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Refused lyrics

 1996 Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent
 1997 Nut
 1997 Shape of Punk to Come
 1998 The New Noise Theology

· Beauty
· Blind Date
· Burn It
· Coup d'Čtat
· Crusader of Hopelessness
· Everlasting
· Hook, Line and Sinker
· I Am Not Me
· Last Minute Pointer
· Liberation Frequency
· Life Support Addiction
· New Noise
· Poetry Written in Gasoline
· Pretty Face
· Protest Song '68
· Rather Be Dead
· Refused Are Fuckin Dead
· Refused Are Fucking Dead
· Return to the Closet
· Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine
· Sunflower Princess
· Symbols
· Tannhäuser/Derivé
· The Deadly Rhythm
· The Real
· The Refused Party Program
· The Shape of Punk to Come
· The Slayer
· This Trust Will Kill Again
· Worthless Is the Freedom Bought...

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