless spheres
The rays enlightening the void of life

Echoing voices in the dark
Oh How the wounded cries
Twisted voices never fade
Resounding through eternity

No describing words
Into the endless spheres we float
Entranced by the beauty of the tormented spirits
By their grief touching my heart and soulback to top
A Cathedral For The Silent Dead
I walk among the withered graves.
Sorrows freshly bleeds.
I kneel beside the mourning.
Existing for one purpose only.
To die.

In your marble vault.
My echoing song shall sound.
Down into the darkness of the grave.
Lost in a mysterious awakening.

Hidden terrors gently rise.
Solitary passion avails.
Torn among the silent dead.
Hollow they cry.

In the cathedral of grief.
Souls weep with no describing tears.
The last temptation.
Dark is the dwelling of the dead.

Contours in the dark night.
Spilling blood.
The deepest red.
Oh how beautiful you are.back to top
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