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Pissing Razors lyrics

Album: Cast Down The Plague [1999]

 01  Mass Corruption
 02  Truth In Disguise
 03  Survival Of Time
 04  Cast Down The Plague
 05  Box Life
 06  Understand
 07  Sympathy
 08  Forever
 09  Vexed
 10  Away
 11  Mistake No. 1
 12  Reality Of War
 13  Train Of Thought
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Mass Corruption
Corrupted by the promise of words
The hopeful lured by instinct unscathed
Suffering revealed innocence lost
opened the mind to illusions not gained

Subjected addicted to control
Stabbing backs to get your way
Strength is defense for the future and past
voice of a thousand soldiers- born to fight

Killed or be Killed that's what is taught
human guinea pig - greed that motivates
pissed off and confused - still they laugh
tools of the trade - product of mass corruption

The weak are ripped and torn away
Battered down nothing to say
Reflections of that mirrored stare
Heading in deep into the domination

You don't know what it's like
Enduring the pain of a senseless crime

Corrupted by the promise of words
The hopeful lured by instinct unscattered
Suffering revealed innocence lost
opened the mind to illusions not gained

The weak are ripped and torn away
Battered down nothing to say
Reflections of that mirrored stare
Heading in deep into the domination
Domination (X3)back to top
Truth In Disguise
You realize and compromise
the ways of life
Your selfish lies
And true disguise
are ment for greed

Telling me we will survive
it's hard to believe
Confide before demise
And then you will see

Your truth in disguise (X 2)

hide before your vision
of longevity
Face the consequence
of what is not real

Do you realize the sincerity
this life holds balance
You can't control me

Your truth in disguise (X 2)

Everything is for yourself
you need not reveal
Disguise the truth - changing the deal
it's time to think twice
before you steal
two faced bastard
I will bring you downback to top
Survival Of Time
One day - one night
it's all it took
to fuck my life
in the swipe of the blade
You feel the Rage, You feel the steel
it's what I live with for years & years

Sink in the skin - don't know where it ends
it's do or die - I'd rather not die
taken a life - didn't have a choice
I pay the price with these fucken chains

I do my time live with the crime
Free at last to wonder just for how long
I a game over hate and lies
the people don't see me with their own eyes

A name on paper is what I'am
for the crime I committed years ago
Yesterday to them - here I'am once again
in a cage over hated and lies

You feel the rage - you feel the steel
it's what I live with for years and yearsback to top
Cast Down The Plague
Your vile smell makes me sick you repulse me
How the fuck you come off like that
A trifling pissant who preys on the weak
You reak of disease that plagues the innocent

You scratch and claw inside my head
The thoughts of perfection enslaved
When you look at yourself what do you see
the useless flesh that you really be

Purging myself I'm slapping you like a beatch
Pain from within no pity for you do I feel
Engaging the war the suffering due unto you
Insane I'am sleep well I might strike at night

Narrow minded fuck
Sorry piece of shit
Dying with the plague
it's what you deserve
Dying with the plague
it's what you deserve motherfucker!back to top
Box Life
No shame for living low
Box life is all he knows
face scarred and jagged eyes
he sleeps among the flies

One more drink it soothes the pain
walking the streets nothing to gain
Hoping to live for one more day
The truth remains to guide the way

it's what he lives thru
the costly struggle
compelling torture
The thing he calls

Box life (X 4)

He's dragging day by day
nothing left for him to say
helping hand comes once or twice
living alone he rolls the dice

The path not chosen
Don't know the reason
Never-ending Horror
The constant fallback to top
Understand in my hand lies a force you withstand
Understand in my hand hold the key to demise

Understand draw the line thoughts of you hold in mind
I will stand for what's real for all we are that you feel
Breakdown the Walls
Kept inside
Feed the pain
that you know
I'am Real
I will Prevailback to top
I had no fear
I just disappeared
I held no friends out
I just reappeared

Surving Devastation
Coping with the pain

Born to die for you
Given to the truth
inception of our friendship
it's what I hold so real

Surviving Devastation
Coping with the pain

Years go by so fast
with all the things I do hide
do you think you can carry out
with no disrespect in my mindback to top
Stop and take a look
Stop and Reminisce
About the time we both went thru
into the never

Never Again
the love lost
Respect desired

The time comes
to hurt yourself
to hurt one another
until the end

All for the better
As you fear the worst
So you go into
the never this time

it may be forever
the love lost
Maybe foreverback to top
Rage - overcome, let it bleed
Crazed - never stop only need
Hate - Slowly grows till it snaps
Pain - slipping thru then you crack

It breaks you down

Wrath - crushing down overwhelm
Scorn - Conquers you at the helm
Hurt - searching thru inner fear
Blame - self destruct slowly clear

it breaks you downback to top
One month separation
Several lifelines of pain
haven't seen your eyes
cuz I haven't seen your
cuz I haven't seen your face

I feel you sleeping, I feel you sigh
I'am your father
it's tearing me apart inside

How could I have done this
I hope you can forgive
I'm living with the anguish
Maybe one day
Maybe one day you'll understand

I feel you breathing, I feel you cry
I'am your father
Your heart I carry with me inside

8 days remain
8 days of pain
I live with the anguish
my head retains strength

Feeling I have failed
So much I have to gain
Nothing could compare
to the life I put in
to the life I put in placeback to top
Mistake No. 1
Many times in my life
I've tried to end it all
To many problems to overcome
it was the easy way out
look into saddened eyes
because of certain death
I stop and start to wonder
why I tried to take my fucking life

Mistake number, one

Took the weapon to my arms
My life is slowly fading
take me to salvation
I need your help to live
Reality proves me wrong
I'll never do it again
I understand why people hate me
I'll never preplan my death

Did I think it was the way
Suicide not the answer
So much life to look forward to
The truth remains to be seen
Realized Damage Done
Senses never gained
I stop and start to wonder
Why I tried to take my fucken lifeback to top
Reality Of War
Death toll rises
A horrible vision in sight
fighting a war inside my head
for no apparent reason
Endless Killing
is a way of life
mentally scarred inside my brain
no time for healing

Don't fear me - never knowing if we survive
Don't fear me - never knowing if we will die
Don't fear me - Just to wonder if we go home
Don't fear me - man's fault they invented war

Reality of War (X 3)back to top
Train Of Thought
Enter my world of savage hysteria
Feeling my blood boil to it's flashpoint
sensing I'am loosing control
thoughts of death the only solution

Finding my victim was never the problem
At plain view from every angle
the smell of flesh soon to be destroyed
pressure to commit- building up faster

Train of thought (X 4)

Feeling myself moving closer
Minutes away from becoming a killer
nervousness and fear taking over
I can't believe that it's really me

Anxiously waiting as I awaken
lighting struck the sky
I awoke and realized
No explanations to my disease
My dreams remain the sameback to top
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