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Poltergeist lyrics

Album: Depression [1989]

 01  Three Hills
 02  Depression
 03  Inner Space
 04  Writing On The Wall
 05  Wheels Of Sansara
 06  You've Learned Your Lesson
 07  Prophet
 08  Ziita
 09  Shooting Star
 10 Strutter
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Three Hills
I know a place
There are three hills
Ever since I live

They're watching me
They're watching you
And they always admonish

They were there
In a time long ago
Still they stand up there

They have seen
All the trouble which we know
But the wheel of life
Is still there

If you feel depressed and down
Come to these hills
And open up your mind

Think about how old they are
Feel, all your trouble has gone so far

Soon your problems will go away
You'll feel better every day

If you don't know what to do
A solution is there for me and you

Come to the three hills

They got power, they got might
They stand there through day and night

Use these three hills

Now you are here
Look at these hills
See how tall they are

You're so small
Beneath these hills
No matter who you are

You can be a beggar
Or a king
In front of them
You're just a man

There is nothing
You can loose or you can win
You just can see we are all the same

If you feel depressed and down
Come to these hills
And open up your mind

Repeat chorus

You are asking me
Where are these hills
I will tell you my frien

They're in your heart
And in your mind
They're with you until the end

They are just
A synonym for your might
The might which is inside of you

You just have to
look inside of you
Find these hills
And you'll learn to use

The three hillsback to top
Deep inside it sleeps
Time is all it needs
Rising from your soul
This feeling will take control
Thinkin' 'bout suicide
The preacher says "this is not right"
But everything is going wrong
You can't change, you're not strong

Come, here is the gun
Come on give in
To your obsession
Now, if you are strong
You'll pull the trigger
For your depression...

May be the other life will come
May be there's nothing and you were wrong
May be there is heaven mey be there is hell
May be there is nothing and you have failed

Pull the trigger - shoot yourself
Take the pills and poison yourself

You think this is just a dream
Soon you'll realize this is real
You have to act, you can't wait
Try to get out, it's too late...

Thinking about suicide
The preacher says "This is not right"
But everything is going wrong
You cannot change, you're so strong

Come, here is your gun
Come and give in
To your obsession
Now, if you are stonrg
You'll pull the trigger
For your depression...back to top
Inner Space
Look inside your inner space
See, there are so many ways

I'm creeping in my mind
To see what I can find

I come across my sins
See, it's like a wheel which spins

I try to wipe them out
Devour me with their mouth

descends my mind
Surrounds all I find
Feels like I'm blind
Can't read the signs
I become insane
I feel it's there
Creeping everywhere
Let me out

Spoken verse:
Awaken the forces of the inner space
You cannot leave the depths of mind
Depraved thoughts coming up your memory
See the determination of your life

You're on the ride
Through your inner space
I will show you everything
To understand your being

Now I leave this place of doom
Too late, I know I've lost my pool

Another station waits
I know I have to stay

I stay forever here
No, there's more I can bear

I'm feeling pretty well
Am I already dead?back to top
Writing On The Wall
You see the fire
It's burning bright
The pungent smoke comes near

Turn up the radio
And listen to
Don't know what's happening here

They say "Don't Fear"
It's so harmless
Everything is under control

Just close your windows
And go to sleep
Tomorrow it's all over

See the writing on the wall

Read the answers to your calls

Tschernobyl in Russia
Don't get scared, it's so far
Radiation is not so high

Schweizerhalle in Switzerland
Just a little fire man
Panic? No, I ask you why

They are poisoning our water
Creatures die, it doesn't matter
It's so sad that they can't cry

Chemistry in our food
Never eat, don't be a fool
If you do, you surely die

Just a mistake
Not so bad
But these people
They will die

A new disaster
They all do what they want

You feel the panic
It's creeping near
They sure would have their fun

They feel important
We are just scum
In their eyes we're all fools

See the writing on the wall

Read the answers to your calls

You must strike back
With your own mind
You've got to defend your life

Never give up
Don't let them win
Everyone want to survive

You try to stop them
Without success
You can't do anything alone

But all together
We have got a chance
Together we are strong

See the writing on the wall

Read the answers to your calls

"Dedicated to all the creatures who died
Because of the chemical disaster in Schweizerhalle Basel I.II.1986..."back to top
Wheels Of Sansara
Dedicated to Nickyback to top
You've Learned Your Lesson
From the beginning, you had no chance
You had no aid, no helping hand
Just hate and pain was all you've learned
You never asked, never said one word

Someday you will
Pay back what you endured
Then they will see
You have found your cure

They say you have to do what they want
You're under your parents command
No way to realize your ideas
They do not even see your tears

Poor me
Is what you think
Fuck you
Is what you say to them when you're
Grown up...

When you'll get a family
Your own children
They will see
What you've learned from mum and dad
You will make them bend to your will

Stop getting at me
Don't want to do
The things that you teached me

I just feel like
I'm back at home
I never be free

You've learned your lesson
A lesson of hate and pain

You've got no choice
Just always do the sameback to top
Let me tell
A little tale
About a fanatic race

They were guided
By just one man
He led them in disgrace

Trouble came across the land
Some knew there's something wrong
Many man already died
Now see what they had done

The hate grew up
And every jew
Began to hide and run

Protection was escape from here
They're killing just for fun

Some could flee
Some could hide
Six millions died

They couldn't flee
From gas and guns
The aryan race was proud

He was the one who helped them all
He led the revolte against the walls
He had a vision of their escape
He saw his death and Europe's fate


Inspired by the book "Treblinka" from J.F.Steinerback to top
Obsessed by an idea of love
You know it's a sudden death

Don't care what all the legends say
She's taking last breath

See her smiling
She;s fine
Feel her twisting
Your mind

Now she turns show her face
You will kill the things you've praised

Imagination that's all misery
Just can't believe this is real witchery


See her smiling
She's fine
Feel her twisting
Your mind

now she turns to show her face
She will kill the things you've praised

Imagination that's all misery
Just can't believe this is real witchery

Ziitaback to top
Shooting Star
Fallin' to earth
Through the dark empty space
Look to the sky
Death has so many faces

Soon I will burn
In the earth's atmosphere
See my life pass
Asking me why I'm here...

Driftin' further
Alone here in the darkest space
Why does this happen to me

Fallin' to the earth
Can't stop this fall
Misery is all I've got
To live...

No more
Will to live
I don't care
I will burn
Into the atmosphere

Oh lord save me
Why don't you hear me

Now I know
I'm just folled again
Noone can help
Can save me from this pain

See my life now
I know I'll miss so much
Soon it's over
I wish there's something
I could do
Hope they see me down on earth
See their stary eyes
They're watching me
A shooting star is all I am
When I burn...

Inspired by the novella "Kaleidoscope" from Ray Bradburyback to top
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