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Poison the Well lyrics

Album: Distance Makes... [2002]

 01 Grain of Salt (What's the Use of Having a Heart)
 02  Lost in Silence
 03  Torn
 04 Obstsacle
 05  Material Christ
 06 A Wish for Wings That Work (live)
 07 Artist's Rendering of Me (live)
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Lost in Silence
I've left my mark. I've made my statement. I won't go unnoticed. Past this day.
My person ideals. A building block for this world. Never again. Will I sit in silence.
As many sit by and watch. Our world pass by. I refuse to take my seat.
I refuse to die in silence. [x2]
So many die in silence. Their voices go unheard. They sit unnoticed.
They stand alone. [x3]
Their voices dictate. The way your life is lived. Too afraid to speak.
Too scared to oppose. The fear inside you. Breeds your silence.
So now you live. The live of another.back to top
Feelings non existent. Loss of a tortured soul. So cold and fearful.
Unnoticed and unclaimed. Left as one alone. On the endless road.
To bear on for a lifetime. Of loneliness.
She sits alone and slowly fades away into nothingness.
and as she struggles on. Her mind begins to wander.
Thoughts of endless bliss. The wind her only friend.
Never again to be cared for.
She tries to hold her head up high.
Just a mask to hide the tears behind.
Only waiting to die. [x2]
As they sit by and watch. Another dead existance. Dreams torn apart.
As the spirit dies. Hiding behind the lies. And silent darkness.
[chorus]back to top
Material Christ
Your so called meager life. Is plagued with riches. Born by the strong beliefs.
Of your many victims. The task that they enthrusted. Within your powers.
Yet they remain unchanged. Your god is non existent. You speak of your god.
Does he condemn your life. You're nothing but a hypocrite. Actions speak over words.
The many sins you've lived. The many lies you've told. Your defaming existence.
Hidden by a power tie. Where's your god. Who do you answer to. How do you live with yourself.
Where's your conscience. Where's your conscience. Do you think. This is just.
Such an excess of assets. While they hope to eat. Your golden spoon. Their hand to mouth.
After your final days. Where will you go. Your sins direct you. Not your words.
Your god is nothing. Your god is non existant. He's nothing.back to top
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