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Pyracanda lyrics

Album: Two Sides Of Coin [1990]

 01  Top Gun
 02  Democratic Terror
 03  Delirium Tremens (Tremendous)
 04  Challenge Cup
 05  Rigor Mortis
 06  Welcome To Crab-Louse City
 07  Dreamworld (Good Bye, Mary Ann)
 08  Loser
 09  Don't Get Infected
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Top Gun
The information flies proudly over the crowded place
the snow is on, just for you
you should feel safe, but fear is shown in your face
fireballs, a nightmare's coming through

We don't nedd no rockets in the sky
too many people senselessly die
we don't need no low level flight
a life in peace, it's our right

And they fly - widely opened eyes as they die
Top gun
Who is the number one.
and they fly - they won't hear our cries
Top gun
and the madness goes on

Your military force was built to save our freedom
now you bring us all in danger
look for another place where your wargames can go on
it's irresponsible, our hearts are full of anger



A sunny afternoon, peaceful but soon
the air will filled with noise
soon you see the flying boys
and suddenly you wake up dead
with an airplane on your head


But still they fly, here in our homeland's sky
the people's voice is not heard
that's all and they will just let you call
democracy is just a word


Chorusback to top
Democratic Terror
Evil, of course, turn up the force
they've got the license to kill
streets are in flames, switch off your brains
now it's game over and tilt
truncheous and guns, demonstrators run
looking for trouble and now they start
paving - stones fly, panic arises
everyone has his own part

The streetbattle is in progress
all you can see is only a mess
the roadblocks are a few meters high
so die.
Armed to the teeth, laugh in their sleeve
it's paradox to die on a runway
signalrockets, knifes in their pockets
to kill, but wait for th eleaders - OK!
Sirens and hoots, troops moving out
feeling like in a case of war
protest march, chaos at large
they pleased themselves and piss on the law


Terror - trample upon the freedom of thought
Terror - they think they're strong, with the
weapons they've brought
Schizophrenic - speed up the down fall of
Error -
Terror - disguising the face and burn the city


Chorusback to top
Delirium Tremens (Tremendous)
The morning after on the verge of ruins
can't live without it, need it to exist

Intoxication - no way out
no common sense

Delirium tremendous
delirium tremendous

No obligation, visions of horror
another illusion and one more drink



Whisky or water, barefoot or boots
walls of dust, there is no escape


Chorusback to top
Challenge Cup
Looking back now, realize
you're not worth the tears I've cries
played an evil game with me
revenge is my guarantee
your body is like Chernobyl
infected from many escapades
a crab-louse found a family
you know this is reality

And the crablouse in your cxxx...
...don't know what you want

You're a human challenge cup
and you're definitely suck
stand everyday in another board
and I hope to see you soon in a morgue

Lying sleepless in my bed
what you think is what you get
I'm praying for redemption
but suicide is no solution
clairvoyants, they can say
you're going on a blind alley
get some pennies to buy a friend
'cause there is no helping hand

And the crab-louse...


K.M.A. greeting to your mother
it's okay - you got from her some order
it's allright - please yourself

and tonight - another at your side
I can forgive, I can forget, you've gone too far
avoid me and take care, 'cause one day I'll
smash you
with my car

You're a human challenge cup
and the crabbies have some fun
I'll, I'll visit you at night
and my present is insecticideback to top
Rigor Mortis
You used to slam and thrash around
but now you're lying underground
your blood runs cold, your flesh decays
you must have wittnessed better days

Rigor mortis - starts to rule
Rigor Mortis - destroys your life
Rigor Mortis - no escape
Rigor Mortis - all desicions have been made

Maggots are crawling upon your chest
your body rots and gets musty fast
there's no way to escape
you must have wittnessed better days


Your soul burns in purgatory
horrible screams all around
where ever you look, only well - known people
your friends were no good just like you

Watch out and beware, Satan is near
His legions of death are prepared
to throw out your soul
into the deepest black hole, a prison where no
one breaks out
You used to...


-Don't take these lyrics seriously-:)back to top
Welcome To Crab-Louse City
a)The Return of the past:
I told you that I'll come back one day
insecticide is on its way

Help me, help me - Crab-Louse attack
go back, go back, go back from my neck
wildlife reserve, wildlife reserve
charged to preserve, charge to preserve
"Lets make an expedition into the animal

b)The Shame
Invasion - you lay in your bed and the troops march down
your neck
sensation - they've found a paradise and you'll
be their

Armies around you - no way out
war of conquest - scream and shout
be their friends or die

Sacrifice - scraping is no use, your reputation
you will lose
feel the knife - what you need is a shave, but
got good hiding places
Capitulate - what a shame
it's your fate-take the blame-be their friend or die

Bringing disease, we're living in peace
we're not your enemies
so come, take our hands
united we stand - welcome to Crablouse City

Remember the days, when sadness has
signed me
my soul has been torn, but now I'm reborn, you
I've found some friends, my misery ends
millions and more signing the choir of my holy
so watch out you fools, you were my tools
they're doing the march, the day has come, the
Crab-Louse rules

The escapades - some joy with the boy who
had the village in
his trousers
Red alert - when the boy loves the maid, the
is afraid
Armies around you - what a shame
Suiters get infected - take the blame - be their
friend or die


Be their friend or diiiiiiie.....back to top
Dreamworld (Good Bye, Mary Ann)
Old enough, but you have failed
like a ship without a sail
and mothers cry, as their children die

How much I need you, I try to show
I'm always with you and I love you so
different things have changed your life
it promised you the biggest lies

I'm longing for a peaceful night
but I can't get a wink of sleep
and I feel the pain deep inside
and I hear your silent screams

She was living in a dreamworld, illusions can't
set free
in a dreamworld, a step into insanity
in a dreamworld, but she wouldn't learn
in a dreamworld - good bye Mary Ann

I'm going insane when I see you with this stuff
missing your loving, I got problems enough
I'm drowining in blood, sweat and tears
another reddish vein invigorates my fears

Oh, this is beyond endurance, another
sleepless night
standing on the edge of life, how can I hold you


So keep your hands off, and never walk to
a point of no return
the last injection, for your addiction
cannot help you, Mary Ann
now I'm standing at your grave
and the flowers on it begin to fade
another warning victim
but for you it's not to lateback to top
Hello my pretty girl, how do you feel tonight
I hope you have time
I'm looking for pleasure and you're the right one
tonight you'll be mine
would you like to go to a pub
and have 5000 beers
or shall we go to a hotel-room
to fuck around the world
the time is right to have some fun
how much more do you expect
let us go to a place where we'll be alone
oh, you have a pretty ass

Look in my eyes and you don't believe
that I'm the biggest loser of the world

But you say you're the Disco-Qeen and my is not your style
OK I'll follow you to that fucking scene
and the man in my ear must take care
neon lights and perfum stench, what a fucking
this sound makes me feel so blue
where is the exit from this mazw
Eehh, who's that, who's that strange creature,
standing at your side
he's ugly and has pimples in his face
I can't believe my eyes

Look in my face...

Oh, look at that dirty Poser-Pig, with very
stylish clothes
has make-up in his face
and he's looking just like a roller coaster
I say to him: I'll just count to thee, and then
you better run
but suddenly a slam on my ear, from the lady
who looks so fine
she kicks my ass, spits on my face and then
she turns around
now I'm standing here like an imbecile Loser
that girl was lost and never found

Look in my pants...back to top
Don't Get Infected
Two-timing is an epidemic
deadly risk you know
don't forget your rubbers
otherwise your grave has been

Hell awaits - 'cause you have AIDS
love your next - but don't get
infected (Repeat)

Safer sex, this is the need
but those words are unknown to you
you say you're free from AIDS
you were a chosen asshole


Loss of hair - lymphatic glands
are swollen
go on a diet - thin as a rack
handle with care - you must take
the blame
torment of hell - when pleasure turns to pain


Chorus:back to top
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