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Postmortem (russian) lyrics

Album: Bloody Justice Comes... [1996]

 01  Intro: Postmortem
 02  Drowned In Dirt
 03  Mentally Insane
 04  Souls Tyranny
 05  Exile
 06  Prince Of Darkness
 07  Decomposition
 08  Farewell Melody
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Intro: Postmortem
(intstrumental)back to top
Drowned In Dirt
World has drowned in dirt
You'll never achieve the sun ideal
'Cause it stink dirt
Is reason crystal purity
Your heart has broken
In this world of emptyness and indifference
You can touch, you can see
But you can't feel

People are - the ants
With - sick minds
And you - will endure
Until - mortal agony

And later...
And later you will suicide
And, perhaps, will come out of "harmony"
You will be free like wind
In the world of eternity

You wanna be free
And go outside into the light
You're here and you are not
Living in order to endure
Living in order to live

All sounds like the funeral march
All deeds... It's pain
All thoughts... The cry
The life is darkback to top
Mentally Insane
The diabols wheep, to loose selfcontrol
My screaming life, the sacrifice to kill
Innocent death, I am the beast again

Come out to the honour fight
I will show you the honour and brave

You are nobody, standing in front of me on the knees
You are being with your wheeping mask

Pray to nothing, I can't endure the insult
I'm killing 'cause I hate, betray is your way
I'm your great judge and the hangman
The justice will be right

Mentally insane

I'm killing again, I can't endure the return blow
Killing 'cause I hate, My way is right
The lying betray is your way

Return to the destruction
The ancient world
Returning to unknown
Unbowed reflection

Mentally insane

Coming back to unknown world
You will pay by your sins

Mentally insane
But right
Mentally insane
Insane beast againback to top
Souls Tyranny
The world is mutilated
People are disfigured too
Powers of evil are coming
Nobody saves - that's true

Hell's force is everywhere
No clear souls
Who has created us here
Who has given birth to all

Chorus: Souls tyranny - blasphernous round
Souls tyranny - race to hell down
Souls tyranny - the sepulchral voice
Souls tyranny - no one's choice

The plot is increasing daily
In fact it bringing the win
Butcher's slash is god's dreams
Of the broadsword which he means


God's preceptions are falling
The fates of bible are cut
Now everybody is glorifying
The Satan's testament of blood

The puppets callousness is sold
And everything else to the king
Who is in fact the dutyfull slave
That will be priceworthy sign

Chorus.back to top
On the lonely mountain
Where the white snow lies
Angel exiles from the paradise
Expires his life

To any questions
He knows exact answer
Angel has seen the misfortunes
And the people's suffer

Exile sits and recalls
All the paradise years
He remembers his clear life
And remembers the universe tears

He remembers the various people
In the course of his way
But he don't know anybody
Who will heal his soul's pain

Angel was staying in the solitude
In his old age
He sat in the grief on the mountain
And fled into the rageback to top
Prince Of Darkness
Region of the evil is ny fate of the devil
Mind of the icon, my icon of dead
My religion and my aggression
My posession, it's posession of darkness

Prince of darkness
Is god of darkness
Mind of darkness
Obey! Already dead

Mass of darkness
Posesses to you
My father is your hangman
My pleasure is your pain

In human behavour are the evil's jokes
Predilection for killing the senselesses must die
Promise the bequest of darkness land
I will make the necromancer's sacrifice

God of darkness
Evil-minded prince of darkness
Take the souls
Of his dead slavesback to top
The black mass, overwind cross
Figure in black, reading the sentence
Is rising his sword, Lucifer's anger
Is calling victims

Arms from darkness
Cover the world
Creation from morass
Dorge the rot

Chorus: Decomposition - waiting for loops
Decomposition - fraction of fear
Decomposition - no one's choice
Decomposition - hell is near

Black sky, the clouds are beginning to gather
For evil execution destroy of rotting brain
Return reaction, powerful explosion
Endless life

Chorus (repeat 2 times).back to top
Farewell Melody
Distance, interwall, wall
I close my eyes, I see the darkness
I don't need the words
The life begins and later ends

The crystal glass I hold in my hands
The purity of glass you'll never comprehend
The sun rays dry up like water, like my dreams
And you commit suicide in the age of dismay

The last command is to kill the mortals
The problem is solved and you are alive again


Farewell melody - unburden my life
Farewell melody - the fatal force
Farewell melody - the impersonal soul
Farewell melody - is the end of god

The world of dead, my faith is sustained
Cursed by god, no man is begotten
Burning my flesh, kill the mortals
Is last command and you are alive againback to top
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