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Public Image Ltd. lyrics

Album: 9 [1989]

 01  Happy?
 02  Disappointed
 03  Warrior
 04  U.S.L.S. 1
 05  Sand Castles In The Snow
 06  Worry
 07  Brave New World
 08  Like That
 09  Same Old Story
 10  Armada
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All those oh! so trendy in their flapper and flair
Delinquent derelict, four walls and a square
Never should you worry about society
The best things in this life are never free
Treat this whole world to a cavalry rout
And when you've had enough of go, go, go and get out

Is everybody happy? Well are you happy?

Get a live-in lover, never leave her alone
The lifestyle is impressive, and you've moved up a tone
Circulate in circles, leave the centre at home
And happy is this hero, never needing a throne


We're having a party-and everyone's welcome-
And if you've got no friends-I'm sure we'll invent some
It's things and then it's places
Not people and their faces
It's things and then it's places
Not people and their faces. And are you happy?

Don't go near the water till you learn how to swim
The parodies and prophecies, cataclysm
Probably a proverb, like blood from a stone
and happy is this hero, never needing a throne


It's things and then it's places
Not people and their facesback to top
(Allen Dias, Duane Edmonds, John Lydon, John McGeoch, Bruce Smith, Stephen

Promises, promises
OLd tired, worn out second hand sentences
One thing, with you is certain
YOu're a really sad person. So sad.

Disappointed a few people
When friendship reared its ugly head
Disappointed a few people
Well, isn't that what friends are for?
What are friends for?

You, you're just a really bad person
Who won't, you won't, listen to anyone. No not you
With those half moon eyelids
JUst babbling on, your useless defences. So sad.


This erratic haphazard, fluttering
This toing and frowing
Like a confused moth
The collusion, illusion
And it's all ad infinitum
You're a really sad person. You're really so sad


Fools and horses
Running their courses
And brow beaten down
Like dust on the ground
You cheat easily
Like sweet charity
And all of the bastards
The world despises
Springing surprises
In newer disguises
You cheat easily
Like all charityback to top
Fields they have eyes
Woods they have ears
Fish always sink
Head first downward
I'll never dismount
I ride the tiger
Crosses are ladders
Leading to heaven
Keep the candle burning
Bright in the window
It's the only light
I'll see tonite
Beggars can't be choosers
Shrouds have no pockets
some of us wake up
Others roll over
Hear the dog bark
Watch the trees sway
Keep the candle burning
Both night and day
Many invade
I take no quarter
This is my land
I'll never surrenderback to top
U.S.L.S. 1
The moon shines bright in the desert night
The other side of a clear sunlight
The other side of a character
Comes out to play before the day

The devil follows out his plans
And makes his work for idle hands
Neatly packaged bird has flown
The devil takes care of his own

Clouds now greeting this aeroplane
Tearing across the empty sky
A bomb implant in the luggage hold
The devil takes care of his ownback to top
Sand Castles In The Snow
Madmen fry
This is bad for their health
In the midday sky
Everything has its appointed hour
Get down on their knees
Why should the devil have all the good tunes
BUt the sand won't freeze
Those that do you wrong will never forgive you

Deciding on decisions-deciding on decisions-a war between the ears
Laughing like a madman-laughing like a madman-laughing at the madman

On the barren waste
With the mind of roadworks full of parked cars
You will decorate
An incident of original sin
With skull and bone
An accident of true distinction
Your final home
You spoke too quick, now count the stars


Evaporation, dehydration
An innocent of original sin
With this skull and bones, dehydrating on the desert sands
Raised my height
took an all time low
Took away a little part of me
Sand castles in the snow
And everything you knew
Has turned its back on you
Sand castles in the snow
Deciding on decisions
Deciding on decisions
Well I raised my heights
Took an all time low
I'm laughing at this madman
And all these things
You did and said
All these things
Running through my head
Laughing at the madman
Deciding on decisionsback to top
Don't you worry. Worry no more
YOur own holocaust to wallow in
Exaggeration in story telling
Merely a statistic in this latitude
Don't you worry

These words are like bullets
They go straight to my head
And I grow on greed, with the mother of invention
Don't you worry
These words are like bullets
They go straight to my head
The fruits of life, gave me dysentery

These words are like bullets
They go straight to my head
Keep an ear to the ground
Only flesh is earthbound
Don't you worry no more
Worry no moreback to top
Brave New World
Diplomatic Washing machine
climb down from cloud cuckoo land
Dish this dirt for senile convert
Clean living as in the adverts

And in this brave new world
Proud is the Philistine
And in this brave new world
Who needs the sun to shine

Dig this grave, don't make no waves
Fairy tales and stagnant pools
YOu call this living, well I call you fool
This ideal vision propped up on a astool


Blank cheques-prosperity
What do you want, what do you want from me
I'm ever so sorry-I'm ever so sorry
I can't help you-I can't even help me


And proud is that mirror of mineback to top
Like That

Like that, she did not like that
She did not like that-she never will
Like that, she did not like that
She did not like that-she never will
Just like a woman

Bad boy you should not do that
You penny pincher from rags to riches
and it's a pity so inexpertly
You mixed your roses with your cabbages


Like that. She does not like that
Like that. She did not like that
JUst like a woman. And every man

In human nature these snakes and ladders
The fairground noises are messages
LIfe would be dull and boring
Without the choices of passages

Just like those dancing dervish
We spin in circles we strike up poses


Just like a woman, anad every man
Combine those dreams and wishes
On standard clauses and marriages

CHORUSback to top
Same Old Story
Some people got: more kicks than halfpence
and cry for attention, like cracks in the pavement
And all of this pointed, like perfect TV
When you're sowing the wind, you reap the whirlwind

Who gets the mansions-we get the ruins
Same old story

YOur flexible nature, serving no purpose
Like a terrible artist, using no shadow
And the king of the castle, is pulling new shapes
Gilding the lilies, and all of them fakes


typical tragic, small house and small street
Narrow the outlook, small minded coomplete
The emperor's new clothes, get clearer and clearer
Dictate to the fingers, that tighten the trigger


And the king of the castle is pulling new shapes
Life is a poison, it begins at home
Pride is a trinket, a security blanket
You could tangle the spiders on the webs that we weave

CHORUSback to top
And I-I won't be stupid
State the obvious-pleasant platitudes
Bad policies-mega magnitude

And I-would not be surprises
If next door's roses died
And I-would not be overcome with grief
When, in the shadow's cast
The trees lose all their leaves

Two cheeks to the wind-three sheets to set sail
Bow in the storm-we'll die in the water
My armada-three sheets to set sail
Bow in the storm-we'll die in the water

And a head of wax-should not walk in the sun
Pride goes before the fall-let's make feathers fly
Two cheeks to the wind-three sheets to set sail
Bow in the storm-we'll die on the water

My armada-led to the slaughter
My armada-nothing but murder
To conquer and blunder
Led to the slaughter
Nothing but murder
My armadaback to top
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