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Protector lyrics

Album: Golem [1988]

 01  Delirium Tremens
 02  Apocalyptic Revelations
 03  Golem
 04  Protector Of Death
 05  Operation Plaga Extrema
 06  Megalomania
 07  Only The Strong Survive
 08  Omnipresent Aggression
 09  Germanophobe
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Delirium Tremens
Turning faces - an unreal rotating world
Slow movements - a fast and rumbling breath
Hairy spiders crawl up and down your veins
Hot winds - in the arctic night
Delirium tremens
Self destruction
One way of lost hope
Roaches creep out of your ears
Worse than your darkest fears
Coloured dots - block up the once so good sight
No pain - the body feel s numb and shakes
Fata Morgana - cars turn to cows and kids into apes
Delirium tremens
Self destruction
One way of lost hope
Funny visions - caressing the empty brain
Revelations - a new messiah has been born
The mountains break
The stones come down
A helpless feeling is gripping the halfeaten mind
Panic spreads
The brain commands
But it's attempts to rule the body is doomed to fail
Vomiting bile - now here it is the end of the road
Last breath - the upshot? 5:OO to death!
Storms howl - the truth is that there is no wind
Insane thoughts - what is realand what is phantasy?back to top
Apocalyptic Revelations
Taking the crown from the lord of the hated reign
The fire burns behind his eyes - We'll overthron the ruller
Of the seven castles of hell, but he isn't beaten yet
Because his guard of honour stands at his right side
The gates of hadesspit out their hordes to tame the land
They are prepared for the final battle
So be ready to fight
The dark knights ride into the row of rebel man
Blood and tears has to be spilled now for victory
The fight was desperate
And the stronger side had to win
Three days and nights they fought
And blood soaked the field
They took the crown from the lord of the hated reign
His guards are slain, his castle is burned to the ground
He stands alone, his fate is eternal isolation
He spreads out his wings and flies into an uncertain future.back to top
Concentraited powers - mystical formulas
Seven burning candles - hexagonal star
An old and yellowed parchment - full of words and numbers
Limbs of dead material - start to move unsure
A mongolic face - muscles filled with life
A servant to the rabbi - immortality

Golem Humunculus
Golem Eternal life
Golem Unpredictable
Golem Obedient

Jewish myth - a friend
An old tale - a protector
But sometimes - agressive
Myth? Who knows?
He's working hard - not resting
But his eyes spread coldness
Myth? Who knows?
Feelings are not extant, weakness of the mortal
Golem doesn't care about human foolishnessback to top
Protector Of Death
At the gate of hell he guards
Welcomes with a look so hard
His duty is to let you in
But not out, pay for your sins
When you're lying in your grave
He sees you coming, a futur slave
Belial is his only master
The one who brings the dark disaster
No one escapes from this place
The place of pain and of disgrace
His smile invites you to come near
And then you'll protect the evil
Stands on his post day and night
When the world is under Satan's darkness
He'll laugh again at the gods of lightback to top
Operation Plaga Extrema
The inside of a plane full of dirt and strench
Future warriors in dusty uniforms
Send into this suicide by mad leaders
No one knows if he'll ever get back home
Here they go singing of tomorrows pride
Our foe - No chance, No chance
We will win - Kill'em, Kill'em
Sailing down with parachutes into the hell
Ruins, debris, ashes before their eyes
Robot-tanks are grinding stones into dust
Suddenly the hell breaks loose, the weapons bark
Soldiers running, falling and wallowing in pain
The robot-guns stop shooting, there's nothing more to kill
Mad operation - unscrupulous greed
The final aim: world domination
Uncontrolled lust for power
High - handed egotism
Struggle for immortality
A place in history
One of the commandos has survived the fight
Crawling to the palace of the enemy
There it is the unprotected central station
Releasing the safety - catch of the atom grenades
He's shouting"Heil my leader"and runs into the room
A deafening bang, the earth exploads, big surprise
The nuisance of the universe
Is finally gone forever.back to top
Fat, laughing pigs - eating and drinking
While others starve - go to hell, man
Talking senseless shit - to the neighbours at table
Farting anfd burping - tears in my eyes
"There'll be neither pain nor sorrow in my reign.
Follow my hallowed ways, into light and glory days!"
They're the politicians - do nothing than twaddle
They don't realize - that we're all in the same boat
I stop rowing now - than we'll see
Who's master who's servant - stinking bourgeosie
He will come back - burning and killing
You thoughthe were dead - and would never return
Euthanasia - total destruction
War without mercy - blood in your eyes
"I will rule for thousand years -
Ecstatic rites, bloodred tears
I slip into the politicians soul -
Control their minds, play my role."
Kommushism - dictatorship
Is it that - what you want?
You must learn - to be yourself
Don't let other - decide your fate.back to top
Only The Strong Survive
Sodom and Gommorrha - life's one big ecstacy
People with weak minds - will break down and fall
Never trust no one - twisted reality
Sex, drugs, music: wheel of life
Tired brains - depressions and suicide
Violation and crime - no one cares for nothing
Life must be lived - fast and ecstatic
Weak people die, or hide deep inside
A future not worth to live for
A world used, torn and finished
No hope for the poor
All power in the hands of few
Frigidity and aggression - "no love society"
Sexual perversion - animal experements
Zirrhosis of the liver - delirium tremens
Mental destruction - media controls
Nuclear fear - two minutes to dead end
Chaotic politics, senseless laws
Destroying the nature - dead trees / stinking water
Virulent campaigns - Mad world!

Only the strong survive

Only - insanity everywhere
The - madness and drugs
Strong - laziness, perversion, no future
Survive - the consequence of decadence

See the mirror of truth... You scream!
Can you stand the face of pain?back to top
Omnipresent Aggression
Aggressive burning hate
Raging strong and wild
Never ending curse
Wrong or right, who knows?
"It comes creeping from nowhere!"
You say, but it isn't true
This rage comes from inside
Fire begins to flicker in the eyes
Hate grows faster and faster
Suddenly it breaks out
The aggression that's in your soul
Aggressive burning hate
Raging strong and wild
Never ending curse
Wrong or right, who knows?
The nature of man makes feelings rise
You feel the lust for blod - all aggression is shit!
People start to act like maniacs
The madness will start now - why all this?
Searching for someone who's small and weak
Terrorize or kill him!.. Satisfied?
Aggressive burning hate
Raging strong and wild
Never ending curse
Wrong or right, who knows?
Aggressive burning hate
Raging strong and wild
Never ending curse
Wrong or right, who knows?
We must stop such feelings
Thoughts and intentions
Or we sooner or later
Will end in misery
Some people beat their children
Some people torment their pet
Some people start a war
Are you free from hate?
Aggressive burning hate
Raging strong and wild
Never ending curse
Wrong or right, who knows?back to top
The mankind always look for scapegoats
And we germans fit very good for that
Well our history is full of blood
But look at the history of other countries
No blood? No war? No killings? I don't see that!
Aggression, violence, invasions everewhere!
Corpses, ruins, killing - the world bleeds
Opression? A leader? Warplans? In our lands?
Freedom? Justice? Equality is what counts!
Please learn now, or believe what you want!
Disgusting smiles, defame - oh, so nice
If you don't know better? Please, shut up!
I am so damned sick of it! Wouldn't you be too?
You call us nazis - We're no fascists
We're germans - We're humans like you!
Let's free the earth from dictators
Genocide, murder, rasism - stop it!!!
Terror, injustice, fear must leave our planet
Let us build a new, better world
Nobody shall ever suffer again!
Never again!!!back to top
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