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Primus lyrics

Album: Rhinoplasty [1998]

 01  Scissor Man
 02  The Family and the Fishing Net
 03 Silly Putty
 04  Amos Moses
 05 Behind My Camel
 06  Too Many Puppies
 07  The Thing That Should Not Be
 08  Tommy the Cat (live)
 09  Bob's Party Time Lounge (live)
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Scissor Man
Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man
Putting end to evil doers games
Snipping, snipping, snipping goes the scissor man
Maybe you are in his book of names
Maybe you are in his book of names

So be kind and helpful to your mother
Just think twice before you try and steal
When he cuts with sticky silver snippers
You may find the wounds will never heal

All self made bad boys
If you refuse to believe he exist
You won't be frightened when you find out
You're on his list
You're on his list
You're on his list

So be good and never poison people
Just think twice before the deed is done
When you wake up guilty in the morning
You may find important pieces goneback to top
The Family and the Fishing Net
Suffocated by mirrors, stained by dreams
Her honey belly pulls the seams
Curves are still upon the hinge
Pale zeros tinge the tiger skin

Moist as grass, ripe and heavy as the night
The sponge is full, well out of sight
All around the conversations
Icing on the warm flesh cake

Light creeps through her secret tunnels
Sucked into the open spaces
Burning out in sudden flashes
Draining blood from well-fed faces

Desires form in subtle whispers
Flex the muscles in denial
Up and down its pristine cage
So the music, so the trial

Vows of sacrifice, headless chickens
Dance in circles, they the blessed
Man and wife, undressed by all
Their grafted trunks in heat possessed

Even as the soft skins tingle
They mingle with the homeless mother
Who loves the day but lives another
That once was hersback to top
Amos Moses
was a Cajun.
And lived by himself in the swamp
Hunting alligator for a living.
Knock 'em on the head with a stump
The Louisiana law's gonna get you, Amos
It ain't legal hunting alligator down in the swamp, boy

Now everybody blamed his old man
for raising him mean as a snake
When Amos Moses was a boy,
his Daddy would use him as alligator bait
Tie a rope around his waist,
throw him in the swamp
Alligator bait on the Louisiana bayou

Just about 45 minutes
southeast of Tipidow, Louisiana
There lived a man called Duck Bill Sam
and his pretty wife Hannah
They raised up a son that could
eat up his weight in groceries
Named him after a man of the cloth.
They called him Amos Moses

Now folks in South Louisiana
said Amos was a helluva man
He could trap the biggest, meanest alligator.
He only had to use one hand
That's all he got left
'cause the alligator bit him. Ha ha!
Left arm gone clean up to the elbowback to top
Too Many Puppies
Too many puppies are being shot in the dark.
Too many puppies are trained not to bark.
At the sight of blood that must be spille dso that
We may maintain our oil fields.
Too many puppies
Too many puppies are taught to heal.
Too many puppies are trained to kill.
On the command of men wearing money belts that buy
Mistresses sleek animal pelts.
Too many puppies.

Too many puppies with guns in their hands.
Too many puppies in foreign lands.
Are dressed up sharp in suits of green and
Placed upon the war machine.
Too many puppies are just like me.
Too many puppies are afraid to see.
The visions of the past brought to life again,
Too many puppies, too many dead men.back to top
The Thing That Should Not Be
Messenger of Fear in sight
Dark deception kills the light

Hybrid children watch the sea
Pray for Father, roaming free

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
great Old One
forbidden site
He searches
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwell

Crawling Chaos, underground
cult has summoned, twisted sound

Out from ruins once possessed
fallen city, living death

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
timeless sleep
has been upset
He awakens
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwell
Not dead which eternal lie
stranger eons Death may die

drain you of your sanity
face The Thing That Should Not Be

fearless Wretch
He watches
lurking beneath the sea
timeless sleep
has been upset
He awakens
Hunter of the Shadows is rising
in madness You dwellback to top
Tommy the Cat (live)
I remember as it were a meal ago

Said tommy the cat as he reeled back to clear whatever foreign matter
May have nestled it's way into his mighty throat. many a fat alley rat
Had met it's demise while staring point blank down the cavernous barrel
Of this awesome prowling machine. truly a wonder of nature this urban
Predator. tommy the cat had many a story to tell, but it was a rare
Occasion such as this that he did.

She came slidin' down the alleyway like butter drippin' off a hot
Biscuit. the aroma, the mean scent, was enough to arouse suspicion in
Even the oldest of tigers that hung around the hot spot in those
Days. the sight was beyond belief. many a head snapped for double,
Even triple, takes as this vivacious feline made her her way into the
Delta of the alleyway where the most virile of the young tabbys were
Known to hang out. they hung in droves. such a multitude of
Masculinity could only be found in one place... and that was
O'malley's alley. the air was thick with cat calls (no pun intended)
But not even a muscle in her neck did twitch as she sauntered up into
The heart of the alley. she knew what she wanted. she was lookin'
For that stud bull, the he cat. and that was me. tommy the cat is my
Name and I say unto thee...

Say baby do you wanna lay down by meback to top
Bob's Party Time Lounge (live)
Glad you came, glad you're here
Have some champagne, imported beer
Dig down in your dirt bag
And roll us out a spleef
Been erect here now for thirteen days
And I came to get relief
At Bob's Party Time
Pack my nose with cocaine
Feed my filthy hole
Bust out the dancin' women
I'm prone to lose control
And if by chance I fall down
And bust my head on the floor
Just wrap my wound in a porterhouse steak
And point me towards the shore
At Bob's Party Timeback to top
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