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Possessed lyrics

Album: Beyond The Gates [1986]

 01  Dog Fight
 02  The Heretic
 03  Tribulation
 04  March To Die
 05  Phantasm
 06  No Will To Live
 07  Beyond The Gates
 08  The Beasts Of The Apocalypse
 09  Seance
 10  Restless Dead
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Dog Fight
(instrumental)back to top
The Heretic
It is thy heritage to rule the world
Sent to defile from Belial
Revelation unorthodox
Atheistic is so mystic
Fall to the abyss of Hell
Only the weak will not rebel
The prophecies that I will tell
Will make you give your soul to sell
Tie the knots with Satan's twine
Necronomicon will be mine
To be immortal, desires of sin
You secretly hold within
Rule the world with an iron fist
Heavens above will not exist
So foolish is your exorcist
So don't deny my hereticback to top
Can you hear the thunder?
Can you hear the sound?
Can you hear the nightmares
That rise beneath the ground?
You can feel the sorrow
And you can feel the pain
Know there's no tomorrow
You'll never love again
The skies are filled with blood
The sun no longer rises
But no one understood
The final tribulation
The Heavens take their fall
Experience Hell's sensation
Satan standing tall
War between the powers
Fury in the skies
Heaven fights the dragon
With evil in its eyes
In love with Satan
Come to Salem
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
The power of darkness is waiting inside
As the Heavens fall down
Hell will survive
The serpent of death devours your lifeback to top
March To Die
Marching to Death's bell
Descending into Hell
Judgement Day is near
And your fate is clear
March to die, die, die, die
Take my mind and soul
Countless heads will roll
Future lies with me
Come forth, and you will see
March to die
Blackened is the sky
Is it Heaven or Hell?
Only time will tell
Pendulum will swing
Manifesting screams
Oppression will prevail
Lower the window's veil
March to die, die, die, dieback to top
Welcome to your funeral
Your life has just begun
Lie in the hearse
Into the morgue
Where the dead unite as one
Into the shrine you fall
Hear the dead, they call
Angel of the damned
Walks with me, hand in hand
Fly through the night which has no end
Into the land where you're condemned
Messiah from the grave
Lead the corpse from hell
Behold the morbid saint
Come forth from whence you fell
As you walk through the valley of death
Phantasia waits for your last breath
The demons stride with the Devil's bride
Rest in peace
Phantom, spread your wings
As the black coven sings
Eyes which mesmerize
From the crypts they riseback to top
No Will To Live
Mutants from the battle
Survivors of the blast
Lightning fills the sky
Today will be the last
Blood stains on the earth
As the night emits its shadow
No hope of rebirth
From the final battle
No will to live, so set me free
From this pain and misery
There's no days to pass
No tomorrow here
Next breath is your last
And no time for fear
Death is in the air
And thunder in the skies
Children in despair
By his blade you die
Wear a robe of death
Stand around the fire
Steaming is your breath
Worshipping the sire
Satan's call is strong
From a world away
Tempt you with his eyes
And you will decay
No will to live, so set me free
From this pain and misery
Blood runs from my throat
Razor in my hand
Ended with a slice
All the blood is nice
Hanging by a rope
Wrapped around my neck
End my life with death
Murder on my breath
Drink the blood from my chalice
Come to Hell, and my palace
Grab your heart
It's in my hand
Take you to the evil land
Alone at night
In your grave
Coffin's door is your slave
Blackened earth is all around
Below I hear a burning sound
What could it be except for Hell?
Burning souls is what I smell
Can't suffice
So pay the price
Give your soul
Take the toll
Bleed for me
Your death, so sweet
Die for me
You'll feel the heat
I am real as the earth
Can you feel Satan's birth?
In the night, the undead roam
In the day, you're dead in your home
You can live only by death
Worship Satan with the rest
Burning bodies fall from the sky
Horrid glances in their eyes
Glowing numbers on their heads
They're arrived, the living deadback to top
Beyond The Gates
I bow to the altar
For I bow to my faith
Guide me to my destiny
With everlasting grace
Unholy are my thoughts
In you I must confide
I prowl among the nights
With Satan at my side
Bow to the altar
The pagan one
Pray for the birth
Of Belial's son
Beyond the gates
Lucifer, hear me
I pray to the altar
I hear the sounds of insanity
Master, I drink the unholy water
Save me the torment that beckons for me
Walk through illusions of terror to come
And I could tell you of things I have done
I saw the gates
The future I've grasped
I've been beyond Gates of the past
Unearth the graves of all mankind
Beyond dead and buried
Enter the shrine
Condemned to the torture
The horror and pain
Enslaved by your sins
Brought under death's reign
Lucifer, see me
I live for the night
Stalking and prowling in the moonlight
I crave the unholy temple below
Spreading the tales of death that I knowback to top
The Beasts Of The Apocalypse
Overshadowed is the earth
As the beast does spread its wings
Arrives the Dragon's birth
To rule with the seven kings
Descending from the sky
Ascending from the sea
All Holiness deprived
By the beasts of prophecy
Apostles tell visions of Hell
Dreams of pain drive them insane
Powers of the wicked one
Come forth from the nethermost Hells
Eclipsing the burning sun
Revelation tolls its bells
Heaven's rule will cease
Just as the prophets saw
Prophesies and blasphemies
Are ruled by Satan's law
Seven years, grim and dark
Man will wear the Devil's mark
Nightmares are reality
Symbolic of your destiny
Apostles tell visions of Hell
Dreams of pain drive them insaneback to top
Join hands to summon up the dead
Hear them singing inside your head
Oh, my gypsy, can you tell
If sweet Satan
Will rise from Hell?
Crystal ball, hypnotize
Look inside those demon eyes
Paint the circle around the pentagram
Cut the throat of the crying ramback to top
Restless Dead
Premature burial
Of my soul
Corpses lie in the grave
Their flesh is cold
Emerge the dead
From the grave
Morbid laughter
Afterlife betrayed
Covet the flesh of life
The human parasite
To drink your blood
Sustain their reign
Rise the restless deadback to top
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