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Possessed lyrics

Album: The Eyes Of Horror [1987]

 01  Confessions
 02  My Belief
 03  The Eyes Of Horror
 04  Swing Of The Axe
 05  Storm In My Mind
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Crimes of passion
Ruled his mind
The anger inside
Compassion he will never find
The pain and pleasure
Of the blade
And he loved
The screams she made
Forgive me father
For I have sinned
Because the anger
Burned within
He saw it in her eyes
They wouldn't hide
Betrayal and her wicked lies
From a dying man
Listen now
And understand
In the night
That summons fright
He looked
Into her eyes
And tells her
Tonight she dies
But to you
I must confess
That when she died
She was the bestback to top
My Belief
I believe only the real
Walk through life on what I feel
Living my life from day to day
What's wrong, what's right, who's to say
I live how I want to live
I don't regret my choice
I give what I want when I want to give
And I speak my voice
Conformist pigs
Gather around
And criticize
The life I've found
Kill the pigs
Hear them squeal
They want to change
The way I feel
I cannot follow majority
It's how I'm living
Find the power
To control
Soul on ice
Heads will roll
My beliefback to top
The Eyes Of Horror
Every night I see through eyes
Of a different lunatic
And every night I fantasize
In trancial mesmeric
All alone inside my head
Within my padded cell
Ruled by thoughts of another mind
Controlled by unseen eyes
In my mind I see the sun
Plunge into the sea I listen to my
Tales now I'll tell you what I see
And so the corpses
And the thrill
My mind is warped
Nothing's real
Do I dream
Or is it true
The piercing scream
She never knewback to top
Swing Of The Axe
Ripping tearing slashing the axe
The blood starts to flow the axe of pain
Running for safety eyes start to bleed
Red is the sight of evil pain
Swing of the axe the curse is on you
Returning to take you away
Swing of the axe your evil deeds
Friend of Satan he will succeed
You had your choice
You chose your ways
You took the devil he's wrong
Your mind is mistaken
Your soul has been taken
Your brain's been twisted and lost
I can see
The river of flames
Where you'll be cast and thrown
Heavens of fire
At Satan's desire
Hell is now your home
Sin after sin
Your brains are crushed in
This is the way that you want
Wrong from the start
You weren't so smart
Making the choice that will hauntback to top
Storm In My Mind
Sail the sea
Ship of dreams
Things aren't always as they seem
Spinning thoughts
Inside my head
Thinking now of what's ahead
What is false?
And what is real?
There's no knowing how I feel
Sail the seven seas
Who will rule the world next
They will bring you to your knees
The storm is in my mind
If there is
Will I care
At my brain thoughts will tear
I want to live so fast
How long will I last
I live from day to day
I watch my brain decay
Feeling the current pull you in
Feeling you're all alone
Feel the fire burn within
Death has now begunback to top
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