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Rage lyrics

Album: Execution Guaranteed [1987]

 01  Mental decay
 02 Grapes of wrath
 03  When you are dead
 04  Streetwolf
 05  Deadly error
 06  Down by law
 07  Execution guaranteed
 08  Hatred
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Mental decay
Knight of virtue
Men of war
Ideals of your time
Sense of duty
You've done what they expect you to do
Missiles'll save us
In Video games they do
Mental decay
I will laugh when you must cry
Mental decay
Why should I know the reason why
Mental decay
To Hell with any intellect
Mental decay (Mental decay)
What to do with all this time?
There's a hole in my life
Go out hunting
The pleasure to kill
Don't like strangers
Without beer I've got no fun
(Repeat 2nd verse)
Apathy in friendship, stupidity at work
Keep faith in tradition, the orders from above
Your fancy dies on T.V.,
your conscience on the way
You'll be vegetating right up to your final day
(Repeat 1st verse)
Hunger for life,
Joy of risk
Future perspectives died
Take a look at those decrepit pensioners
They fuss around to make believe they're alive
They hate everyone just
because they're all so young
The lividness in their faces
(Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
When you are dead
He's got a pleasure in his
life that's a real chill
I think it's funny but the people say he's ill
He likes to keep what's transient,
save it from decay
That's what you've got to know
if you should pass his way
He's not a killer,but death is his dearest friend
It is for everyone beginning and the end
And on the graveyard,
where there's rich and poor the same
He's digging in the ground to set them free again
They've been part of the universe
And they are unique on this earth
And when you dies he's at your door
I tell you what he's waiting for
He's gonna get you when you are dead
He's gonna cut your skull free when you're dead
He's gonna get you when you are dead
You're gonna be the next one when you're dead
It's a passion with him
to free them from their flesh
All night he's in the cellar rigging up remains
And then he's got them all together one by one
A real collector of the dead, a lucky man
Just give a damn for reverence
He's nuts and doesn't need no sense
And when you die he's at your door
I tell you what he's waiting for
(Repeat 2nd verse)
DEAD! DEAD. "won't you give me your mother?
Gonna rip her with real care
This femoral's real fine
Don't you shiver in your spine?"back to top
Misty veil
Night's falling
On dirty streets
Before the storm
Who's such a fool to destroy himself?
Who still believes he could rule the world?
But after all,
they invent the ultimate war machines
declaring war on the world from space, a star war
Tell the world it's protection, nothing can go
wrong they wouldn't ever confess
what their real intention is
Before the storm, we're prepared for the fall
So many lives with no future at all
Before the storm, now they chime in the end
Death and destruction will come from their hands
Shake hands and smile in the camera's eye
But coming near there's eagerness in their eyes
They are under the command of hunger for the gold
The poisoned sting of power jabs
in their veins like a bolt
(Repeat 2nd verse)
(The secret affair) We don't know what we know
(The secret affair)
The tradition of death must go on
Tell the world it's protection, nothing can go
wrong they wouldn't ever confess what their real
intention is (Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
Deadly error
No one knows the natural powers
They're astonished, they're afraid
Pushing forwards technology
They forgot just who they are
Once contented with fulfillment
Now they cannot get enough
The time has come to harvest what they're sown
There's no way forward, progress cannot grow
And they will see that they have failed
Deadly error
They fight against their own achievements
They fear what they once created
Suffocate in poisoned breezes
Once they conquered, now they're slaves
They are running from their own hell
They are running, cause they know
The time has come to harvest what they've sown
There's no way forward, progress cannot grow
And they will se that they have failed
Deadly error
A shadow
One whisper
Nothing to see
There is a pair of glowing eyes, a gruesome call
Just one breath
He demands tribute
An abased one
In restless pain
The grief feels like they'd
cut a piece out of his heart
Whoo - Streetwolf's got you
Whoo - Streetwolf's got you
Look in the mirror,
a river of blood - your race is almost run
He's in your back, even there on each side,
in front another one
He grabs you at your throat,
his jaws will cut you into bits
It's just what he always did,
the thunder made his hits
Howling and hunting,
a raging revenge - substitutes can't satisfy
The loss of what's too precious
to forget has blured his eye
Soon the day will come when
they will stand up like a storm
The pain will be too mush to bear,
their hearts, they must be torn
Whoo - Streetwolf's got you
Whoo - Streetwolf's got youback to top
Down by law
Help me, I must reach the border
I run from the keepers of order
They have locked me just for nothing
Help me, I'm down by law
Help me, I'm down by law
Watch out, they're at your door
Help me, I'm down by law
There's no chance to defend
When power is in wrong hand
Me, I come out for the dirt, I got nothing
No, the cops, they were looking for a fight
And I'm a victim of denunciation
(Repeat 2nd verse)
My fortune is a plight
Where's law there's no right
"Kill this bastard hunt him to death!"
"Oh, have mercy!" "No, you won't be free!"
Now I'm a criminal subject
Why? My life a mess, no turning back
Just because arbitrariness rules this land
(Repeat 2nd verse)back to top
Execution guaranteed
There in the subway station, they shot him dead
He had broken the secrecy - Omerta
That's what they all will get,
They've got a job to do
The business is too important
to take a risk and so
Please don't get me wrong,
if you'd ever say a word
You'll have missed my friend,
this is what you'll get
Execution guaranteed
We are an old family, controlling the trade
Gun running for the white house. The CIA works
hand in hand with us. We must feed the flame of
hate and war in the third world, cause if they
kill themselves We deliver all they need for the
fall (it's big money) The all order and this is
what they get
Execution guaranteed
We choose, you loose
You - jeah, I've got a mission for you
Look - here, a list of men to execute
Shoot - you must shoot them, no one will find out
Truth - truth is a daughter of time
Execution guaranteed
The smell of danger is in the air
A few make the race but we all must pay the fare
We're to sit on a powder barrel
Waiting for the deadly blow
No one asked the silent masses
And I bet they don't know
Don't tell me this stock of arms ain't
There to be used in the end
The time has come to harvest what they've sown
There's no way forward, progress cannot grow
And they will se that they have failed
The time has passed them by, we must all pay
Just one step back could save for us the day
Why can't they see that they have failed
Deadly errorback to top
Oh, shit, I'm getting sick of this
I'm caught and I can't escape
It's gonna blow my head, you fucker get away
Me, madman in a rage
I hit the ceiling
outta my mind
Oh, when I get free
I'm gonna hand'em high
Oh, baby, it's too unfair
The whole thing's such a mess
Would someone keep the door locked up
When the house is falling in?
The time is coming
I don't want no more
I should believe in
Oh, man, what a bore
Maybe you think it's alright, well
But ain't it a pity to hang
around with nothing to do
but watching it? Maybe someone
needs a big kick in his map!
So I can help!back to top
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