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Postmortem (russian) lyrics

Album: The Call Of The Sea [1998]

 01  Intro The Call Of The Sea
 02  Midnight Execution
 03  No Peace
 04  Bitter Tears
 05  Before The Battle
 06  Raise Your Sword
 07 The Sea: From Beyond
 08  Blowing Waves
 09  Dream
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Intro The Call Of The Sea
(instrumental)back to top
Midnight Execution
When the dark is falling fast
And the snowstorm breaks the window
And you are alone in the church
Extinguishing candles, we are coming to you

Wait for the midnight execution
Wait for your flesh to be thorn
Wait stinking pope
Wait for your death - the sacrifice

The wild laughter explodes in the silence
The crosses are embraced by the flame
The satanic sacrifice on the christian altar
Is to be the dark art of evil night

The brutal execution is beginning
The carnage in the temple is vengeance
For lies, for the deaths of millions of people
Caused by christendom

Satan is standing before the pope
While the pope prays for him to be forgiven
But already his lying tongue is cut
On his face is carved a bloody cross

He is the new jesus crucified
Cursed by the sky and by the earth
Now already dead inside the burning church
Afraid we will come againback to top
No Peace
Life is sickness but you have to survive
Peace is impossible in eternal war
We are living in death
Fucking god made us so, no peace

The mad savage mind of the human race
Creates the hell here
Unjustice around, corruption rules
The beginning of selfdestruction where we are

Impossible to endure such a life
Where money decides all
And man to man is wolf
And when to kill is never enough

I want to love but have to hate
The different bastards of the world
I hate this human race
I cannort exist here anymore

My life is womb
Birth will come after
Without pain with nothing
When my fleshless soul will fly
In the deepening silence of the sky

I want to rest
I want to rest in peace
Without any feelings

Withoutback to top
Bitter Tears
The bloody wrathful moon
Stares down upon the earth
From behind the dark clouds
The moon's ray - the sky's curse

Invades the temple
Christian flock subjected to lies
Insulted the land of our fathers
By destruction of the sacred places we hold dear

But we will not surrender that land
Where our ancestors once dwelt
And our sword of war was raised
The battle is our deal of honour

And what of the rusting swords
Rusting in rotten blood spilt from the popes
Our smiths will forge
New swords from pain and evil

And let wounds bleed
Fire burn and hearts break
Bitter tears will wash wounds clean
Inspiring the brave and evil spirit

We will fight for the end
Deal the final blow
Until we meet the enemy
Until the bloodied blade rests in our handback to top
Before The Battle
(instrumental)back to top
Raise Your Sword
Here's my sword with me together
United whole my sword and I
Enemies will lie upon the raw bloody ground
Where fighting was and will be again

Eternal struggle with tearful life
But here's no weakness. I'm ready to fight

No escape, just the war with the sea of blood
Free your soul from the dirty flesh
Falling meet no dying in fighting

Can't think, right move, your extremities
In front of the great warrior
Fall and lie down pity the beast on the knees

I let you die

Sea and stars, night, the moon
Give me more power, my crying soul
Can't take off, and to fight again
She calls to me, to kill religion's liars
And other human bastards

Raise your sword, raise gaian
Kill, but know this war is holy
My success waits upon me
Free your soul from the dirty fleshback to top
Blowing Waves
The great Baltic Sea

Cold northern winds
And the holy might of icy waves
It is the great Baltic Sea
Your midnight fear of death

Unfinished grave
Waiting for next sacrifices
Thousands of people
To take inside the freezing water

Once more sight to see you
Invisible power comes out into me
Wind blows wild with sea waves
Rising over with full hate
Striking the stone walls
Of the dark coastal rocks

She boils, she violently storms
But I don't hear this rage
I listen to her sadness and hear her pain
She sings to me about this by her windflaws

But stops...
And again she rises
And again the sea waits

How nice the evening sky over the sea
And the quiet whisper of grey waves something talks

To the sun going away
Into the endless space
Of my kind, but evil
The great Baltic Seaback to top
(instrumental)back to top
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