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Poison the Well lyrics

 1999 The Opposite of December
 2002 Distance Makes...
 2002 Tear From the Red
 2003 You Come Before You

· 12/23/93
· A Wish for Wings That Work
· Apathy Is a Cold Body
· Artist's Rendering of Me
· Botchla
· Crystal Lake
· For a Bandaged Iris
· Ghostchant
· Horns and Tails
· Karsey Street
· Lazzaro
· Lost in Silence
· Material Christ
· Meeting Again for the First Time
· Mid-Air Love Message
· Moments Over Exaggerate
· My Mirror No Longer Reflects
· Nerdy
· Not Within Arms Length
· Parks and What You Meant to Me
· Pieces of You in Me
· Pleasant Bullet
· Rings from Corona
· Slice Paper Wrists
· Sounds Like the End of the World
· Sticks and Stones Never Made Sense
· The Realist
· To Mandate Heaven
· Torn
· Turn Down Elliot
· Zombies Are Good for Your Health

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