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Pestilence lyrics

 1988 Malleus Maleficarum
 1989 Consuming Impulse
 1991 Testimony Of The Ancients
 1993 Spheres

· Anthropomorphia
· Bacterial Surgery
· Changing Perspectives
· Chemo-Therapy
· Chronic Infection
· Commandments
· Cycle Of Existence
· Dehydrated
· Deify Thy Master
· Demise Of Time
· Echoes Of Death
· Extreme Unction
· Land Of Tears
· Lost Souls
· Mind Reflections
· Multiple Beings
· Out Of The Body
· Parricide
· Personal Energy
· Presence Of The Dead
· Prophetic Revelations
· Reduce To Ashes
· Soul Search
· Spheres
· Stigmatized
· Subordinate To The Domination
· Suspended Animation
· Systematic Instruction
· Testimony
· The Level Of Perception
· The Process Of Suffocation
· The Secrecies Of Horror
· The Trauma
· Twisted Truth

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