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Penitent lyrics

Album: The Beauty Of Pain [1997]

 01  Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain
 02  Black Is The Sun Shining
 03  Into The Great Inferno
 04  A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears
 05  Necropolis
 06  My Secret Garden
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Autumn Is The Beauty Of Pain
Surrounded by septemberstorm and frosty rain.
Outside I am walking in my own loneliness.
Around me people walk with bended heads.
We all have many thoughts to sort out.

I am outside to touch and to feel the coldness.
Every single person in this town is depressed.
Wind and clouds make me wonder.
What kind of lives do these slaves live?

Rain keeps falling down this evening.
A storm comes in from the North.
Nothing is comparable to the autumn rain.
Dark and sullen, but a beauty to me.

There is nothing more beautiful than this.
Grey and depressing this time of year is.
It has always been my best company.
Different grades of loneliness it holds.

This is the seed of life.
Its sadness only makes me stronger.
Hour after hour I can spend in the rain.
Just to experience the beauty of pain.back to top
Black Is The Sun Shining
The sun is going down.
Night is closing in.
Darkness falls upon the land.

Nobody knows when the day will come.

The sun has gone down.
The wolfs supremacy rules.
Show weakness and it will tear you apart.

The plague kills the children of light,
who are wandering in the dark.
A new era has just begun.

Now I can see it.
Black is the sun shining.
There will be no more dawn.back to top
Into The Great Inferno
There is a passage.
A sparkling gate to a world unknown.
Many paths to walk upon.
Roads that are not for humans.

Visions of a long forgotten land.
A world untouched by man.
Below is the pit of cold winds.
A place where hollow anxiety reigns.

Cold is the universe of intense wishes.
An eternal emptiness.
Infinite is the longing.
The wish to enter this passage.

Intense is the wish that won`t fade away.
Longing for the ultimate fire.
The suffering in the valley of death.
For ever the flames will eat your flesh.

I need no suffering flames.
That I have experienced here on earth.
Send me into the great inferno.
For it is there my soul belongs.back to top
A Mournful Bridge Over A River Of Tears
The gracious source of tears.
I cherish you.
Highly I love the images you create.
If I can`t be touched by you,
let me dream of you at night.

Gloomy creations...
The dead arise...
Low they whisper to eachother.
All signs of life is ending,
as you hear the funeral bells.

Life is overclouded.
Empty for months to come.
The mournful time is closing in.
Beauty in the name of sadness.
Autumn is the sorrow.
Come to me my dear.

The season of mourning has arrived.
I become the spirit of grief.
Autumn turns to winter,
and makes me what I am...

...A sad being with a cold heart.back to top
Many have walked upon this path before me.
Many have been tricked, but I was not.
Here many spirits are haunting me.
I feel the untouchable fear.
It is empty but my eyes still see,
although they are covered by tears.

I still hear the screams of sorrow.
This is the beauty that fills my soul.
In our hands we carry the ancient flame.
The most powerful weapon of all times it is.
We walk in the footsteps of our ancestors.
They who once proudly came here to die.

We are at the same place, but yet another age.
Certain things will always remain the same.
We are now falling into other souls.
They are so many but yet alone.
Everything we pass are scary piles of pain.
That who has been will be burned into our brains.
Unbreakable are the chains of our memories.

Never will I be the one who denies to see.
Still I am able to touch the fear.
Screaming are the thoughts who call upon my soul.
Love is not all and will not come to you here.
Here the silent sorrow tells the whole story.
Now I can see that very spot to myself.
Nothing about this sacred place have I forgotten.back to top
My Secret Garden
Intense pain.
Deep is the pain of hope.
A feeling you wish for.
You are waiting for a new era.
Impossibility is the name of your hopes.
On the lap of the missing you are carried away.
A thought it is not.
Only your own desires.

"In the night you can hear my voice.
In some you hear my painful screams.
When we are apart I have no choice.
Then I listen to your voice of sadness.
In the night you can see my wounded heart die.
At dawn you can hear me call your name.
When I return I wish to find you there."

One do not wish to die but to rest eternally.
To rest for ever and ever is again a seed.
A place where I decide who stays or not.
Where there is death there is life.
A life beyond the understandable.
A world you can not imagine.
Here I feel complete.back to top
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