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Rancid lyrics

Album: ...And Out Come The Wolves [1996]

 01  Maxwell Murder
 02  The 11Th Hour
 03  Roots Radicals
 04  Time Bomb
 05  Olympia, WA
 06  Lock, Step & Gone
 07  Junkie Man
 08  Listed M.I.A.
 09  Ruby Soho
 10  Daly City Train
 11  Journey To The End Of The East Bay
 12  She's Automatic
 13  Old Friend
 14  Disorder And Disarray
 15  The Wars End
 16  You Don't Care Nothin'
 17  As Wicked
 18  Avenues And Alleyways
 19  The Way I Feel About You
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Maxwell Murder
Maxwell can tell he's in hell he just wants you to visit him there same old
game that he's playing his rules are never fair nobody want to look back
everybody want to get high tonight before they run out of time where's the
felon the chargiale felon the name of the crook who committed the crime 999
if you really want the truth dial 999 if you can't see it through he ain't
Jack the Ripper he's your ordinary crook calling maxwell murder for you
Maxwell got ahand in this plan he knows who you are in this plan chop the rock
before you bought it sickness Maxwell knows you caught it nobody want to look
back everybody want to get high tonight before they run out of time where's
the felon the name of the crook who committed the crime!back to top
The 11Th Hour
Hey sister do you know what time it was when you finally seen all your broken
dreams come crashing down your door they demand an answer and they demand it
quick or the questions fade and the wasted days come crawling back for more
do you know where the power lies? and who pulls the strings do you know where
the power lies it starts and end with you the face of isolation well well this
one you recognize well you can't get staright it's a lonely place and it's one
you do despise boredom is for sale now and helplessness you feel it's a
wounded dove and the hawks are above blood splattered on a reel to reel I was
almost over my world was almost gone in a sudden rush I coul almost touch the
things that I'd done wrong my sungle's made of concrete through silence I
could feel my aim is true I will walk on through these mountains made of steelback to top
Roots Radicals
Took the 60 bus out of downtown Cambell Ben Zandito he was on there he was
waitin' for me all the punk rockers and the moon stompers are out on the
wriers where they sparing for change I started thinkin' you know I started
drinkin' you know I don't remember too much of that day somethin' struck me
funny when we ran out of money do you go now when your only is with the music
execution and the talk of revolution it bleed in me and it goes give 'em the
boot the roots the radicals Give 'em the boot you know I'm a radical give 'em
the boot the roots the reggae on my stereo the radio was playin' Desmon Dekker
was singin' on the 49 bus as we climb up the hill nothin' incoming but the
reggae drummin' and we all come from unloving homes why even bother I pick up
the bohle hey mr. bus driver please let these people on rude girl Carol was a
mini-skirt girl my blurry vision saw nothin' wrong.back to top
Time Bomb
If you wanna make the move then you better come in it's just the ability to
reason that wears so thin living and dying and the stories that are true the
secrets to a good life is knowing when you're through black coat, white shoes,
clackhat, cadillac the boy's a time bomb he's back in the hole where they got
him living like a rat but he's smarter than that nine lives like a cat take
him to the youth authority home first thing you learn is that you got to make
it in this world alone now he's gotten out he's gotten free he's gotta go
gotta car 21 years old he's runnin' #'s from the bar his pager's beepin' he's
got in deep in what ever he can move on in you know that kid's a creepin' in
tears come from the razor that's been tattooed below his eye his mother cries
she knows that he is strong enough to die he's rollin' in the Cadillac it's
midnight sunroof is down three shots rung out the herd's deal the new king is
crowned.back to top
Olympia, WA
Hangin' out with Lars on 6th street he knew I was in trouble I was feeling
much like the devil there was something burnin' deep inside of me ran into
three Puerto Ricans these girls took us to the funhouse where we played a
lonely pinball machine hangin' on the corner of 52nd and Broadway cars passin'
by but none of them seem to be goin' my way New York City well I wish I was on
a highway back to Olympia...I'm having a hard time understanding it gets all
too demanding she's all gone and I'm stranded something burning deep inside of
me all I know it's 4'o'clock and she ain't never showed up and I watched a
thousand people go home from work how many times will it take me before I go
crazy before I lose everything something burning deep inside of me ran into
three Puerto Ricans those girls took us to the funhouse I don't wanna be alone
again.back to top
Lock, Step & Gone
The ending isn't here somethin' wrong but it's comin' real soon I lock step
I'm gone I said the feeling isn't fear there's something wrong it's just
telling you to move I lock step I'm gone a fire on the corner and it's never
gonna stop killer in the neighborhood never got caught I lock up my door step
out and I'm gone Waitin' for the buses but the buses won't come all the docks
are quiet there's somethin' wrong and there's no ships comin' in I lock step
I'm gone where there once was a riot there's somethin' wrong there's a whole
lot of nothin' lock step I'm gone the stop signs broken and the meters goin'
down wild dogs are runnin' themselves into the ground everything was clear for
that moment in time if I don't come back well throw me a line well the docks
are quiet something wrong and there's no ships comin' in I lock step I'm gone
where there once was a riot There's a whole lot of nothin'.......back to top
Junkie Man
The common man doesn't suffer pain like this only the soul that has never been
kissed let us adore our beautiful son he's ridin' on the River of Babylon
bootin' up, shootin' up bring on the brightness see the son of god is comin'
up and I see a likeness internalize the lunacy of the misery is showin' when
you're brought up you're caught up in a system that's goin' no one answers no
one takes that call from you junkyman tell me what your story is... water I
despise some parents house is on fire slowly the house gonna burn to the
ground the naighborhood will watch will someone be a witness please tell me
that he's crazy but he's not and they know that and they can't get him cause
he's not crazy beat lock him knock him take him away his authority hit 'em,
ship 'em, club 'em submitted conformity my hand went blind clairvoyant I make
love to my trance sister my trance sister went on and my trance parents see
from the balcony I looked out on the big field it opens like the cover of an
old brief And out come the wolves their plans trampling the snow the asphalt
I stand on my head and watch it all go away, bootin' up, shootin' up bring
on the brightness see the son of god is comin' up and there's a likeness
internalize the lunacy the misery is showin' when your brough up and caught up
in a system that is goin'back to top
Listed M.I.A.
Stuck in the sewer beneath all the maggots I ain't foolin' I've been pursuing
god damn it man I almost had it a way to get out of these dirty old ruins I'm
checkin' out I'm never comin' back I'm checkin' out I'm listed M.I.A. god damn
it man I almost had it threw me out the door and called me a faggot I ain't
done I've only yet begun West Oakland is the place where I'm comin' from god
damn it man I almost had it well I did it again yeah I do it outta habit well
I'm numb it ain't no fun I'm less than zero when you add up the sum I'm
checkin' out yeah it ain't no doubt yea a courtship built from anger is what
it amounts I almost had it I came so close man I almost had it I almost had itback to top
Ruby Soho
Echos of reggae comin' through my bedroom wall havin' a party up next door
but I'm sittin here all alone two lovers in the bedroom and the others start
to shout all I got is this blank stare and that don't carry no cloud at all
destination unknown ruby soho he's singin' and she's there to lend a hand he's
seen his name on the marquee but she will never understand once again he's
leavin' and she's there with a tear in her eye embraces with a warm gesture
it's time to say good-bye destination unknown ruby soho Ruby's heart ain't
bleedin' cause she knows the feeling is gone she's not the only one who knew
there's somethin' wrong her lover's in the distance as she wipes a tear from
her eye Ruby's fading out she disappears it's time, time to say good-bye
destination unknown ruby sohoback to top
Daly City Train
He was an artist and a writer and a poet and a friend in a man's life he will
take a fall but how low he goes it just depends he's shooting dope in the
men's room at the station daly city train have you ever seen an angel well I
know I have they'll stay here for a while and then they'll fly away Jackyl had
a beer in his hand last time I seen him when he rolled the dice he never
thought twice never thought twice about being here some grown up and some grow
old but what about the kid who never learned the rules spent all these years
on this earth when you look back it's just a flicker of time Jackyl was one
of the one's that he was one of the one's that was already saved through all
the evil and wreckage he maintained a sense of himself some men are in prison
even though they walk the streets at night other men who got the lockdown are
free as a bird in flightback to top
Journey To The End Of The East Bay
Reconcile to the belief consumed in sacred ground for me there wasn't always a
place to go but there was always an urgent need to belong all these bands and
all these people all these frieds and we were equals but what you gonna do
when everyone goes on without you to the end I'll journey to the end started
in '87 ended in '89 you got a garage or an amp we'll play anytime it was just
the four of us yea the core of us too much attention unavoidably destroyed us
four kids on tour three thousand miles in a four door car not knowing what was
going years it would turn out like this hell no no preminition could have seen
this my friend came from far away from New Orleans into the East Bay he said
this is a Mecca I said this ain't no mecca man this place is fucked three
months go by he had no home he had no food he was all alone matty said fool me
once shame on you he said fool me twice he went back to New Orleansback to top
She's Automatic
The way that she moves well I was aroused impowered, impassioned by every move
it's cold outside we need a place to hide go into the club to thaw out for the
night she's automatic the way that she moves she asked me if I would stand by
her side like glue that I would till the end of the night my head was spinnin'
a million miles an hour the chance I was takin' I get anxious around her she
put her head on my shoulder I started to hold her swingin' and swayin' the
morning beganback to top
Old Friend
Look up you're in Cleveland again a solid line that never ends I've got
stories you'll never realize and I know it I wear it on my sleeve there must
be somethin' about you that I liked but right here in the rain you know it
just don't seem right I always go out I never hide but in Cleveland I should
have stayed inside good morning heartache your like an old friend come and see
me again testify my love for you I know it runs deep through your body too
from the cold blacktop to the hot concrete the old tan van it ain't so sweet
somewhere in America in the city at night we were far from home but you know
it was gonna be alright the unfortunate get prayed on by vultures eyes 86
cents in these pockets of mineback to top
Disorder And Disarray
Bussiness man come shake my hand show me numbers that I understand your my
candle I'm your burnin' wick two sides comin' in quick say goodbye when you
see me sign now I'm crucified Crucify me the ground is feryile and the grass
is green so many things to be seen so many bands to be heard just for once can
I be ignoredback to top
The Wars End
Little Sammy was a punk rocker you know his mother never understand him went
to his room and smashed his Billy Bragg record didn't want him to hear that
communist lecture you know his mother tried to take him to war Sammy now the
war is over now we're at the wars end now it's time for you to leave homeback to top
You Don't Care Nothin'
A cat lies awake when it sleeps was she conscious of her own miseries will the
amount of her pain win her to enlightenment and set conscience free do you
really wanna know what's happenin' do you really wanna know what's goin' on
hey girl you better please take a look around you better explore your heart
and find out for yourself Jenny Demilo you don't care nothin' about me I never
realy had a reason never had a use for one before but now I know that there's
now a prize but for the wise and the unwise do you really wanna know what's
happenin' do you really wann know what's goin' on hey girl you better please
take a look around you better explore your heart and find out for yourselfback to top
As Wicked
I saw an old man on the street he was in a dumpster lookin' for somethin' to
eat he moved so slow like a dyin' dream like a machinist who got caught in
the machine I saw this lady and she was cryin' she said it's hard when someone
you love is dyin' I saw this kid who was about 5 years old he was in the park
all alone he was cold there's something coming around as wicked as it may seem
as wicked as anything could be I know this girl she's barely alive she's all
haggard she's only twenty-five she said she never had a friend before I said
"hey girl I'll be your friend but who's keepin' score" I saw this other little
girl on the phone her mother comforts her from far from home the little girl
was very hesitant her best friend lie dead on the pavement I always end up
back on the hill lookin' down at the landfill I always go there when I can my
friend Marty said Tim you're a lucky manback to top
Avenues And Alleyways
I figured out the problem but you can't take my heart it's in the city behind
yea the problem is you you didn't see us comin' now there's nothin' you can do
times are gonna change, change or step aside it's my point of view that took
you by surprise the sun's comin up yea the new dawn arrives a new generation
standing stand with anger in their eyes no love in the city because there's
no connection been stricken with disease a racial infection I'm a battering
ram comin' through to you in every alleyway on every avenue actions could
erase all the fear that we suffer people segregated no one understands each
other he's a different color but we're the same kid I will treat him like my
brother he will treat me like his well an eye for an eye yea a tooth for a
tooth brother against brother should be singin' with the group the inner
cities burnin' yea it's screamin' black and blue the power and the passion of
a million youth figured out the problem yea the problem is you you din't see
us comin' now there's nothin' you can do he's a different color but we're the
same kid I will treat him like my brother he will treat me like his all the
blood that spills of all the guts that fly the media paints a picture that
stands pits dogs against cats now who is responsible the power in the issue
the force is unstoppableback to top
The Way I Feel About You
Pick me back up just to throw me back down apoogies too like when you're up
against the wall compassion heals while duplicity kills you say I'm different
the only thing different is the way I feel about you You moved up the ladder
at a very rapid speed we mived methodically and calmly when you got to the top
you see enemies if I knew back then what I know that it would all turn out
like this I'd sit back and I'd watch you squirm cause you say I'm different
the only thing different is the way I feel about you.....back to top
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