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Pyracanda lyrics

Album: Thorns [1992]

 01  At The Abyss
 02  The Dragons Cult
 03  Shut Up!
 04  Two Sides OF Coin
 05  Soulstrip
 06  18 Degrees
 07  Montezumas Revenge
 08  Bad Conscience
 09  Silence Decay
 10  Thorns
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At The Abyss
Time has come - we all know
we all know where to go
This is the time when a nuke means
the end.
A million weapons -
a million ways to die
To die for ideals that I deny
No I won't try, try to save my head
Because I know the living will envy
the dead.

Where do we go - where do we turn to
is there really nothing we can do
our self deception is never ending
No need to panic - we're still standing

At the abyss
-here we are, here we go
-tomorrow one step further
-the judgement day is coming
-our planet is commen grave

The case is clear - we know the facts
We know for sure - what it takes
To taxicate our planet, our living space.
We got the chance, to change
our habbits.
But fame and fortune are leading
our instincts
We're prisoners of our pseudo
intelligece destroy ourself with
greed and ignorance


Chorusback to top
The Dragons Cult
Sleeping in the dust of the morning sun.
Lies the mighty giant
waiting to get waked
He's alive
yeah, his breath, it can be seen from
Since I can think, he has been there.

Kill the sleeping dragon
We hold ourselves a ticking time bomb
in disguise
Kill the sleeping dragon!
A virgins blood won't been enough to
pay the price.

Source of energy and warmth
He's got the key to all our desires of
tomorrows world
The habituation to the trivial picture is wraping up reality


Built it on two earth-clodes they've chosen a dangerous place
Dangerous as the atomic pile it's self for
our human race.
So many ways, better ways of winning
energy, but it seems
They won't see hydroelectric powerplants
They ignore the sunlight and velocity

Still the cult lives
The dragon is among us
His name is radiation energy

Chorusback to top
Shut Up!
You never knew me, you never wanted
to know,
Oh, who I'm where I go
'Til the day I stepped out of the crowd
thought you were my friend, I was a
little bit proud

But this has changed somehow
You've turned your back on me
Hey you, where are you now
Since success has stopped for me?
And still I hear the cho of your blurb.

You know for sure what's best for us
You were the one who we could trust
I built my hopes on the promise you made
Lot's of illusions you took me from the start


Was it for you recognition
Or to be seen with me just for your
In superficiality: you're telling tales to be
accepted by me.

I am the one, I'll do for you
I'll help you through
you-better shut, shut up.
You just shut the breeze
Oh, leave me on my own
before you let me down
You-better shut up, shut up

Oh, am I number four or were there
already more
You've promised the light and the world tonight?
I'm already confused
Why don't you tell me the truth?
Don't need your judas caress.
Your just a pain in the ass.

Was it for recognition...

I'm the one...

I won't be judge, it ain't my right.
Perhaps I care to much for my
feelings inside
Next time you speek, don't hype it up

You'd better stop before it's too late

And when I'm in the jam
I hope that you'll still there
Yes, it would be so great, if you'd show
You reeally careback to top
Two Sides OF Coin
From time immemorial it has been there
Our free and true and
Independent scene it wasn't to compare
with any kind of fashion wave

Unaccepted, but free instead

From wherever the wind blew, there was
No reason to change my mind or the things
I used to answer for
togetherness, in the few

Was the source of power that gave me
strenght, to fit the ones who set my
name in their plans

The harder they fought us, the more they
fed the flame, they couldn't leash it, no,
they couldn't break our will, but like me,
they've felt - there are two sides of a Coin.

Felt the substance
Smelt the cash

What started once with idealism a
revolution now is underminded
by corrupted minds

I see butlicks, pseudofreaks

Waverider, moneymakers, I can't identify
Them with the way I'm looking at life

I hope - that you stay on the path that
you walk
I hope - you're not just a puppet of the
The trends - are the reason why...
I hope - that you stay on the path
that you walk.

Hey you business man, to me you're only
full of shit.back to top
So come on downwhere baby, don't be afraid
right fromm the staart, give me anything you've
got with each peace you show me I'll make
you feel much better.

You feel so alone, alone with
It seems to you, as if someone has left you
on the shelf
Don't lose your last control and bite
your lips no more
I show you the way, that you've been
searchiing for

So come to me and make a clean breast of it all.

You need a soulstrip
You need a soulstrip

You are not alone, I'm as good as my word
So play it cool, that's what the doctor
Speak out your mind about your sorrows
Don't caree about the past, look foreward
for tomorrow

So turn your inner life to outward 'cause
I can see that:

You need a soulstrip
You need a soulstrip

New acquaintances, well-balanced
Piece of mind and assistance
Satisfaction, diversion.
Cleaning the soul and redemption

You feel so alone, alone with yourself
It seems to you as if someone has put you
on the shelfback to top
18 Degrees
Hey, don't leave me lost inside here!

Noone heard the screams behind the doors
of steel
Like a hermetic bolt - it seems.
They lay down the fate of the man who's
cought, inside the cold storaage
His writings give report of his strange
dying way

I've been screaming here for hours
Now my voice is weakening and down to
my bones I can feel the coldness creeping

How long can I last before my blood will
turn to ice and blast my veins

Running round, around and round along the
white tiled walls
Was just a senseless trying of winning time
and warmth
Exhaustion broke the will
Madness closed in
Laughter and cries melt into each other
Illusion telling lies
Impossible to feel the last impressions
He had

Crowing here into the corner
All my hope will disappear
There are voices although I'm alone here,
Alone here with my fear

My fingers, tiptoes everything, I can feel no more

Noooooo!!! Save me from the cold!!!

The gods of frost are sheltering my brain
Oh, someone help me please -
I'm going insane.
Save me from the cold!!!

The men who fouund him couldn't believe
their eyes
It waas so absurd that they had to look

What's your body - mind or soul?
Is there a difference? No not at all
The surface of this union is all we know
But it's much more down below.

How could he die, although there were
---18 degrees?----back to top
Montezumas Revenge
The theme that I will talk about
is not sorta house kind
It's not delicious
No, you won't figure it out
Won't have it in your mind
But I'm sure you know this.

Achiing in the guts
Oppression on the farts
These nasty feelings

When you're trapped
-into Montezumas revenge
You're lost
-if you got the shits
You're trapped
-into Montezumas revenge
and lost

Now it's time to lay down your spoon
I'll go into details
Realize that you'll do it soon
Do you remember?

Brubble in your paaants
The evil stench
How painful

When you're trapped
-into Montezumas revenge
you're lost
-if you got the shits
You're trapped
-into Montezumas revenge
and lost

How long have you been waiting
For the time of penetration?
Oh, now you need to fart
And all fears are growing
Finally it's the end of your
girlfriend's menstruation.
What a mess, now you've got your own.back to top
Bad Conscience
Since I've been acquainted with you
Everything's wrong, you break all
Rules like a bull in a chinashop.
You're mad my friend, my feelings are flat.

How can you say it's just for fate?
How can I pay the bill, you made?
How can you say you're my rising sun,
While my world is goind down?

I feel like a man with a broken leg,
thrown into a kick-ass match
Someone get a stuck in you life
Don't want a piece 'cause I want it all
How can you say...

Wait for, pray for maybe you'll see

THe thing's can't go on like this
Bad conscience and a deadly kiss
You got a caecum in your brain
Stop it now, stop it somehow
How can you say...back to top
Silence Decay
Sunrise - absurdity of another day
Senile decay takes your grin away
You had hell of good time you were
on cloud nine

Retritment's like darkness to a dying flame
Now more than ever you longing for some
fame, Randy times in far away days are gonna
fade in the haze

You've lived, haven't lived in vain
Memories perish not in pain
So don't reget what you've done at last
Cause you can't call back the past

You'd better make your mind up, 'cause your
time is slipping away

Why don't you hide in self compression?
It lies your own hands, yes you can
Seal your fate, so step outside.
Live out the passion of anything you like
You'll see it's not too late
Here what I say - you live today
Your innerself - you can't betray

Look in the mirror and say what you see
But forget the natur reality
You're as young as your dreams my friend
It's mind over mater right 'till the end.

Ehy - don't you deal with your age?
Do - you believe in immortality?
Who - wants to live forever?
You - will never know this rot!

No one has told you that life's so short
But who want's to tell, when the ones who
Know are with the lord, don't get the shock of
Your life, when the years arrive



You'd better your mind up, 'cause your
time is slipping away.back to top
The ground was fruitless
But the seed came up
A plant so homely
Roots on search for support
Surrounding was hostile
No reason to stop!
What doesn't kill, just makes us harder.

Sprouts are growing stronger
Feel the sting of our thorns if
You stand in our way
Get out of our way!
Oh, become a thorn now!

As the public noticed the plant,
some people said
Soon the growth will end
Those unbelievers changed their opinions
As they have felt the pain of our stings.


You can't root out, you cannot touch
The sting is deep and hurts so much
Boughs who will defy any hostile
No one can stop, not even
A sleeping beauty's prince
I wonder now where we would be
without thorns energy.
Creep across the land, all together
Take the world under Pyracanda.back to top
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