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Purnamwulan lyrics

Album: The Fullmoon Over The Kliwon [1997]

 01  My Bride Of Silence
 02  The Hidden Of The Mystical Path
 03  Seropoh Sombrong Mabhur
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My Bride Of Silence
in this vast forest, I'm living in this smaller world
in this coldest night, I'm staying in Thy solitary
in this freezing moment, I'm drenching after the rain
in this rotting twigs, I'm loosing My age day after day

in the misty and gloomy night ye come again
emerging in date of fifthteen's Kliwon of Friday's Night
The Princess I'm always yearning in Thy heart
I summon ye name but ye still keep in silence

Puteri Kinjang Emas ye beautiful name
for thou who do not know thou hidden mystic
how extensiving yer kingdom's throne in the vast skies
the sparkling stars as yer guardiance at thine palace

yet that yearns beckoning again
The Princess still My yearns is loosing again
let her gone make a sweet memories to Me
for Me still awaiting ye again, eternally

Under the dense tree...
15th Kliwon of Friday's night...
The first knight, Arjuna Wiwaha sitting
in ponder and express his yearning heart
with a wood-pile infront of him...
Deep meditation and immortality passions
to his beloved wife namely Dewi
Supraba that's she is too far from the place...
She is among the seventh wives of Arjuna Wiwaha...
Way up high in the skies, the fullmoon
shinning her brightness to the nature and
the fullmoon potraying and symbolized
the charming faces of his wife...
He've his rest and relief after struggling in the batlles...
He've throw his pair of eyes up in the fullmoon...
At least, his yearns could be treat...
As a sequence in moaning owl,
Arjuna Wiwaha whispering the name of Dewi Supraba...
The seasons change again and
15th of fullmoon Kliwon slowly loosing her brightnes...
And the symbol of his beloved wife vanish from his eyes...
But in patientness he's still waiting for her
in the forthcoming seasons...back to top
The Hidden Of The Mystical Path
since I was born
frequently I'm asking Myself
what this all about ?
is it creation of My nature ?
since now still I seek
who was hidden in Myself
what for I'm living ?
in the world of delusion

infront of Me
I shall see the path of labyrinth
which one should I choose ?
I ask to Myself who I am
in the light and the darkness
show to Me which one is the truth
path of labyrinth
I still couln't the radient of this path

path of labyrinth
which one is only the truth ?
seems still keep asking
till now I'm searching who I am
conclution matter
what is the meaning of this life ?

Upon the audience hall of Pramesti Batara Guru...
Early morning...
A sinful deity have an audience with Batara Guru
and asking some questions about a life and it's purpose...
About the belief and god...
But Batara Guru didn't give a perfect answers...
He just raise his sword and say...
"Ye have yer own brain...
Have yer own ability to be aware...
Ye have yer own
five sense to get the knowledge...
Ye must learn from the nature by yer
infinites power of equilibrium mind...
See in yer own innersoul...
Ye are and ye have yer own god...
Believe in yerself and trust no one...
Take the smart step and choose the right
path for yer own successful life...
And I promise ye that the victories awaits ye..."back to top
Seropoh Sombrong Mabhur
njero njeneng Mbelis seng gedhi
kulo mbakar menyan seng wangi
diasep karo wadhah menyan geni
soko seko mbahku dadhi medhi

ya, Sombrong kulo asepi siro
Sombrong njoto ngelehi getih
getih abhang seng apik meneng
kulo rethi siro ngelehi getih

mbengi iki mbengi Jemuah Kliwon
mbengi iki mbengi seng apik
mbengi iki didhusoi karo getih
mbengi iki wulan ngambang kebhek

kulo adhusi siro karo mbanyu kelopo
kulo kelambeni siro karo mbatang pisang
kulo wangeni siro karo limo purut
kulo asepi siro karo menyan medhi

mugo siro dadhi ngageh ngayah
dendheman kulo hurong meneng entek
karepan kulo siro entok tuneke karepan
mabhurlah siro... mabhur... mabhur... mabhur...

sohsidhi guru kulo dadhi nang kulo

Once upon a time...
in the ages of my youth...
I've spend my time to stayed at my late grandfather's home...
It is a Friday's night in fullmoon of 15th Kliwon...
I'm peeping my late grandfather doing some
descendant's ritual ceremony by his mouth mumbling
some mantra and spells...
In his hand grasping the dagger
and it's called kris of Sombrong...
The symbol of revenge !!!
By a bowl of water, eggs, incense of Kemenyan, purut lemons
among him...
Beside his left have a lying banana's stem
and upright bamboo's stem containing coconut's water...
Sombrong was stabbed on the banana's stem
and immerse into the coconut's water forthwith dry away
upright-down on a smoked trace of burning incense...
The fragrant smells fills the air...
My late grandfather's mouth continuosly mumbling...
It's seems like Sombrong's bathing ceremony
and maybe tonight She will doing some job for him...
I think !!!
I'm shocked and jerked that someone calling my name...
Oh, it's my late grandmother calling me to have my dinner...
Afterwards, I don't know what happen
that I've seen just now because I have my sleep already...
For me, this is a flowers of my youth...back to top
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