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Phantom Planet lyrics

 1998 Phantom Planet Is Missing
 2002 The Guest
 2004 Phantom Planet

· 1st Things 1st
· After Hours
· All Over Again
· Always on My Mind
· Anthem
· Badd Business
· Big Brat
· By the Bed
· California
· Can't Take It
· Don't Get Down
· Down in a Second
· Dying of Silence
· Hey Now Girl
· I Was Better Off
· In Our Darkest Hour
· Jabberjaw
· Knowitall
· Lisa (Does It Hurt You?)
· Lonely Day
· Making a Killing
· Nobody's Fault
· One Ray of Sunlight
· Recently Distressed
· Rest Easy
· Sleep Machine
· So I Fall Again
· Something Is Wrong
· The Happy Ending
· The Local Black and Red
· The Meantime
· Turn Smile Shift Repeat
· Wishing Well
· You're Not Welcome Here

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