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Reveille lyrics

Album: Bleed the Sky [2001]

 01  Unborn
 02  What You Got
 03  Look at Me Now
 04  Modified Lie
 05  Comin' Back
 06  Killing Me
 07  Bleed the Sky
 08  Inside Out
 09  Catarax
 10  Down to None
 11  Derelict
 12  Plastic
 13  Farewell Fix
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Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Unborn
Album: Bleed the sky


you better check your pulse,
i think the hearse went by

shut the fuck up and listen
before you're down to nothing without a pot to piss in
your missing the point that i'm mapping on this chart-
everything we could be, everything we're not
come on, give it all you got
all i've got is an excuse,
a noose for my hurt- feel it jerking me loose
been lathing abuse and it's breaking me up
i'm bordering final and enough's enough
you keep sucking on your own dick, your bound to break your neck
i think that i detect a sick sign of self respect
what did i expect, i expected so much more from myself
now why can't i open my eyes?
i think i'm fucking dead

we all fall, we all, we all fall down
we all fall, we're all falling, falling down
crucified, purified lullaby- unborn

dressed like a costume party, everybody in disguise
see the mask on your face but it won't hide your eyes
my demise marks my birth, unborn into light
now you wanna take me,
show me wrong from right?
well you can kiss my paraphilia
and you can kiss my sadicide
i wanna thank you for your welcome
let me carve the shit out from inside
it's only a dream, cry yourself back to sleep
let your mind seep down where all secrets keep
deep beneath the calm surface a serpents eyes open wide-
a breath of death in its lies

unborn and i'm born again

that old man, damn, he sure can talk
he said that i fucked jesus in a trailer park
n' that ain't the truth, it was in the ritz hotel
i wore a condom so i wouldn't burn in hell

maybe i'm dead

denial still stings in these lifeless eyesback to top
What You Got
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: What You Got
Bleed the Sky

What You Got

you better buck- buck- buckle up, prepare for this impact-
car crash whiplash, 'bam', snap your neck back in half
why can't i just be realistic?
give 'em what they want and make the biddies go ballistic
sadistic motherfuckers playing complicated-
well never underestimate the underestimated
opinionated, elevated, sticking to my guns
and i think your gonna get just what you got coming

that's the penalty-
payback's a bitch so you best keep running
that's the penalty-
it's what you got coming

yo, can i ask you something,
what the fuck is up man?
you got nothing, it's just a fairy tale your stuck in
i'm sucking from that 7 on 7
pumping and roughing up all of these fakes that be bluffing
nothing you can say could ever take this away now
so stay down-
and stay the fuck away from this playground
lyrical hijack, put my madness to my method-
check it, mic in my hand, nah, more like a lethal weapon

go blind, bring the drums-
better yet, here we come
you take back what you done or you can tuck tail and run
ready or not- find yourself
and if you dare stop running i think your gonna get just what you
got coming
bring it-
your gonna get just what you got- what you got?
your gonna get just what you got comingback to top
Look at Me Now
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Look At Me Now
Bleed the Sky

Look At Me Now

he can't avoid conflict-
he's lost cuz he's incomplete
he's in between, somewhere in between, in between the sleepless shadows
battling to break the love that's 'guaranteed to make
you bleed thicker than blood'
he don't want it, but craves what he can't escape
he's staring straight through his fate and now he's face to face
you wanna fall down, well this could make your dreams come true
because the devil was an angel too

look at me now, making the same mistakes i said i'd never make again-
but now i'm back in the same place
look at me now, somebody stole my soul-
i feel the breaks go and i'm spinning out of control

come step into a brave new world-
not even worth it
decent comes quick and now he's anything but perfect
and still he worships that fundamental bullshit talk
'the path you carve yourself is the path to walk'
now walk alone-
play it to the bone
don't make it right just because he got his sickness from that
venomous bite
we wanna fall down, well this could make our dreams come true
because the devil was an angel too

it's gonna be alright, everything's okay
mothers tears will fall and wash it all away

suck, suck it- suck, suck it upback to top
Modified Lie
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Modified Lie
Bleed the Sky

Modified Lie

i see god in my dreams and i can't stop running
don't care what i've become but fear what i am becoming
set me straight, i'm no angel
falling apart-
she feels death from the table
waking asleep- i can't sleep yet i'm sleeping
i'm slipping again and no hope's what i'm thinking
i'm buried alive inside, so claustrophobic
nothing to say today- afraid and we know it
what do i know, i know that we know nothing
i feel like i'm constantly waiting for something
what am i waiting for, what am i trying to do?
i'm trying to prove that it's all a lie-
can't get enough and i'm already there
i'm already there and i still can't get enough
so just deny what you can't repair
between the lie, read between your lie
can't get enough and i'm already there
i'm already there and i still can't get enough
run as far as you can because nobody cares
between the lie, read between your lie

i got a little secret that i keep inside
deep down dormant in the dark she hides
but every time that i close my eyes i can feel it,
i can feel her die
maybe i'm jaded too,
maybe i'm dead like you,
maybe i'm obsolete,
maybe i'm incomplete,
maybe insanity blinded by prophecy,
maybe the opposite,
maybe i'm right
maybe a victim, maybe your not
when did you start to care about what i thought?
what would you do for me, who will you be for me,
what about family, who would you kill for me?

ammunition for a prophets gun
all that's become must unbecome
all that's sacred, all that's true,
all that's nothing-
lies in you

madness, insanity-
why do you stare through me?
finish the rest of me
see what you wanna see
say what your gonna say
give and then take away
waiting for guilt to try and read between your lie

all that's nothing lies in you-
even if you're forgiven, would you forgive yourself?

read between your lieback to top
Comin' Back
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Comin Back
Bleed the Sky

Comin Back

is anybody out there?
have you been lost in the sky?
do you really need a miracle to open your eyes?
take a look around, mother fucking fantasy rides
now how the hell could you ever ask god for a sign?
moon rise, sunset, understand what i'm saying yet?
life's what you make it, don't let time take it
i gotta stand on my own in my own light
i'm not picking you apart i'm just trying' to pick a fight
cuz there's an owl on somebody's roof tonight
and you know what that means, right?

comin back- no more pain, no more games
i'm comin back- the more things change, the more i stay the same
comin back- you say that you won't but you will
i'm comin back- i don't need your help
in fact i know i'm comin back- i'm comin back
now i'm comin back

it's not like i like to talk about this shit
but sometimes it's best to just set yourself free
suppression leads to depression and then some
and that's why i fall so far from this tree
like the fruit lay beneath forbidden shade,
any mark you make, with time, the rain will wash away
but i found a way to break on through
as long as hopes still waiting for me for when i come to

the moon looked like skin cancer tonight in a photo negative
see me dark and light-
it hurt more than it felt good, understood?
just because you cry don't mean it make you off the hook
get you off the hook, you want me to get you off?
i'm comin back, my stitches splitting

my life for your sight
come and take a bite
drink for payback-
blood sucker, suck me dry
it's my turn,
when your in the dust and your all alone it doesn't make a sound
if you dieback to top
Killing Me
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Killing Me
Bleed the SKy

Killing Me

one by one by one- one at a time
out of time, can't even afford to breath
decimate my own mind-
one intent,
because it's now and forever-
better hold your peace
increase, decrease, decease, release your mind
i'm staring right back at the face I hate
but not for long, forget the words, they're wrong
you can talk your shit just get your fucking story straight

killing me-
does the temptation turn you on?
killing me-
my only hope, salvation- gone
killing me-
internal confrontations spawn
killing me-
fucked up again, some friend

you'd better be ready for the worst-
expect the worst
modify me misery, i've grown soft inside
retrogressing thought with time
enemy of god designed to piggy back-
pig, piggy, piggy back ride
all the way down, all the way down, all the way home
all the way back to where their father fell
i'd hesitate to talk cause I can feel it in me
i'm just too pussy-
i'd rather rot in heaven than in hell

killing me- suck it, suck it back further-
this must be my penalty,
a sneak attack murdering all my integrity
it's self destruction,
now i'm my own worst enemy
identity is killing me

killing me- why can't i see ahead of me
recently i'm thinking i don't need you anymore
killing me- i'll never be what i wanna be
no release cuz i know i'm my own worst enemy

now it seems to be me
and it seems to me-
i am my own worst enemy

killing me- my own lonely pretentious philosophyback to top
Bleed the Sky
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Bleed the sky
Bleed the SKy

Bleed The sKY

systematically layered beneath the understated-
border land calling me home
curiosity has taken its toll
empathetic- into the darkness i fall alone
hear what you say when you whisper the truth of your lies
i wanna fly over falling stars
how i love breathing into this lifelessness
reminds me i can't paint like god

say no more-

carve me a smile, make it deep and wide and mortal
drain my eyes 'til the sky goes pop
bleeding out in my own idolatry for you
my adoration dripping drop by drop by drop
can't get enough symphony in her eyes to eden
enter me my last chance for hope
had a god but i fucked her all away
because she couldn't feel what i wrote

say no more-
i've heard enough to know
i wanna bleed the sky
bleed the sky tonight- say goodnight tonightback to top
Inside Out
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Inside Out
Bleed the Sky

Inside Out

tell me what i'm supposed to feel because i can't feel this
sick and tired and it's all the same-
same shit, different day, all day, every day
wish you were perfect?
well welcome to your fifteen minutes of fame
come get it well it's hot- you want it, we got it, come get it now
can you feel me now?
tell me how i'm supposed to feel for you when
all you do is hold me down?
told me i'm nothing, well tell me what your thinking now
so back off -
never more alone than all alone
i don't know where the hell i am
but they say there's a price to pay for asking questions
so i'm guessing and ending up where i began

i never got a second look before now
i was the one that you'd ignore
now turn yourself inside out
come on-
can you feel me now?

tell me what i'm supposed to feel because i can't feel shit
hollowed out and you wonder why?
"too much, not enough, slow down, pick it up"
genuine adrenaline keeping me high, so high
so walk your walk, talk your talk,
but as far as i can see-
on the inside out your bout as ugly as me
'cept now i'm fit to knock you down
told me i'm nothing?
tell me what your thinking now
so back off-
tell me what i'm supposed to feel for you
turn yourself inside out,
take a closer look inside-
i think that you deserve yourself

title match, main ring-
no time to rethink,
you swim or you sink-
you want it, we got it, come get itback to top
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Catarax
Bleed the Sky


you'd better back up off this sucker punch
consequence, consequence-
fuck it, no more waiting for the world to turn
bloody as my smile dripping ear to ear
i haven't lived for a moment and think it's too damn late to learn
so just flush it down
lie down- forever never had a dream
asymmetric reflection of my soul to sell
now disinfect yourself, i'll just pretend to scream
got a low self-esteem from all these guileful lies
carry me there- i can't stand to stand on my own
but i'd rather be hated than forgotten
cuz it's a long way down and it's a long way home

cataract scratch- we don't play like that
i got a bone to pick n' i'm a pick that bone
cataract scratch- we don't play like that
because we can't stand to stand on our own

they always said to keep my head on my shoulders,
both feet on the ground
been living more like one foot in the gave
tell myself everything i need to hear
time to face the music because it's all based on what you crave
fiction addiction
outer darkness is calling, it's your goodnight kiss
666 ways to fall
catarax will blind but can you hear this?
for every sin there's a time to burn
it's near too late so don't press your luck
now focus- do you really know what i mean,
and do you really think you'll be forgiven-
cuz i think i'm fucked

when it rains it pours, we tug of war within
we talk of endlessness
we cry to purge our sins
atoned to rebegin, eliminate the scars
fuck the sky or merely count the stars
with every shade of night descending into me
i'm in the dark for life but now at least i'm free-
from my own apathy and from my own decay
i'm unremissible now but i got my way
so now can you see me inside of you?
guide me through-
because tomorrow will fuck you too

break throughback to top
Down to None
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Down to None
Bleed the Sky
(this is a sweet song)

Down To None

welcome to my revelation, reanimation
my anthem of regret-
two steps from my evisceration
my destination- where the rain meets the dust
and my only separation from my pain is my trimulus
and plus my self-distrust, disgust
i must confess that when i rush i bust-
no rest cuz everything's a test
we're bringing just enough stress to keep this microphone in check
and if you read between my lie i'll take you step by step by step
protect yourself, it's day to day for life
2001nails driven into Jesus Christ
too many sleepless nights
i feel my head go numb
a tangled web brought a spider bite that's counting me down to none

never say never, never lie, never cry wolf
fuck it to infinity
now run it like a toll booth
cold truth, all work and no play make you sick
spittin' psycho-dellic hits all up in your trip
now i gotta get a grip, between the cracks we slide
they been tainting the view with holy matricide
i run the override, so back on up the track
acquisition ammunition, demolition of the facts
hypochondriac, prepare to end your pain
take a look inside and ride the nowhere train
come drain my rain away, insane today, behold oblivion
cuz i was born with a thousand dreams and I'm down to noneback to top
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Derelict
Bleed the Sky


prepare to meet your maker, your unmaker, your remaker-
make yourself
don't fake, you'll make the same mistakes
and if your fed up then ask yourself why
because you sit around and pick at your scabs while your answer waits
wake up, nobody cares about what you think
and don't blame them because you know they're just like you
and if you get this then get the fuck up-
before you can't remember why you can't live and you're too late too

fuck it up derelict
now suck it up and deal with it
find yourself

set it if you get it,
all this confusion imbedded in my head
should let the dead bury the dead for good
she said i'm so vain-
i don't understand why i can't just break away
from tendencies that i know i should
wake up- nobody ever told you to breath
have we forgotten everything we thought once true?
i think i'll move on-
cuz i can't stand to lay around and decay till i'm too late too

murder me destiny
spare me the ignominy
give up insecurity
just be what you wanna be
compelled to procrastinate
i nearly go blind from sight
forget it insane
i say come set it if you get it right

find your selfback to top
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Plastic
Bleed the Sky
There are two different versions i believe one with the singer
from Taproot and the one not. heres half an half
(without stephen from taproots lyrics)


come count your trophies and stack em high,
it's funny how reality can pass you by
little girl wanna be as pretty as she can and she lives by whatever it takes
the lights in her room are all dark-
and living doesn't hurt if you haven't got a heart so why not,
why not taste the pain?
you've got nothing to lose and nobody to blame
a hard shell for shame
so come display your skillz,
cuz fuck lonely nights with empty bottles and pills
at 50/50 fills per shot cum take her for a spin
and i hope you like your sin with skin
cuz you can count me- out

it's all for plastic- walking in your sleep
it's all for plastic and it's only skin deep
it's all for plastic- here's to your health
it's all plastic so you can go fuck yourself

gasoline and broken glass
shaking in your coffin as the hearses pass
are you afraid that nobody can hear your screams?
cuz we're out here,
we just don't care
pretty my pink, i can smell your stink- makes me sick
and i don't give a damn what you think anymore
back down against the floor
all for vanity, profanity and hells galore
liquid candy whore- suck it up, hold your breath
is it a taste of life or maybe just your death?
or better yet another chance for me to see right through
because it's who you fuck but who the fuck are you?

Stephen sings...

Its all fucking plastic!
You can go fuck yourself!

So go fuck yourself!
Its all for SHIT!!!back to top
Farewell Fix
Tabber: Corbin
Reveille: Farewell Fix
Bleed the Sky

Farewell Fix

i'm sorry that i put you in the picture,
i didn't think you'd hit your head so hard
the frame looks better all crooked on the wall,
kinda reminds me of the way we are-
the way we lie and victimize ourself
now is it me or do our secrets matter more than our health?
i nail my hands down just to feel the way that he felt-
but can't scream with near enough strength to cry for help
i feel the ground give beneath my feet,
i can't handle anything that you say
and i pray that it's possible to- birth
your better off
now take my word and just walk away

but what can i say?
i love the way she hates-
i love the way she hates me

don't make a move,
i got that exit wound from pride and now i realize
don't make a move,
i got that exit wound and i've cried myself dry

no limits to pain,
i've bled for you now bleed for me-
cuz no one ever told you that it wouldn't be hard
i've got flesh full of ink just waiting to drip
so come and take your best shot
you know i'll love you by dawn
after we've cum and gone over the power we chased
i think i'm way too late-
my hate's taken my place
because the only thing that ring represents
these days is the mark that it left in the side of my face

for every fatal breath i've held,
for every harmful truth i've spit,
had everything i'd ever need,
and every time i'd scream myself sick

say goodbye to this drug- i've got a new soul to steal
i'm on my farewell fix-
i've got a new soul to stealback to top
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