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Pennywise lyrics

Album: Pennywise [1991]

 01  Wouldn't It Be Nice
 02  Rules
 03  The Secret
 04  Living For Today
 05  Come Out Fighting
 06  Homeless
 07  Open Door
 08  Pennywise
 09  Who's To Blame
 10  Kodiak
 10  No Reason Why
 11  Side One
 13  Bro Hymn
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Wouldn't It Be Nice
I have a vision of many things to come a way to erase mistakes that have pre-
viously been done and a time where man meets man without a glare but with a
smile stop brooding on old things taste new ones for awhile until we try how
will we know? How will we know until we try? So let's say we give it a go to
find the world that we're looking for say find the children grow to be what
they wanna be point them in the right direction to build their own reality
lies and deception they can't tell what is real walk with your feelings then
"shout" how you feel dig my utopia flavor euphoria all hands raised "hall-
elujah" sing a little Gloria caise what is good what is righ who the fuck de-
cides? The places I see are through an individuals eyesback to top
I've got to realize that life is but a game and it dosen't matter how you
score but how you play and although the masses play the host make all the
rules the only rules you should live by ...Rules made up by you the only
rules you should live by in this bent facade of people being who they're
not who view the world through the windshield of the beamer they just bought
and swear by hypocrisy yea thinking they'll go far hey mister can you tell
me...Tell me who you are two for one can you survive one by one you stay
alive do you think you really stand a chance pray to god for intervention
don't you wanna know who deals the hands?back to top
The Secret
Listen children I've got a secret one that they don't want me to tell I hope
you register this little message It's the only way you can stay outta hell
don't ask your parents they ain't gonna tell you cause they've already taken
the fall thank your lucky stars for the enlightenment cause now it ain't no
secret at all we're gonna die off in tiem we're only gonna die off in time
until we stop succumbing to mankind don't get me wrong I don't want to soil
your future it used to be so squeaky clean it ain't my fettish to extend this
pessimism or blow rain clouds over your scene I got the notion I got the feel-
ing that this thing dosen't have to end this better up your suspicion if not
there's only one result my friend hey mom and dad please don't hate me just
because in me you see your lost youth did I evolve into an adult organism?
Do I blow myself away? Tell me the truth good intentions yeah I got 'em plan
for the future or pray fir the end this had better raise up your suspicion
if not there's only one result my friendback to top
Living For Today
You look around what do you see? I'll tell you what I see is a world belong-
ing to me take time to find what you may dream it' all right there within your
grasp just beyond what you can see we're the ones, the only ones, strong ones,
proud ones we're living for today those for the past and tomorrow they'll have
hell to pay and if your life is going by too fast it's time for you to slow
down it's time for you to make it last before you trip and slip and you will
miss this happy little stepping stone just before eternal bliss your life goes
by before you know you gotta take time to slow down better take time to veer
off the road enjoy the sights while you are here there's nothing to fear but
fear itself who knows when the end is near don't make plans with your hands
tied you'll never know you're missign out repeatedly on the things that help
you grow you've got to own your soul you've got to take control find a one day
plan young man get this straight live for todayback to top
Come Out Fighting
Voices you're letting voices tell you what to do when you yourself don't know
voices you got one too so let it out and let us know what you're feeling all
alone well I know there are times when you're feeling close to the ground and
there's times when you may feel there's no place to call home and there's
times when the only end in sight is the end you got to...Come out fighting
problems I've got 'em too but keeping them inside is not the thing to do
problems you've got to face hang-up's head-on before you know they're hanging
you all alone so all alone been there before so please believe me cause I
know sorry to say to your dismay your life is not the only one that you affect
don't you realize that a apart of all of us will die inside when you yourself
are deadback to top
Look at all these people lying around look at all these people being scraped
right off the ground because of too many broken homes too many cardboard box-
es too many people who just can't survive hare losses well Americans don't
belong in tins let's learn to help ourselves before we help the foreign wound-
ed decay shout out dismay can you hear ther voices yelling out mayday why are
we sending money overseas look out your window our nation's the one that needs
because there's not enough income there's too much poverty why must we lose
more lives before our eyes will see we'll leave it alone hope it goes away
it's hard to ignore life when you live it everyday I'd like to see I'd like
to say I'd like to hear that help is on the way here today where tomorrow?
Death in the shadows affect us all too many bodies lie in the street too many
hungry mouths that have the right to feedback to top
Open Door
Never had the luck to see that face before at most I've only had a fleeting
chance but now it looks as though you're just not fleeting anymore now it has
turned into quite some romance and I'm distant no longer more since you have
come to pass right through right through that open door people come and people
go in the end they're all the same the quest for someone special is all so
clear trying to find identity trying to find a name I seem to find myself
since you've here I've fought oppression I've paid the price but here with you
It's twice as nice so I'll change my ways I'll start today I've got to change
My life my heart goes out to all of you the many who have tried to try and
grasp what of that they may dream I'll tell you right now all of you in your
venture to find it'll happen so fast you won't have time to breathback to top
Clear your mind hide your fear don't look around don't turn around pennywise
is here evil lurks in his eyes the clown they call pennywise he's a monster
he's not human he's more than just a figmenet of your imagination you can't
run can't hide there's no way to escape pennywise he'll creep inside your soul
at night and torment nice and slow don't turn around or look around pennywise
will know he'll make you wish that you were dead and make it hard to cope
he'll make you wish that you were dead and hanging by a ropeback to top
Who's To Blame
One day you'll have to ask yourself am I doing what I want for someone else
from that dat forward you'll find that livinng you're better off when you
answer to yourself and when it's time to take a stance tune them out inside
your brain Everyone will tell you lies they'll cheat then laugh at your demise
tell me who's to blame Someday when you look back and you take time in the
past was I doing all I really could that one step forward a better life wasn't
all that hard now that you're living like you should I am firm believer so-
vereign minded high achiever solid in my sense of worth and goals philosophies
are meant to trick you missionaries out to get you hell is full of cons and
suckered soulsback to top
So many trials and tribulations but the wiser man am I such fixations are fix-
ed on me I tell you I am sick I'm sick and tired of all the fables tired of
all the lies I'm tired of seeing bullshit walk up hill miles and miles if I've
done half the shit that's been said about me too much and then some I could
have spent the span of 20 lives compared to just my one so get off my back
all you slanderers just leave me alone put your mose back on your face where
it belongs you fucking drone your life is pure fascination your mouth speaks
such abominations I condemn your allegations you are a Frankenstein creation
it must be weird to live one's life in a self make believe pit but then I look
at mine and then I see what a pointless one yours is so crawl back in your
hole yea back in to your world of make believe when I see your smiling face
you best be prepared to leave in a land of pure untruths I gladly crown your
ass the queen the things you do are always done so exquisitelyback to top
No Reason Why
I look at myself the person in the mirror is asking me asking me why I lie to
myself what's the meaning of this charade of the reason why cause no one else
knows me quite better than I know myself but that dosen't stop me from asking
myself the reason why no reason why we lie to ourselves or anyone else I look
inside my life cause I can see the things that no one else can see about the
real me cause it's only the outside you really see so don't ask me why I keep
inside the things that I choose to hide still it dosen't stop me from asking
myself it gets me farther behind cheaters never prosper I've heard that line
but it keeps me set in my ways look me up after you've found outback to top
Side One
When you're alone you're on your own this world is no place for the weak we've
got to find ourselves in unity cause strength in numbers is what we seek to-
getherness friendship is best no one can stop us when we all work as one when
problems come we've already won cause we know whose side we're on come to-
gether and fight together unite together as one come together and fight to-
gether fight forever 'till we have one camaraderie amity it's good to know
whose side you're on conviviality homogeneity together we can't go wrongback to top
Bro Hymn
To all my friends present past and beyond especially those who weren't with us
too long life is the most precious thing you can lose while you were here fun
was never ending laugh a minute only the beginning canton, colvin, nichols,
this one's for you ever get the feeling you can't go on just remember whose
side it is that you're on you've got friends with you 'till the end if you're
ever in a tough situation we'll be there with no hesitation brotherhood's our
rule that cannot bend when you're feeling too close to the bottom you know
who it is you can count on someone will pick you up again we can conquer any-
thing together all of us are bonded forever if you die I die that's the way it
isback to top
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