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Possessed lyrics

Album: Seven Churches [1985]

 01  The Exorcist
 02  Pentagram
 03  Burning In Hell
 04  Evil Warriors
 05  Seven Churches
 06  Satan's Curse
 07  Holy Hell
 08  Twisted Minds
 09  Fallen Angel
 10  Death Metal
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The Exorcist
Possessed By Evil Force satan's wrath will kill
He will take your soul cast you to hell
Demons dog domain keeping me insane
Evil curse my soul Burning away
Satan's hell will burn terrored cries are heard
Ever lasting eternity warriors of hell
Unleashed men of sin hatred hell within
Sinners hate will die the exorcist
I can see the light I don't want to burn
Help me save my soul let me live
Your curse is not my fear demons within me hear
I will escape your wrath 666
This is not my way doom, sorrow for eternity
Lights shine below in hell forever burning
Words of insanity scream out the final plea
Evil voices scream out help me
Demons in my body gone sicken thoughts left beyond
Haunted by evil memories nightmares and sin
My mind is burnt and black shadowed no way back
Fear of living in hell axed my mind
Memories held within satan's gone in sin
Grasping to relieve the pain scared for life
Exorcism takes control beneath my body help my soul
Save my soul from evil hell your spell is lostback to top
There's a sacred city not far from here
Where the earth is bare and the sky is black
Tormented souls are stricken with fear
and the sinners all know that there's no way back
Flying to the pentagram
There's a lot you'll want to see
Sacrifice the crying Ram
And drink the blood with me
Giant kingdom down below
Where the lord of darkness sits and waits
For a poor lost mortal to come in
When he lowers down his gates
Prison of death where time stands still
forever life of pain
walking dead assault and kill
The people would be slain
You can't escape your destiny
So take my hand and fly
To an evil land of fantasy
Inside of satan's eyeback to top
Burning In Hell
Death has beckoned you to hell you can't escape my evil spell
Past the gates, evil fate
Into the depths cast to burn unseen terror life of doom
Tragic, black magic
Sorrow in your afterlife victim of your sins tonight
My grasp, will last
Nightmares of eternity forgotten souls and tirrany
You lived now die
No life no death no future here infinite horror screams of fear
You flesh, decayed
Run and hide there's no relief pounding hearts is full of grief
Screams, dreams
No one hears you scream at night demons own your soul with might
Illusions, delusions
Roasted in the flames of hell beware the cast the evil spell
Burning, yearnning
Dreams become reality you can't outlive infinity
Burning in hell
Prowling through the night like a bad dream
Stalking out your prey hear the victims scream
Driven by a vision ruling your domain
Lurking in the shadows driving you insane
Know that you're not crazy nothing you remember
Mind is so blank and Your thoughts become a hinder
Know there's something evil hiding in your mind
Waiting for that moment to sneak up from behindback to top
Evil Warriors
When you wake up in the night and you stare into the dark
Your eyes will scream for sight evil left its mark
You'll be looking all above looking all around
But if you want to see them you have to look down
Tortured by thoughts stricken with fear
Blasted to hell the end is near
As you wait upon your fate your throat is full of pain
And when you try to scream you know it's all in vain
Nothing you can change destiny is complete
Silence seems so strange as you start to feel the heat
Forever to burn infinite pain
Demons of darkness warriors domain
You think you're so secure protected from above
Gaze into the hell fire I know you'll fall in love
They'll hunt you down at night your Flesh is what they want
Your eyes will scream for sight when Evil comes to haunt
Cursed by nightmares when you sleep
They'll cut your throat and blood will seep
Fighting through the mist forever trapped in hell
Crushed with satan's fist you can't escape his spell
Sanity will pass reality is just a word
Evil does its task with its mighty sword
Open your eyes and die by the hand of mass
Escape and you'll defy my long awaited grasp
They want to steal your soul death will steal away
Your wrongs will take their toll below the crust you'll lay
Spell has cast no hope forgotten thoughts of good
Your neck awaits a rope and things go like they should
Enslaved in forever torment blood drips from your eyes
There is no way to repent from your wicked lies
Blades of metal cut off your head
Served as a meal satan is fed
Masters of evil blasters of hell
No one can stop them we're under their spell
Red eyes are glowing with you in sight
And if your knowing scream out in frightback to top
Seven Churches
Seven churches down in hell in the land where satan fell
Vows of satan's sacred scripts bring out the evil from its crypts
7 Churches 7 Priests 7 Hearts on which they feast
Watch the gods, take revenge rot in hell, For your sins
Sacrifice, to the sky terrors strikes, you will die
Taste the blood of the dead as the sky turns to red
Rot in heaven rot in hell reach for the land from which he fell
7 bibles 7 crosses 7 saints mourn for their losses
Watch the gods take revenge rot in hell for your sins
Sacrifice to the sky terror strikes, you will die
Holy water turned to blood destroy the earth devils flood
Pounding death from my hands spreading satan through the lands
7 Prayers 7 Bells 7 Churches rise from hell
Watch the gods take revenge rot in hell for your sins
Sacrifice to the sky terror strikes, You will dieback to top
Satan's Curse
Hell evil satan's curse from the sky I fall
Metal burns my fucking brain satan took the fall
Deceased men from hell and hatred pollution to mankind
Antichrist My son from hell I will make you mine
You'll die, there's No time to run from hell
You lied, the witch has cast her spell
Your sins will be paid for and sacrified
This is the price
Satan's Curse
Sin hate eternal death decayed my flesh I rot
Running below satan's home lord of hell he's not
Lust for evil son of hell beneath the smoke I rise
Flames torch my body a sinner's Solar eyes
Sacrifice your soul will be doomed your Evil friends who have decieved you
Satan's curse enters your soul beneath you'll burn
Satan's Curse
Sky fades to black as the heavens diminish
Evil takes over the world is finished
Satan's Curseback to top
Holy Hell
Holy hell, death to us satan fell, unholy lust
Devil's water, starts to flood god is slaughtered, drink his blood
Our bonding, trust is at hand go we must, to satan's land
Prey for death and cry for life reapers breath will breath new life
Satan's child, he is born and to death, he is sworn
Days of hate and days of pain endless term of satan's reign
Endless dreams, in the night eternal sleep, eternal fright
Defiled crosses, oh black mass satan's reigns, me at last
All of heaven, all of earth you'll meet your god
Chained to torment, chained to pain like a dog
Evil days and evil nights are black as death
Hearts of sinners, hearts of stone reapers breath
There was blood and there was pain ecstasy
Rage of magic, rage of witches sorcery
Fell the power, feel the heat down below
Kill the people, kill them dead take their soul
Blackened masses, blackened crosses ritual
Cut the heads, cut the throats take the fallback to top
Twisted Minds
Twisting my mind, insane ripping out your brain, you're slain
Grieving the sunset, terror and your last breath is nearer
Draining your soul out, bloodies awaiting the final sentence
Grasping Your last piece of mind slip into madness, our kind
Life is strange, It's one big name live or dead, is all the same
Hidden secrets, inside my head decaying bodies my blade is red
Rotting world so full of clones sickening feeling inside my bones
Madness creeps up from behind sanity is drained, my state of mind
Mentally insane, maladjusted minds lunacy within, evil twisted minds
Cast my wishes from the grave below the earth my body enslaved
Cults of people down in hell skulls are splitting from their spell
Forgotten souls arise at night rule the world with unchallenged might
The sun sets into the sea of blood chanting satan as they drone
Mentally insane, maladjusted minds lunacy within, evil twisted mindsback to top
Fallen Angel
Decieving angel full of hate outcasts will rebel
Below the crust, the dark kingdom also known as hell
Fallen angel distrusts god exiled down below
His burning lust to power all starts his own domain
Poisoned minds, evil plague wicked shrines, where you beg
Merciless angel fell soul won't rest, into hell
Flames of fury burning hot glowing in his eyes
Down below forever rot until his soul can rise
Hellsent souls become his slaves working against all
Bringing pain the masters raves lucifer they call
Poisoned minds, evil plague wicked shrines, where you beg
Merciless angel fell soul won't rest, into hellback to top
Death Metal
Arise from the dead and attack from the grave
The killing won't stop until first light
We'll bring you to hell because we want to enslave
Soul will be frozen with fright
We'll break through the crust, leave from our crypts
Protected by eternal life
Lay down the laws from our satanic scripts
Bringing you nothing but strife
Death metal
Ruling your cities, controlling your towns
Entrapped in your worst nightmare
Piercing your ears with the horrible sound
Casting my elusive stare
Lucifer laughs, his needs are fulfilled
The Flames are now burning hot
Bodies are burning, the people are killed
Torture the reason we fought
Death Metal
Kill Them Pigs
Now we take over and rule by death metal
Enjoy our long wanted reign
Blood's what we want and we won't settle
Until we drive you insane
Attacking the young and killing the old
Bleeding with every heart beat
Darkness has feelen and your soul is sold
Claws will dig into your meat
When the sun doesn't rise and the day is like night
Know that your life is at its end
Rendered helpless so scream out fright
Death metal came in the wind
Death metalback to top
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