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Rhapsody lyrics

 1997 Legendary Tales
 1998 Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
 1999 King Of The Nordic Twilight
 2000 Dawn of Victory
 2001 Rain of a Thousand Flames
 2002 Power of the Dragon Flame
 2004 Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Vol. 2: The Dark Secret

· Agony Is My Name
· Beyond The Gates Of Infinity
· Black Dragon
· Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
· Dawn Of Victory
· Dragonland's Rivers
· Echoes Of Tragedy
· Emerald Sword
· Epicus Furor
· Eternal Glory
· Excerpts From Algalord Chronicles
· Flames Of Revenge
· Forest Of Unicorns
· Heroes Of The Lost Valley
· Holy Thunderforce
· In Tenebris
· Ira Tenax
· Kings Of The Nordic Twilight
· Knightrider of Doom
· Lamento Eroico
· Land Of Immortals
· Legend Of Steel
· Legendary Tales
· Lord Of The Thunder
· Lord Of The Winter Snow
· Lux Triumphans
· Power of the Dragonflame
· Princess Aurora
· Queen of the Dark Horizons
· Rage Of The Winter
· Rain of a Thousand Flames
· Riding The Winds Of Eternity
· Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse
· Symphony Of Enchanted Lands
· The Ancient Forest Of Elves
· The Bloody Rage Of The Titans
· The Dark Tower Of Abyss
· The Last Winged Unicorn
· The March of the Swordmaster
· The Mighty Ride Of The Firelord
· The Pride of the Tyrant
· The Village Of Dwarves
· Throne Of Ice
· To Magic Horizons
· Triumph For My Magic Steel
· Warrior Of Ice
· Warrior's Pride
· When Demons Awake
· Where Heroes Lie
· Wings Of Destiny
· Wisdom Of The Kings

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