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Public Enemy lyrics

Album: Yo ! Bum Rush the Show [1987]

 01  You're Gonna Get Yours
 02  Sophisticated Bitch
 03  Miuzi Weighs A Ton
 04  Timebomb
 05  Too Much Posse
 06  Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)
 07  Public Enemy No. 1
 08  M.P.E.
 09  Yo! Bum Rush The Show
 10  Raise The Roof
 11  Megablast
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You're Gonna Get Yours

In this corner with the 98
Subject of suckers object of hate
Who's the one some think is great
I'm that one, son of a gun
Drivin' by, wavin' my fist
Makin' 'em mad when I'm goin' like this
Top gun, never on the run
They know not to come cause they all get some
Goin' quicker in the speedin' lane
Jealous can't do it and it's causin' them pain
Out the window, middle finger for all
Jealous at my ride, stereo and blackwalls
Suckers got the nerve and gall
To talk 'bout my car when they're walkin' tall
Pullin' away, every day
Leavin' you in the dust
So you know I get paid, on the mile ego trip
And 5-o tailin' on my tip
Watch me burn rubber, fall in my flame
This episode always is the same
Seein' no comp comin' like I'm blind
All left back, tailin' my behind
I go faster cops try to shoot me
They'll get theirs when they try to get me
I'll let go, my turbo
Run, I'm in the river cause they're movin' too slow
Laughin' hard at their attempt
So what if the judge charged me contempt
I'd rub my boomerang, feelin' proud
And I wouldn't even hear them cause my radio's loud

Cruisin' down the boulevard
treated like a superstar
You know the time so don't look hard
Get with it, the ultimate homeboy car
All you suckers in the other ride
When I'm comin' get to the side
My 98 is tough to chase
If you're on my tail, better watch my face
Smoke is comin' when I burn
Rubber when my wheels turn
Tinted windows, super bad
Lookin' like the car the Green Hornet had
It's the reason I'm ahead of the pack
It's the reason I left them back
It's the reason all the people say
My 98-O blows 'em all away
Understand, I don't drive drunk
My 98's fly, I don't drive no junk
No cop gotta a right to call me a punk
Take his ticket, go to hell and stick it
Pull me on a kick but, line up, times up
This government needs a tune up
I don't even know what happenin', what's up
Gun in my chest, I'm under arrest
Sidewalk suckered wanted to spill me
So I got my crew and posse
Step outside, got in my ride
Drove them around, looked around town
Caught I'm out there cold, ran I'm over and down
They didn't get me, that's the truth
Cause my 98-O is bullet proofback to top
Sophisticated Bitch

That woman in the corner, cold playin' the role
Just leave her ass in the corner till her feet get cold
Knowin' for a fact, that girl is whacked
If you hold your hand out, she'll turn her back
Better walk, don't talk, she's all pretend
Can't be her friend unless you spend
Wall to wall, after all
Get ready to throw only money at the bitch

cause she thinks she's so-

Peekin', seekin' inside a book
Her demands for a man with a chemical look
Wishes, desires, gettin worse with age
She doesn't want a man, all she wants is a page
Ain't got a man so she goes to a club
She think it's classy but it's really a pub
But that's the kind of place she likes to go
The bitch got a problem

cause she thinks she's so-

Jackets, shoes, everyday ties
The girl only wants one of those guys
Suckers who front like it ain't no thing
Pretend to be friends, don't want that thang
Talk like this, don't talk slang
Do anything to get that thang
Tries to be chic and play it off
Peekin' through the window, I saw her take her clothes off
Nasty girl, stone cold freak
Stayin' in bed a whole goddamn week
Comin' and leavin' guys servin' up storms
From execs with checks, boys from the dorms
Never kept a name, never seen a face
She could pass 'em in the street like it never took place
I know she's a ho I'm on the go
Expose the funky bitch

Cause she thinks she's so-

Now she wants a sucker but with an attache
And if you ain't got it, she'll turn you away
You can smile with stile but you lost your trial
Cause you got a gold tooth, she thinks you're wild
She don't want a brother that's true and black
If you're light, you're alright, better stay back
Cause the sucker with the bag is out the catch
With something in his bag keepin' her attached
The man's got a plan, it's IBM
The devil at her level, yes it's him
His Audi she rides, his gold and clothes
The ill base method, turning up her nose
Lack a lack a lack, now beaming her up
She still got the nerve to turn her funky nose up
Her status looks at us from down below
Now the bitch is in trouble

Cause she was so-

Little is known about her past
So listen to me cause I know her ass
Used to steal money out her boyfriends clothes
And never got caught, so the story goes
She kept doin' that to all her men
Found the wrong man when she did it again
And still to this day people wonder why
He didn't beat the bitch down till she almost died

phisticatedback to top
Miuzi Weighs A Ton

Step back, get away, give the brother some room
You got to turn me up when the beat goes boom
Lyric to lyric, line to line
Then you'll understand my reputation for rhyme
Cause my rhyme reputation depends on what
Style of record my DJ cuts
His slice, dice, super mix so nice
So bad, you won't dispute the price
It's plain to see, it's a strain to be
Number one in the public eye enemy
I'm wanted in 50, almost 51
States where the posse got me on the run
It's a big wonder why I haven't gone under
Dodgin' all types of microphone thunder
A fugitive missin' all types of hell
All this because I talk so well
When I,

Rock, get up, get down
Miuzi weighs a ton

The match up title, the expression of thrill
For elite to compete and attempt to get ill
If looks could kill, I'd chill until
The public catches on to my material
Ducks criticize my every phase of rapture
Can't wait to read the headlines of my capture
Accused of assault, a 1st degree crime
Cause I beat competitors with my rhymes
Tongue whipped, pushed, shoved and tripped
Coocked from the hold of my Kung Fu grip
And if you want my title, it would be suicidal
From my end, it would be homicidal
When I do work, you get destroyed
Make all the paranoid, try to avoid
The Public Enemy seat I've enjoyed
This is no kid and I'm no toy boy

Rock, get up, get down
Miuzi weighs a ton

I'm a Public Enemy but I don't rob banks
I don't shoot bullets and I don't shoot blanks
My style is supreme, number one is my rank
And I got more power than the New York Yanks
If miuzy wasn't heavy I'd probably fire it
I'd make you walk the plank if I was a pirate
If they made me a King, I would be a tyrant
If you want to get me, go ahead and try it
Snatcher, dispatcher, biter never been a
Instead of takin' me out, take a girl to dinner
The level of comp has never been thinner
It's a runaway race where I'm the winner
It's unreal, they call the law
And claimed I had started a war
It was war they wanted and war they got
But they wilted in the heat when miuzi got hot

Rock, get up, get down
Miuzi weighs a ton

My style versatile said without rhymes
Which is why they're after me on my back
Lookin' over my shoulder, seein' what I write
Hearin' what I say, they wonderin' why
Why they can't ever compete on my level
Superstar status is my domain
Understand my rhythm, my pattern of lecture
And then you'll know why I'm on the run
This change of events results in a switch
Lateral movements of my vocal pitch
It eliminates pressure on the haunted
But the posse is around so I got to front it
Plus employ tactics so coy
And leave no choise but to destroy
Soloists, groups and what they say
And all that try to cross my wayback to top

You go ooh and ahh when I jump in my car
People treat me like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
When I'm up to par, no matter who you are
I betcha go hip hop, hurray or hurrah
But the ahhs and ohhs is my kind of news
Pop your tape in, put your car in cruise
I never heard the boos, I never drank booze
Cause I just rock the rhythm, left alone the blues
The L.I. mystique, You sneak to peek
A look and then you know that we're never weak
I know you can't wait, it's never too late
No fear I'm here, and everything is straight
Cycles, cycles, life runs in cycles
New is old, no I'm not no psycho
The monkey on the back makes the best excel
The people in the crowd makes the rock well
The people in the back lets you know who's whack
And those who lack, the odds are stacked
The one who makes the money is white not black
You might not believe it but it's like that
When you come to my show, watch me throw
Down with the other brothers toe to toe
When you make a move, new not used
And watch the bro here just bust a groove
A fat lady soprano, loads my ammo
And hear my jam, with a funky piano
Easy on the wall but hard on the panel
A fool smokes Kools cause he chokes on Camels
In effect, the crew's in check
Run by the posse with the gold around the neck
Homeboys in heat, lookin' for sweet
Ladies in the crowd so they can meet
Somebody to body, makin' a baby
Givin' it to grandma then makin' her crazy
I'm a MC protector, U.S. defector
South African government wrecker
Panther power, you can feel it in my arm
Lookout y'all cause I'm a timebomb
Tickin', tockin', all about rockin'
makin' much dollars while the crazy one's clockin'
The rhythm, to shake the house downy down
Bounce to the ounce, sound so crown
The man, the enemy, Public King, no
All fall to the force of my swing
Like Ali, Frazier, Thriller in Manila
A pinpoint point blank microphone killer am I
No need to lie, got the Flavor Flave
Just choose to lose the bet, emcee stick up
This is the wiz, but the mike's not his, it's mine
One time let the star shine
And I'm tellin' you, yelling at you you're through
Don't think you're grown because your moustache grew
I'm number one, you know it weighs a ton
And I'll be the burger, you can be the bun, girl
Surroundin', my steady poundin'
Get, get on down to my funky sound
And rock the rhythm rhyme, one time your mind
Rhythm roll, two times control,
the mauler and the caller of your doom
And when I'm ready to leave, you're gonna know I go boom
Three times y'all, rhythm rhyme and rock
Then you'll that the D is on the block
Four times y'all and never ever the whack
It's the hour to the minute, time to blow BLACKback to top
Too Much Posse

What do you got to say about this
A force so strong that you can't resist
You may as well join'em, you know you can't beat'em
Pack a hundred people, ya know ya gonna need'em
Straight with the system is down by law
Cause every two hours they get nine more
They run all dollars that come in town
Either join the crew or get beat down
I watched all the guys be so damn cruel
Try to get fast, you must be a fool
Blood through and through, the boys don't play
I seen'em tax and run an operation today
They got too, too, too much posse

Yeah, I threw a party, much people came by
I'm talking to a 'g' cause the 'g' real fly
Sittin' in my room, chewin' off her ear
Chillin' stypid fly, I got fly gear
My door kicked open, her man and crew
The 'g' turned turned to me and said, "Who you?"
So I said, "Yo fly. Yeah the 'g' lied."
Stuck in the corner while the 'g' cried
And then from the back, my homeboy came
He pulled out a gun and said, "Go blame."
Ya lying ass girl with the fake tears
We got posse and we show no fears
We got too, too, too much posseback to top
Rightstarter (Message To A Black Man)

You spend a buck in the 80's, what you get is a preacher
Forgivin' this torture of the system that brought 'cha
I'm on a mission and you got that right
Addin' fuel to the fire, punch to the fight
Many have forgotten what we came here for
Never knew or had a clue, so you're on the floor
Just growin not knowin about your past
now you're lookin' pretty stupid while you're shakin' your ass

Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't deny cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this right

Some people fear me when I walk this way
Some come near me, some run away
Some people take heed to every word I say
Some wanna build a posse, some stay away
Some people think that we plan to fail
Wonder why we go under or go to yail
Some ask us why we act the way we act
Without lookin' how long they kept us back

Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't deny it cause I'll never be quiet

Yes you if I bore you, I won't ignore you
I'm sayin things that they say I'm not supposed to
Give you pride that you may not find
If you're blind about your past then ill point behind
Kings, Queens, warriors, lovers
People proud, sisters and brothers
It's the biggest fear, suckers get tears
When we can top their best idea

Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't deny it cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this right

Our solution, mind revolution
Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Corners don't sell it, no you can't buy it
Can't defy it cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this right

Our solution, mind revolution
Can't sell it, no you can't buy it in a potion
You lie about the life that you wanted to try
Tellin' me about a head, you decided to fly
Another brother with the same woes that you face
But you shot with the same hands, you fall from grace
Every brother should be every brother's keeper
But you shot with your left while your right was on your beeper

Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't deny it cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this right

As the world turns, it's a terrible waste
To see the stupid look sluck on your face
Timebomb alarm for the world, just try it
Known to all zones as the one man riot
I'm on a mission to set you straight
Children, it's not too late
Explain to the world when it's plain to see
To be what the world doesn't want us to be

Mind over matter, mouth in motion
Can't deny it cause I'll never be quiet
Let's start this rightback to top
Public Enemy No. 1

Well I'm all in, put it up on the board
Another rapper shot down from the mouth that roared
1-2-3 down for the count
The result of my lyrics, oh yes, no doubt
Cause I can can go solo, like a Sugar Ray bolo
Make the fly girls wanna have my photo
Run in their room, hang it on the wall
In remembrance that I rocked them all
Suckers, ducks, ho-hum emcees
You can't rock the kid, so go cut some cheese
Take this application of rhymes like these
My rap's red hot, 110 degrees
So don't start bassin' cause I'll start placin'
Bets on that you'll be disgracing
You and you mind from a beatin' from my rhymes
A time, a crime that I can't find
I'll show you my gun, my Uzi weighs a ton
Because I'm Public Enemy number one

You got no rap, but you want a battle
It's like havin' a boat, but you got no paddle
Cause I never pause, I say it because
I don't break in stores, but I break all laws
Written while sittin', all fittin' not bitten
Givin' me the juice that your not gettin'
I'm not a law obeyer, so you can tell your mayor
I'm a non-stop, rhythm rock poetry sayer
I'm the rhyme player, the the ozone layer
A battle what? Here's a bible so start your prayer
A word to the wise is justified
If they ask you what happened, just admit you lied
You just got caught a, for going out of order
And now you're servin' football teams their water
You just got dissed, all but dismissed
Sucker duck emcees, you get me pissed
It's no fun, being on the run
Cause they got me, Public Enemy number one

For all you suckers, liars, your cheap amplifiers
You crossed up wires are always starting fires
For you grown up criers, now here's a pair of pliers
Get a job like your mother, I heard she fixes old dryers
You have no desires, your father fixes tires
You try to sell ya equipment, but you get no buyers
It's you they never hire, you're never on flyers
Cause you and your crew, is only known as good triers
Known as the poetic lyrical son
I'm Public Enemy number oneback to top

I'm cold gettin' busy while I'm shakin' you down
I'm on the air, you're on the ground
Chuck D, the enemy, words you heed
Build for speed, but what you need is
Funky fresh lyrics fallin' down on time
Your enemy poppin' it, droppin' a dime
Comin' back rockin' a tomahawk jam
And still gettin' fly with the mike in my hand
I'm cold coolin' out, layin in the shade
Dealers buggin cause they're gonna get sprayed
Their intimidator, your Scarface
What's goin' on (huh) what's takin' place
I don't wear gold but I clock ducats
And I have the money overflowing out of buckets
You want crazy dollars, I make people holler
You stick 'em stupid and I'm snatching biters collars
I'll rebuilt the mine to alleviate
Unnecessary pressures that can create
The sting that stung Yama-Goochie Foo Yung
When he bit the Public Enemy he only got hung
Cause his brain was gettin' bigger than a pregnant toad
His heartbeat stopped cause of overload
I made the beat that broke his back
I cut his circulation made his world turn back
I find out things like E.S.P.
Amazing world of Kreskin's brain velocity
Like Alexander Munday, I'm in like Flint
Mercedes limousine with a hardcore tint
I'm captain of the ship, I make 'em walk the planks
Riding round the world, hundred sixty million francs
Not like the kind that you put on the grill
Cause I only do it like that when I'm on a chill hill
When I get to the beach, the ground's so sandy
Girls on my jock like ants on candy
Checking out the fellas with the girls on the side
Put ya boat in the water, let's take a ride
to the land of party people rocking shocking to the beat
So keep ya eyes on ya girl cause ya know I'm gonna cheat
I'm gonna max and relax and chill my will
Body rockin', brain shockin' makes your heart stand still
I'm goin' for the money that man ever made
Gettin' thrill from orders, suckers obeyed
It's gettin' late and I can't wait
To drive by the bus and rock my tape
My car is movin', fast like a train
Never skid off the road, even in the rain
Cold dodgin' tickets, rockin' all the jams
Make biters step back and understandback to top
Yo! Bum Rush The Show

I am taking no prisoners, taking no shorts
Breakin' with the metal of a couple of forts
While we're hearin' that boom supplement the mix
We're gonna rush 'em like the Bears in the 46
Homeboys I don't know but they're part of the pack
In the plan against the man, bum rush attack
For the suckers at the door, if you're up and around
For the suckers at the door, we're gonna knock you back down

(chorus) Yo! Bum rush the show

Searchin my body for fuckin' what
Cause my gun's just for fun and knife don't cut
How can I make you understand
I still can kill with my goddamn hands
Troubles, not me, I don't mean to cause
But you took one look and began to pause
Didn't hoolar at the dollar we willin' to spend
But you took one look and wouldn't let our ass in

(repeat chorus)

Cold bum rushin' doors like at first it's something
But all we realize that the show ain't nuthin'
For the stunts and the blunts, whole world inside
The reason that the mighty used force supplied
No comp, we'll stomp all in our way
Gave me static so I won't pay
It might be a trick that you don't like
Comin' in the side door then grabbin' the mike
A ho for an oh, a pow for an ow
Girls start screamin' all I say is wow
Get that sucker who shot that gun
Beat his monkey ass till it ain't no fun
5-O showed and wouldn't you know
They blamed it on the kid cause all I said was...

(repeat chorus)back to top
Raise The Roof

(chorus) Raise your hands, so we can
Raise the roof, so you can
Raise your voice, so we can
Raise the roof

Raise the roof because it's all on fire
Not done by the sun or electrical wire
Not done by sons stricking matches with daughters
But done by scratches so save that water
This jam is packed so I just figure
All we need is the house to get bigger
So startin' with the roof down to the base
We're at your service to burn the place

(repeat chorus)

With the spot as hot as it can get
The roof's on fire, you're soaked and wet
The puzzle on your face shows as you sweat
But your body keeps movin' with no regrets
Chandeliers shake, swing from front to back
Left to right all night, and the lights don't crack
Your minds on the time, hopin' it don't end
It's time to get stupid, here we go again

(repeat chorus)

Stare at the strope, pull your earlobe
For the sights and sounds clear across the globe
This jam might hit or miss the charts
But the style gets wild as state of the art
Dazzling in science, bold in nerve
But givin' my house what it deserves
Served on the floor cause I got payed
Make the fans that left, wished they had'a stayed
Realize my friend, ain't this a trip
As your body gets railed when you do the flip
And your mind gets rocked when we're on a roll
Then the freak of the week makes you loose control
A Swatch for a watch, so you'll know the time
Your crowd gets loud and you clock my rhyme
The messiah's on fire and I'm living proof
I'll quench your desire and raise your roof

(repeat chorus)

In school I'm cool throughout the week
When the weekend comes, I'm down with the Greeks
Frat brothers known across the seven seas
Fly ladies of the 80's, sororities
Zetas, Deltas, AKA's
Women that keep me in a daze
Phi Sigma boys in the move
With the Kappas and the Ques and of course the grooves to
And for real it's the deal and the actual fact
Takes a nation of millions to hold me back
Rejected and accepted as a communist
Claimin' fame to my name as a terrorist
Makin' money in corners that you'll never see
Dodgin'judges and the lawyers and the third degree
Nothin' wrong with a song to make the strong survive
Realize gave me five cause I kept 'em alive
Mislead what you read bout my devilish deeds
Mislead what I said so you're better off dead
Make 'em hear it and see it for the Def and blind
And command it and we'll plan it for incapable minds
Take for granted and demand it from the wave of my hand
Make the jealous understand it, just say damn
When they see me ask a question, "How can it be?"
When they watch me pull a serpent straight out of the sea
Turn the winter into summer, then from hot to cold
Expand my power on the hour, make you all behold
From the slammer swing a hammer like the mighty Thor
God of thunder, you'll go under, then you'll all applaud
And fathom that distance, the mad must reap
Meet Namor sea lord, Prince of the deep
Here for you to fear at any cost
Tellin you to get busy or you better get lost
Livin' lives civilized from the lessons I tauhgt
Cities buried underground just because I went off
My friends, enemies, better be my friend
Is queston people guessin' is this the end?

End of the world, are you guessin' yes?
Just say don't delay it, get it off your chest
Houses of crack, I've seen too much
I go ready, aim, fire, then I'll blow 'em upback to top

Time is gettin' crazy, people clockin' out
They're robbin' all the cribs on a death wish route
Breakin' into cars trying to steal their system
20 pounds on the bar, betcha can't lift 'em
Ya throw two punches, now you got no wind
Hittin' mega pipes, gettin' super stupid thin
Crying all the tears, smokin' all the squares
Workin' for ya boy, ya came short and full of swears
Ya couldn't make the money cause ya smoked up the product
Walkin' round the town, skeptalepsy illaroduct
Can't be trusted cause you're living in the past
Ya should have kept yo ass away from that blast


I got a homeboy who is out on the block
He sells mo crack that they sell fish at the dock
He runs to every car, thinkin' he's a star
He gets his product snatched by some people in a car
The car pulls off, he hung onto the side
Of the car that is in motion, guess his product took a ride
He tried to sell a dime for a thirty dollar bill
Fake gold plate on the back, no frill
Fake Hawaiian suit, scratched up knees
In his fridgerator, bread, water, cheese
Antique fork, how long will it last?
We'll see in twelve minutes when he wants the blast

oback to top
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