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Queensryche lyrics

Album: Promised Land [1995]

 01  9:28 Pm
 02  I Am I
 03  Damaged
 04  Out Of Mind
 05  Bridge
 06  Promised Land
 07  Dis Con Nec Ted
 08  Lady Jane
 09  My Global Mind
 10  One More Time
 11  Someone Else ?
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9:28 Pm
(Scott Rockenfield)back to top
I Am I
(Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate)

Beating with life you promised life,
security, happiness,
Unfortunate son cornered,
cowering in the pit of
circling panes of glass that
surround and reveal the ever present ³It²

³It² is my move, my every look,
interpreting gestures,
informing others
whatıs undercover and
lurking beneath my mask
of this yearsıs featured model.
Is this too much ?
Close your eyes.
Care to look inside ? I AM I !

What may appear
might easily be explained
but give the situation
of into saturation,
what you feel can never go away.

Steering perception ? I AM I !
Inviting contradiction ? I AM I !
Itıs my insistence
you keep your distance
From the glare behind my stare.
So this is the way
the game is played
You can leave now...
but I think youıll stay. I AM I !back to top
(Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate)

Waiting for the feeling to subside.
Paranoid, I melt into myself
They say Iım to reach inside and find
the broken part of my machinery.
Psychoanalyze the chapters
on the path to my darkest day.
Searching for the answers,
all I see is Damage through the haze.
Picking up the pieces of my life
with no direction for re-assembly.
The one that lays beside me
is sharing scars of my broken yesterdays.
Will tomorrow find me hypnotized ? Crying ?
Mother Mary in control, domineering stranglehold
sowing destructive seeds
for the scavengers to feed.
Driving the nail into my head,
memory flows like a river
With the one that lays beside me
Iım healing scars from my childhood memories.
Tomorrow finally found me.
Iım hypnotized. Iım trying ...
to understand the chapters
of the path from my darkest day.
Searching the answers
but thereıs Damage !back to top
Out Of Mind
(Chris DeGarmo)

Little girl sits in the corner
locked in a stare.
Arms waiving madly at something
that sadly isnıt there.
Dressed in the dayıs best by a nurse
whoıs nowhere to be found.
What does she see ?
Maybe sheıs looking at me.

Old man is strapped to the seat of his chair
wearing a gown,
shouting and cursing at someone who clearly
isnıt around.
Father Time has twisted his mind. The staff says,
³Heıs not well !²
To whom does he speak ?
Maybe heıs speaking to me.

So we keep these people inside these walls,
from society.
Their forgotten lives safe from the crowd,
they canıt leave.
Through the doors come people like me,
good-bye to them.
They see a picture few of us see.
They canıt leave.
Youıve left them here for me.back to top
(Chris DeGarmo)

You called me up on the phone today
struggling with the right words to say.
Time can change a thing or two.
Time has changed the lives of me and you,
but you know... it could have been different dad.

The word brings back a sweet memory.
Iım sitting on a bluff on a broken tree,
by my side a distinguished man giving me
encouragement, telling me I can, and you know ...
youıre not there.

You say, ³Son, letıs forget the past,
I want another chance, gonna make it last.²
Youıre begging me for a brand new start, trying
to mend a bridge thatıs been blown apart, but you know...
you never built it dad.

So I sit here through the night, and I
write myself to sleep, and time keeps ticking...

Time has made you finally realize your
loneliness and your guilt inside.
Youıre reaching for something you never had,
turning around now youıre loocking back, and you know...
Iım no there.

You say, ³son, letıs forget the past.
I want another chance, gonna make it last.²
Youıre begging me for a brand new start, trying
to mend a bridge thatıs been blown apart, but you know ...
you never built id dad.back to top
Promised Land
(Chris DeGarmo, Eddie Jackson, Scott Reckenfield, Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton)

Watching the sand fall,
listening for the knock
upon my door,
and waiting...
for Promised Land.

Standing neck deep in life,
my ring of brass
lay rusting on the floor.
Is this all ?,
because itıs not what I expected.

Somewhere along the way
friends I once held close
fled the fast lane.
I didnıt notice,
I just had to make it.
Head down, nose to the grindstone;
the kiss of life
place on my brow
somehow slid to the ground
and lies buried six feet under.

Preaching from the floor again
the same old sad song,
³Bartender... bring another drink for their favorite son.²

Where did it all go wrong ?
Whatıs the use in even holding on ?
Hereıs to love, hate ... and promises.

Almost called it today.
Turned to face ³The Void²
numb with the suffering
and the question,
³Why am I ... ?²
So many times Iıve
tried and failed to
gather my courage, reach again for that nail.
Lifeıs been like
dragging feet through sand,
and never finding ... Promised Land.

Preaching from the floor again
the same old sad song,
³Bartender ... bring another drink for their favorite son.²
Where did it all go wrong ?
I feel like Iım dying.
Hereıs to love, to hate,
to promises and Promised Land lies.back to top
Dis Con Nec Ted
(Scott Rockenfield, Geoff Tate)

Iıve got to do something
about this loathsome
state Iım in

Dis con nec ted.
Dis con nec ted.
Dis con nec ted.

Everywhere, I see decay.
Mechanized and sterilized
visions in replay.
I must release my rage.

Oh ... Dis con nect ted.
Iım ... Dis con nec ted.
feeling so ... Dis con nec ted.

Maybe all I need
besides my pills
and the surgery
is a new metaphor for reality.

Iım... Dis con nec ted.
feeling so... Dis con nec ted.
oh... Dis con nec ted.
you know.back to top
Lady Jane
(Chris DeGarmo)

Sitting all alone, inside, today Jane.
The other girls are home, weıre playing a new game,
The voice is very, very close, you like it that way,
and weıre feeling rather warm inside.

Are you smiling or afraid ?
You can have it either way.

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today,
and the world is looking very strange, you must proclaim !
Itıs quite a scary, scary ride we take, Lady Jane.

Yesterday seemed very dark, but now itıs bright,
your clouds have gone away.
Sensory perception peaking at this time,
electric waves of sound are filling Janieıs mind today
calling out to Janie as you drift away, ³Dont be afraid,
theyıre only your illusions anyway.²

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today,
and weıre sure you wonıt forget the things
youıve seen today !back to top
My Global Mind
(Chris DeGarmo, Scott Rockenfield, Geoff Tate, Michael Wilton)

Thereıs hunger in Africa,
and angerıs on assembly lines.
At the touch of a button
Iım miles away.
I want no connection, just information,
and Iım gone.

I feel so helpless,
so I turn my gaze to another place.

MY GLOBAL MIND reaches out for the truth.

Why try holding back the wave ?
Youıll only drown in the changes.
Youıve got to learn to let go.
Just let go and experience the flight.
Try to see from a different side.
If balance is the key
maybe weıll see
a future understanding.

then we wonıt feel so helpless,
and turn away and hide from the change.

MY GLOBAL MIND searches for something new.
MY GLOBAL MIND zeros in on news.

Time and rules are changing.
Attention span in quickening.
Welcome the Information Age.

I feel so helpless,
so I turn my gaze to another place.

MY GLOBAL MIND searches for something new.
MY GLOBAL MIND zeros in on news.
MY GLOBAL MIND reaches out for the truth.
MY GLOBAL MIND zeros in on you.

Itıs searching everywhere,
across the mountains,
across the oceans,
across every man made line.
No boundary gonna keep it from youback to top
One More Time
(Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate)

Behind my eyes
I keep my truth from you.
No one enters
this secret place,
the barrier only I embrace
Time is fleeting now
they say.
Take time to look inside
and face ... the change.
Dig down deep
to find the man I thought I was.
A dog on the treadmill panting,
the master pulls the leash, laughing.
Now I canıt remember why
I needed to run, needed to try so hard.

One more time around
is all I ask for now.
a star to steer by, wind to
take me home again.

³Work hard in life boy,
thereıs paradise in the end.²
Year after year we struggle to gain
the happiness our parents never claimed.
They told us all we had to do
was do what weıre told, buy what was sold,
³Invest in gold, and never get old.²

One more time around
is all I ask for now,
a star to steer by, wind to
take me home again.back to top
Someone Else ?
When I fell from grace
I never realized
how deep the flood was around me.
A man whose life was toil was like a kettle left to boil,
and the water left scars on me.

I know now who I am.
If only for a while,
I recognize the changes.
I feel like I did before the
magic wore thin and the ³baptism
of stains² began

They used to say I was
nowhere, man,
heading down
was my destiny.
But yesterday, I swear,
that was someone else not me.

Here I stand at the crossroads edge,
afraid to reach out for eternity.
One step, when I look down,
I see someone else not me.

Looking back and I see
someone else.

All my life they said I
was going down,
but Iım still standing,
stronger, proud.
And today I know thereıs
so much more I can be.

From where I stand at the crossroads edge
thereıs a path leading out to sea.
And from somewhere
deep in my mind,
sirens sing out loud
songs of doubt
as only they know how.
But one glance back reminds, and I see,
someone else not me.

I keep looking back
at someone else ... me ?

fback to top
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