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Pungent Stench lyrics

Album: Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats [1993]

 01  Viva La Muerte
 02  Horny Little Piggy Bank
 03  Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice
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Viva La Muerte
Que pasa Hombre, do you know what's up?
Don't fuck with me, baby, I'm gonna kick your butt
Your blood will flow when I start to cut
I'm a thriller, a chiller, a killer and though like Godzilla!
Man you gotta kiss me where the sun don't shine
I'm an assassin,
I kick your ass and I tear your spine.
Pretty soon your face will be my seat
But before you die you will dance this pungent beat
I think you don't know what I am
A homicidal lunatic
Despire of mankind
Human life ain't shit to me
And you will repent
That you came into my life, fuck your body up like a carcrash
Shoot you in your head, turn your face into a mash
I'm not afraid to die, because I am invincible
Viva la muerte, that's my goddamn principle
Yeah I like to kill at will
Against a guy like me exists no medicine or pill
Fucking bath my hand in human waste
Your twisting flesh is what I wanna taste
The disagreeable part is yet to come
I'm gonna get your bitch and fuck this piece of scum
And when you start to smell, after a while
She has to suck your dick, when I screw her in doggy-style
I jerk off in your face
And she licks it up
She swallows everything
Watching this stupid chick
Sucking a deadmans dick
Makes me really hot
Just like a rebel, I'm making trouble
Bitch, shut up otherwise you make it double
Don't offer resistance, because I am invincible
Viva la muerte, that's my motherfucking principleback to top
Horny Little Piggy Bank
Slut! Shut the fuck up and get off my dick
Wasted! That's what the hell your are
A piece of pussy and that makes me sick
Money is all that matters in your worthless life
Right now you get everything back
You broke my heart, so I'll break your neck
With my hands, I fucking crack the bone
Oh, I enjoy your pain
Watch you bleed to death
Just can't wait till you take your last breath
You played your games with me
Love made me blind now I can see
You wanted my money but I'm not rich
Whatever you got, you deserve it bitch
Dead! Your body smells like rotten fish
Painful was your demise and cash has been your last wish
Yeah, I will keep your body in my house
Fuck you whenever I want
Lick up your asshole and your cunt!
With my tongue I taste the juice
Ain't got nothing to loose
I take the shit on your face
Your existence was a disgrace
I gotta give you what the fuck you need
Cash! Here you are, I fill your body with it
Open up you buttcheeks and drop the coins in your ass
Sweet little sister, now you're my piggy bank
Some day you're gonna be full
A money-pregnant slag
And heavy like a tank
My horny little piggy bankback to top
Blood, Pus And Gastric Juice
Listen to me I have a story to tell
About a guy whose name I can't spell

He likes blood, pus and gastric juice
Of course blood too, so let him booze
He is insane for a brain
Laps of gut sips the fluid
For the sweet he takes meat
To the bone for him alone

Never he is full or has enough
Wouldn't dream of stop eating people thoughback to top
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