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Pink Floyd lyrics

Album: Masters of Rock (compilation) [1974]

 01  Candy And A Current Bun
 02  Apples And Oranges
 03  It Would Be So Nice
 04  Crumbling Land
 05  Embryo
 06  Point Me At The Sky
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Candy And A Current Bun
Oh my girl sitting in the sun
Go buy candy and a current bun
I like good to see you
Lay flat

Oh talk talk sweet
Please just fuck with me
Please no feeling afraid

It's true sun shining very bright
It's you I'm gonna love tonight
Icecream tastes good in the afternoon
Icecream tastes good if you eat it soon

Don't touch me child
Please, you know you drive me wild
Please, you know I'm feeling frail

Don't try another cat
Don't go a lot like that you must know
I'm very very badback to top
Apples And Oranges
Got a fliptop pack of cigarettes in the pocket
Feeling good at the top shopping at shops
She's walking in the sunshine town
Feeling very cool
But the butchers and the bakers
In the supermarket stores
Getting everything she wants
From the supermarket store

Apples and oranges
Apples anf oranges

Cornering meekly she treeps up sweetly
To meet the people
She's on time again
And then, I catch her by the eye
Then stop and have to think
What a funny thing to do
'cause I'm feeling very thin

I love she
She loves me
See you, see you, see you

Thought you might like to know
I'm a lorrydriver man
She's on the run
Down by the riverside
Feeding ducks in the afternoon timeback to top
It Would Be So Nice
It would be so nice to leave some time

Everybody wakes and in the morning
Hot tea can't stop yarning
Pass the butter please
Have you ever read the Daily Standard
Reading all about the plane that's landed
Upside down

Everyone knows what I do today
There can be no other way
But I would just like to say

Everybody cares about the weather
But everybody should know better
What a waste of time
Everybody lives beneath the ceiling
Living out a dream that sends them reeling
To a distant place

But no one knows what I do today
There can be no other way
But I would just like to sayback to top
Crumbling Land
(soundtrack from ZABRISKIE POINT)

In a while I'll find the time to make
The sunshine mine
In a smile I saw a single eagle in the sky
Wheeling, soaring, gliding high

On a hill there lived a man with many
Shining things
Shiny gold, shiny car and shiny diamond rings
Wining, dining, shining king

Now the eagle flies in clear blue skies
Drinking in the clear blue well
Back here on the ground another dealer
Coughs and dies
But fifty more come rolling off
The floor production line

Then a man commuting like a village
On the sand
In his hand a moving picture of
The crumbling land
Screaming, dealing, movie man

Here we go, hold your breath to see
If something blows
Close your eyes, count till ten and see
The sunrise rise
Gliding high into the sky

By the holy mansion, let the guardian rise
Upon the finger of the king
On high the eagle flies, that glitter
All of gold
Then wheeling in a cloudy sky,
He flies into the sunback to top
(from the bootleg Omayad)

All is love, is all I am
A ball is all I am
I'm so new compared to you
And I am very small

Warm glow, moon bloom
Always need a little more room
Waiting here seems like years
Never seen the light of day

All around I hear strange sounds
Come durgling in my ear
Red the light and dark the night
I feel my dawn is near

Warm glow, moon bloom
Always need a little more room
Whisper low, where I go
I will see the sunshine showback to top
Point Me At The Sky
Hey Gene, this is Henry Maclean
And I finished my beautiful flying machine
And I'm ringing to say that I'm leaving
And maybe
You'd like to fly with me and hide with me,

Isn't it strange how little we changed
Isn't it sad we're insane
Playing the games that we know end in tears
The games we've been playing
For thousands and thousands

Point me to this cosmic flight
And throw away the plastic coloured eye
I'd like to use the static miles that we fly
This is my last summarize

Point me at the sky and let it fly

And if you survive till two thousand and five
I hope you're exceedingly thin
For if you are stout you
Will have to breath out
While the people around you breath in,
Breath in

People blaspheme all I say
To something that I hate to say
Stooping down to eat the air
Breathe careful that you might die, my friend

All we've got to say to you is goodbye
Time will die in our eye
And we fly, it's goodbye

Point me at the sky and let it flyback to top
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